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      Release On :- 07/02/2019
      Updates Till :-17/03/210
      Current Status :- 392DAYS
      Week No :-6

      Total No Of Show :-
      17969 Shows

      TotalNo Of Show 1Week [ 8Days ]:-
      4352Shows[ 101Center+ 30Extra ]//[ 538Show/
      TotalNo Of Show 2Week [ 11Days ]:- 3802Shows[ 104Center+ 29Extra ]//[ 541Show/Day]//3Main Center +1Extra Theater Late Release //0Main Center *+2Extra Theater Removals
      TotalNo Of Show 3Week [ 22Days ]:- 3390Shows[ 103Center+ 25Extra ]//[ 483/Day]//0Main Center +0Extra Theater Late Release //1Main Center +4Extra Theater Removals
      TotalNo Of Show 4Week [ 29Days ]:- 2793Shows[ 93Center+ 25Extra ]//[ 399Show/Day]//2Main Center +0Extra Theater Late Release //13Main Center +5Extra Theater Removals
      TotalNo Of Show 5Week [ 36Days ]:- 2576Shows[ 90Center+ 20Extra ]//[ 368Show/Day]//5Main Center +0Extra Theater Late Release //10Main Center +3Extra Theater Removals//2 Comeback
      TotalNo Of Show 5Week [ 39Days ]:- 1056Shows[ 87Center+ 20Extra ]//[ 355Show/Day]//2Main Center +0Extra Theater Late Release //7Main Center +0Extra Theater Removals//2 Comeback

      6th Week

      1.Trivandrum Sree
      Trivandrum Kalbahavan [3show] {3weeks 4show @Ajantha,4th-5th week 4show @Kalabavan }
      Trivandrum SL Cinemas {1st Day (3show) }
      Trivandrum Artech Mall (3show) {1st day 4show,2nd week 5show,3rd-4th Week 4show )
      Trivandrum Carnival MOT (5show) {1st Week (8show),2nd week 6show ,3rd-4th Week 7show }
      2.Kazhakoottam Carnival (2show) {4weeks 5show {1st day 4show},5th week 3show }
      3.Kiyakkavila SMB {2weeks 4showm @ThameenMax }
      4.Aatingal Ganga
      5.Nedumamgad Rani [2show] {5weeks 4show @Rani }
      6.Kattakada Swaralayam (2show) {4weeks 4show @Jayavinayaka}
      7.Varkala Star [2show] {3weeks 4show @Vimala,4th Week -5th week 4show @Star }
      8.Kollam Pranavam [2show] {3weeks 4show@pranavam }
      Kollam G Max (5show) {1st Week 4show,3werks 3show,5th week 1show }
      Kollam Carnival (3show) {1st Week 4show,2nd week 3show,2weeks 2show }
      9.Punalur Ramraj [4SHOW] {3weeks 4show @Ramraj ,2weeks 2show @Ramraj }
      10.Anchal Archana Classic [2show] {1st Week 4show@ Moviemax,4weeks 4show @Archana Calssic }
      11.Kottarakara Minerva [2show] {3weeks 4show }
      12.Karunagapally Khans {2weeks @Kahans (3show) }
      Karunagapally Carnival [2show] {2weeks 4show,3WEEKS 3show }
      13.Alappuzha Pan (2show) {1st Week (2sbow),3weeks 3show, }
      Alappuzha Pankaj
      14.Cherthala Paradise
      Cherthala EVM [2show] {5weeks 4show @EVM }
      15.Eramallur Sania [3show] {5weeks 4show }
      16.Haripad M Lal Cineplex [2show] {2weeks 4show @M Lla Cineplex,2weeks 3show@Lal Cineplex }
      17.kattanam Ragam (3shoe) {4weeks 4show@Ragam }
      18.Chengannor C Cinemas [2show] { {1st Week (3show) ,2nd week 4show,2weeks 2show }
      19.Mavelimmara Prathiba
      20.Kottayam Aanand
      21Changanshery Abinaya {4weeks @ Abinaya (1show),Anu (3show),5th week @Anu [3show] }
      22.Koothattukulam V Cinemas (2show) {1st Week 4show,2ND WEEK 3SHOW,3rd week 1sghow,4th-5th week 3show }
      23.Mundakkayam RD Cinemas [2SHOW] {1st Week (3show)2nd week 4show ,3rd week 3show }
      24.Piravom Darshana (4show) {1st Week 4show,4weeks 3show }
      25.Thalayoalparambu Carnival [3show] {2weeks 4show }
      26.Pala Yuvarani {2weeks @ Maharani (3show) }
      27.Kattapana Aishwarya
      28.Pathanamthitta Trinity Screen 2 [4show] {3weeks 4show @Screen 1,4th week 3show @Trinity Screen 2 }
      29.Thodupuzha Silver Hills [3show] {4weeks 4show @Silver Hillas }
      Thodupuzha Aashirwad [2show] {2weeks 4show @Aashirwad,3rd week 3show @Aashirwad }
      30.Ernakulam-PVR [5show] {2weeks (8show) 2weeks 7show,5th week 6show }
      Ernakulam Pan (3show) {1st Week 4show ,2nd week 5show }
      Ernakulam Q Cinemas (5show) {1st Week (8show),2nd week 7show,3weeks 6show }
      Ernakulam Shreedar {1st week 4show @Padma Screen 1 {5th Week } {From 15/02/19}
      31.Edapally Vanitha (4show) {1st Week (7show) ,3weeks 6show,5th week 5show }
      32.Aluva Mathurya {2weeks 4show @Matha }
      33.Angamaly Carnival [2show) {1st Wek 4show,3weeks 3show }
      34.Kariyad Carnival [2show] [}{3weeks (3show) }
      35.Paravur Kairaly [4show] {3weeks 4show @KAiraly ,4th week 3show @Kairaly }
      36.Njarakkal Mejastic [2show] {4weeks (5show),5th week 3show }
      37.Varalluzha M Cinemas [4show] {2weeks 4show,2weeks 3show ,5th week 2show }
      38.Perumbavur EVM Screem 1 [3show] {4weeks 4show @Screen 1 }
      39.Muvattipuzha Vettukatti l{4weeks 4show @ Latha }

