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      Default CREED II ~ An Opinion

      Venue - Cinepolis, Westend Mall, Pune
      Screen - 02
      Showtime - 10:20 am
      Status - 50%

      Being a Rocky fan, I was extremely pleased with the manner how the spinoff Creed was produced from it and if I am not wrong, this might be the most appreciated spinoff amongst the lot. Along with introducing some new characters, it was able to give the Rocky fans with moments they can cherish. When a sequel was announced, I was bit apprehensive cause I felt it will be a tough job give a film which can reach the high standards set by the prequel and even come close to it.

      As the trailers mentioned, the movie focuses on how Drago (Dolph Lundgren) introduces his son, Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu) to the centerstage of boxing when he challenges the current champion, Adonis Creed (Michael B Jordan). This is pretty much expected and I thought there would be a film prior to this plot which addresses other issues of Creed. I believe the Drago episode is perhaps the only other episode that connects Creed with Rocky. No if I speak about the presentation, I felt the movie rushed a bit too much. Creed proposes his galfriend Bianca (Tessa Thompson) who gets pregnant and becomes parent to a baby gal happens in the background when Creed-Drago is happening on another track. The movie reminds you certain moments from Rocky 2, Rocky 3 & Rocky 4 (eventhough I expected it). Now beauty of Rocky series was there was no template and the character growth occurs with each film. Maybe Rocky 4 is the most masala amongst the all while Rocky 5 (which I believe was a fine movie) was the least appreciated. Now imagine how you feel when you watch Rocky and see bits and pieces of Rocky 2 & 3 and reach Rocky 4. This is exactly the experience. But I cannot criticize the makers with the presentation since they have chosen the Drago as Creed sequel. Based on their decision, I don't think they could have done anything else. Still they could have done a bit more regarding the predictability.

      The film's strength were those emotional moments Creed shares with Rocky, Bianca and Mary Ann. The major highlight is the scenes where they didn't portray Dragos as bunch of villains (unlike Rocky 4). Drago has a strong reason why he shares such a relationship with his son and that makes the audience empathize with the characters which works well in the climax. Speaking of climax, I felt the ending was brilliant specially when you know how the movie ends. The boxing choreography , training were pretty good and the score by Ludwig Goransson supported the movie quite well.

      Michael, Bianca & Stallone delivered stellar performances as expected. Eventhough Rocky was in the backseat most of the times, he got the best oneliners. And makers ensured that there will be a moment of Adrian & Rocky!! Dolph surprisingly gave a brilliant performance as the failed boxer, Ivan Drago. Seriously I don't remember much from Florian other than his boxing & gym skills. Wood Harris returns as Little Duke.

      Creed 2 do have its flaws...I felt the pace was a bit on the higher and they could have made film in between to strengthen the relationship between Creed and his supporting characters like Little Duke, Mary Anne Creed, Bianca etc. But still the sequel has a done a good job and won't disappoint you specially if you are a Rocky-Creed fan. Now I am looking forward to the almost impossible task to deliver a good 3rd sequel since the Drago chapter has been done. As far as Rocky fans, I believe the last scene between him & Creed is an indication that he has bid adieus to his fav character.....in a brilliant way!!

      Rating - 7/10

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      Thanks bro

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