      Muvattipuzha Carnival [3show] {1st Week (5show) }
      40.Kothamangalam G Cinemas [2show]\ {5weeks 4show @G Cinemas }
      41.Thripunithura Centrel (4show) {1st Week (5show) {1st day 4show },2nd Wee Sat Sun 7show},2nd week 6shopw,3rd-5th week 3show }
      42.Thrishur Ganam (4show),Girija (4show) {3weeks 4show@Ganam }
      Tbrishur Inox [4show] {2weeks (5show),3rd Week 3show,4th 5th week 5show }
      43.Peringottukara Devaragam [3show] {1st Week 4show@Deva ,4weeks 4show @Devaragam }
      44.Guruvayur Devakys (4show) {3weeks 4show@Devakys,2weeks 2show @Devakys }
      45.Kunnamkulam RH [2show] {1st Week (3show),2nd week 4show,3weeks 3show }
      46.Irinjalakuda JK [3show] {2weeks 4show @JK Cinemas ,3weeks 2show @jk cinemas }
      Irinjalakuda Chembakashery [3show] {3weeks @Chembakashery (5show) 4th week 4show @Chembakshery }

      47.Amballur Chand V Sreerama [4show] {2weeks 4show,2weeks 3show }
      48.Chalamudy D Cinemas [3show] {5weeks 4show @D Cinemas }
      49.Kodu gallur Menaka
      Kodungallur Carnival [3show] {4weeks (5show)

      50.Palakad Aroma
      51.Shornur Anurag (2show) {1st Week 4show,4weeks 3show }
      52.Ottapalam LAkshmi [4show] {2weeks 4show,3rd Week 2show,4th week 3show }
      53.Mannarkad Cinemagic (4show) {1st Week 4show ,3weeks 5show }
      54.Wadakanchery Jayabarath Screen 1 {1st Week 4show @Movies ,3weeks 4show @Screen 2 }
      55.Manjery Devaky [2show] {4weeks 4show }
      56.Nilambur Fairyland Screen 2 {5 weeks 4show @Screen 3 }
      57.Perinthalmanna KC [5show] {1st Week (5show),2nd week 4show,3rd Week 5show,4-5th week 3show }
      58.Kottakkal Leena Screen 1 [1show] {1st Week 4show@Screen 1,2nd week @Leena Sceen 2 [4show],3-5th week @Leena
      Screen 2 [3show] }
      59.Valanchery Pavithra [2show] {3weeks 4show@ Sreekumar,4th week 4show @Pavithra }
      60.Edappal Govinda (2show) {3weeks 4show @Govinda,4th week 3show @Giovinda,5th week 4show @Govinda }
      61.Changaramkulam Mars (2show) {1st Week 4show,3rd Week 3sjow }
      62.Calicut Regal (5show) {1st Week (5show),3weeks 6show,5th week 3show }
      Calicut Coronation [3show] [{5weeks 4show @Coronation }
      63.Mukkam Rose Screen 2 [3show] {4weeks 4show @Screen 1 }
      64.Ramanattukara Surabhy [3shopw] {4weeks (3show),5th week 2show }
      65.Kakkattil Ajanatha
      66.Perambra Alankar (1show) {1st Week (5show),2weeks 3show,2weeks 2show }
      67.Balushery Sandya (1show) {2 week (5show),3weeks 2show }
      68.Mananthavdy Maruthy [2show] {5weeks 4show @Maruthy }
      69.Bathery Aishwarya [3show] ,Athulya [1show] {4weeks 1show @Athulya,5weeks @Athulya (2show) }
      Bathery PVS (2show) {1st Week (5show) ,2weeks 4show ,3rd-54h week 3show,5th week 5show }
      70.Kannur Little Kavitha {1st Week 4show@Little Kavitha }
      71.Thalashery Carnival (3show) {1st Week 4show }
      72.Mattannur Sahina (3show) {1dt Weeks4show }
      73.Payyannur Aradhana [3show] {4weeks 4show }
      74.Kasrgod Moviemax (2show) ({1st Week (5show),2nd Week 4show }
      Kasragod Carnival (4show) {1st Week (5show),2nd Week 4show ,3rd Week 3show,4th Week 4show ,5th week 5show }

      1st Week

      75.Oyur NVP
      76.Mala Ganga [3show]

      2nd Week

      77.Erattupetta Surya [3show] {1st week 4show }
      78.Adoor Nadam [2show] {1st week 4show }
      79.Kaecheri Savitha

      3rd Week

      81.Kodaly Sreelakshmi [1show] {2weeks 4show }
      82.Ashtamichira Mahalakshmi [2sgow] {1st week 4show }

      4th Week

      83.Thaliparambu Aalinkal


      5th week

      84.Pattambi Alex [4show] {3weeks Alex [3show] {1st Week (3show),2nd week 4show },7days gap back @ALex [2show ],4th week 2show @Alex }
      85.Vadakara Mudra {29days 4show @ CNS {1st week 4show @Ashok,},7days gap back @Mudra [4show] }

      4th week

      86.Pothencod MT Cineplex [2show] {22 days 4show @MT Cineplex,2weeks gap back @MT [2show] }
      87.Pulpally Penta {22days @ Bluemoon (1show) {1st Week 4show,2weeks gap back @Penta [4show] }


      Extra Theater

      1.Mukkam Fose Screen 2 (1show) (7days)
      2.Bathery Aisbwarya (1show) (7days)
      3.Trivandrum Kalabhavan[14days]
      5.Malappuram Padmam [15days ]
      6.Kanjad Vinayaka (15days)
      7.Thrishur Ragam (5show) {1st Week 4show } (14days)
      8.Kadinamkulam G Tracks Screen 1 [22days]
      9.Ezhuppuna Rekha (1show) {1st week (2show) ,2nd week 3show } [22days]
      11.Kunnamkulam Thavoos (22days)
      12.Peri thalmanna Centrel (5show) (22days)
      13.Thalashery Liberty Little Paradise {1st Week 4show @ Little Paradise,2nd Week 4show@Luberty Paradise } (22days)
      14.Haripad SN [2show] {1st Week (2show),2weeks 4show } (29days)

      15.Bathery Aiswarya Cineplex (2show) {2weeks 4show@Aiswarya Cineplex ,3rd Week 3show@Aiswarua Cineplex } [29days]
      16.Payyannur Carnival {3weeks (3show) } (29days)

      Main Center


      103.Nooranad -Swathy {Late Release }
      83.Raani Upasana {Late Release }


      92.Peyad SP (3show) {1st Week 4show }


      10.Nallila JB Cinemas
      12.Kadaykkal Sree Dhanya
      65.Kolla.god Thankam (2show) {1st Week @Thankaraj (3show),2nd week 3show @Thankam }
      67.Tirur Khayam [2show] {1st Week (3show) ,2nd week 4show }
      69.Pandikkad Illam [2show] {2weeks 4show }
      77.Tanur PVS Paradise
      78.Parapa gadi Jayakerala
      95.Iratyu New India {1st Week 4show@ Paradise }


      28.Nedumgandam G Cinemas [4show] {1st Week 4show,2nd week 4show,3rd week 3show }
      30.Pandalam Trilock [3show] {3weeks 4show }
      59.Chittur Sree
      60.Kozhinajambara Coumalaya
      71.Thamarashery City Mall (2show) {1st Week 4show 2nd Week 5show }
      75.Koyilandy Ambady (3show) {1st Week @Ambady (3show),2weeks 4show@Ambady }
      82.Koothuparambu Beby (2show) {3weeks (3show) }
      84.Kanicabr Dev (2show) {1st Week 4show,2nd Week 3show }

      86.Kanjagad VGM


      46.Wadakanchery New Ragam [4show] {2weeks 4show @New Ragam ,2weeks 3show @New Ragam }
      47.Pazhayannor Shadows (2show) {1st Werk 4show ,2nd week 3show,3rd Week 2show ,4th week 1show }
      52.Urakam Shivadam [2show] {2weeks 4show }
      61.Malappuram PVS [3show] {2weeks (6show) ,3rd Week 5show }
      65.Ponnany Alankar (3show) {3weeks 4show@©Alankar,4th week 2show }
      79.Kondotty-Kalpka (3show)
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      Released on:14/12/2018
      Updates Till:-24/03/2019
      Current Status:-101DAYS
      Week No:-15

      Total No of Shows –------19564 Shows {DAY 1- 1982 Shows}

      Total No Of Show-1 Week
      [7Days]:-9381hows[134Centres+153Extra Theater]//[1108Show/day] //DAY 2-1492,DAY-3 1465}//
      Total No Of Show-2 Week[14Days]:-3591hows[129Centres+23Extra Theater]//[513Show/day] //4 Main Center Removals
      Total No Of Show-3 Week[21Days]:-3281hows[128Centres+23Extra Theater]//[506Show/day] //1 Main Center+0Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-4 Week[28Days]:-1998Shows[111 Centres+17Extra Theater] //[391Show/day] //17 Main Center+4Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-5 Week[35Days]:-798Shows[58 Centres+10Extra Theater] //[114Show/day] //53 Main Center+7Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-6 Week[42Days]:-240Shows[24 Centres+3Extra Theater] //[40Show/day] //34 Main Center+8Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-7 Week[49Days]:-119Shows[13 Centres+0Extra Theater] //[17Show/day] //12 Main Center+3Extra Theater Removals//1Comeback

      Total No Of Show-8Week[56Days]:-35Shows[4 Centres+0Extra Theater] //[5Show/day] //9Main Center+0Extea Theater Removals//0Comeback
      Total No Of Show-9Week
      [63Days]:-14Shows[2 Centers+0Extra Theater] //[2Show/day] //2Main Center+0Extea Theater Removals//0Comeback

      Total No Of Show-10Week[70Days]:-21Shows[2 Centers+0Extra Theater] //[3show/day] //0Main Center+0Extea Theater Removals//0Comeback
      Total No Of Show-11Week[77Days]:-12Shows[2 Centers+0Extra Theater] //[2show/day] //0Main Center+0Extea Theater Removals//0Comeback
      Total No Of Show-12Week[84Days]:-7hows[1 Centers+0Extra Theater] //[1show/day] //1Main Center+0Extea Theater Removals//0Comeback
      Total No Of Show-13Week[91Days]:-7hows[1 Centers+0Extra Theater] //[1show/day] //1Main Center+0Extea Theater Removals//0Comeback
      Total No Of Show-14Week[98Days]:-7hows[1 Centers+0Extra Theater] //[1show/day] //1Main Center+0Extea Theater Removals//0Comeback
      Total No Of Show-15Week[101Days]:-7hows[1 Centers+0Extra Theater] //[1show/day] //1Main Center+0Extea Theater Removals//0Comeback

      15h Week

      1.Palakkad-Priyathama [1show] ) {5weeks 4show @Priya {1st day (6show),6th week @Priyathama (3show},7th Week 1show@Priyadarshini,8th Week 1show@Priya,9th-11th Week 1show@Priyathama,,12th-13th Week 1show @Priyathama ,14th Week 1show @Priyathama }


      Extra Theater

      1.Trivandrum-Ramya [1show] (1day)
      2.Kadinamkulam-G Tracks Screen 2 (1show)
      3.Kollam-Ramya [5show] (1day)
      4.Kottayam-Aasha (5show)
      5 North Paravur-Sree [1show]
      6.Nilambur-Fairyland Screen 4 [5show] (1day)
      7.Nilambur-Fairyland Screen 2 [5show) (1day)
      8.Vadakara-CNS Screwn 2 (1show (1days)
      9.Koyilandi-Krishna (1show) (1day)
      10 Kannur-Sagara (4show) (1days)
      11.Payyannur-Archana (5show) (1day)


      Trivandrum-New Screen 3 {1st day (7 Show)}
      Trivandrum-Sree Vishak (2show) {1st day (3show))
      Trivandrum-Dhanya [1st Day 5show]
      Trivandrum-Kripa (4show) {3days (5show),
      Trivandrum-Devipriya (1st day 5show)
      Trivandrum-SreePadmanabha (1st day 5show)
      Kattakada-SL Cinemas Screen 2 {1st Day (6show) }
      Kaliyakkavila-Sreekalishwary Screen 2
      Kollam-Sarathi {1st day (5show)}
      Anchal Varsha Royal Suite {1st day (4show)}
      Pathanamthitta-Trinity Screen 2 (5show) {1st week (6show)
      Pathanamthitta-Trinity Screen 3 (5show) {1st week (6show)
      Kattanam-Ragam (5show) {1st day (6show)}
      Kattanam-Thanam {1st week (6show)}
      Kottayam-Aanand {1st day (5show)}
      Changanashery-Anu {1st day (5show) }
      Muvattupuzha-Latha Screen 2 {1st day (5show)}
      Kothamangalam-EVM {1st day [5show]}
      Kothamangalam-Jawahar {1st day [5show]}
      Aluva-Madurya {1sr day (7show) }
      Kunnankulam-Thavoos {1st day [5show]}
      Kodungallur-Menaka (5show) ]}
      Palakkad-Priyathama {1st day (6show)}
      Palalakkad-Priyadarshini {1st day (6show)}
      Tirur-Centrel {1st day [5show] }
      Manjery-Sree Devi {1st day (6show) }
      Tanur-PVS {1st day (5show)}
      Tanur-PVS Screen 1
      Mukkam-PC Screen 2 {1st day (6show)
      Vadakara-Ashok Screen 2 {1st week (7show) F
      Vadakara-CNS Screen 1 (5show) {1st day (2show) F
      Bathery-Athulya {1st day (6show) f
      Thalashery-Libeety Little Paeadise{1st day (5show)
      Thalashery-Liberty Mine Paradise {1st day (5show)
      Thalashery-Liberty MovieHouse
      Thalashery-Liberty Suite {1st day (5show)
      Thalashery-Liberty Gold {1st day (5show)
      Kannur-Samudra {1st day (3show) }

      4 Days

      Nilambur-Fairyland Screen 3 {1st day [5show]}
      Valanchery-Pavithra {1st day [5show] }


      Trivandrum-New Screen 2 {1st day (7 show)}
      Trivandrum-Ajantha [1st Day 5show]
      Kannur-Saritha (1show) {-2-3days (4show {1st day (3show) }
      Trivandrum-Sreekumar {1st day (6show) }
      Kazhakkottam-Krishna {1st Da (6show)}
      Kazhakkoottam/Kadinamkulam-G Tracks Screen 1 ( {1st day (6show) (Fans)},2-3days 5show }
      Kattakkada-JV Cinemas {1st day (7show)}
      Aatingal-Kaveri {1st day (6show)
      Aatingal-Vaishak {1st day [5show]}
      Kaliyakkavila-ThameenMax {1st days (5show)
      Nedumangad-Rani {1st Day (6Sshow),2-3days(5show) (5show) }
      Varkala-Star {1st Day [5show]}
      Kollam-Pranavam {1st day (3show)}
      Kadaykkal-Sree Dhanya {1st day (6show) }
      Karunagapally-Tharangam ({1st day 5show)}
      Karunagapally-Khans {1st day (5show)}
      Punalur-Ramraj {1st day (5zhow)}
      10.Kottarakara/Puthur-Munerva (4show) {2-3days (9show) {1st Day (11show) }
      Pathanamthitta-Trinity Screen 1 (5show) {1st day (7show)
      Adoor-Nadam {1st week (6show)
      Alappuzha-RainBan {1st day [5show]}
      Cherthala-Kairaly {1st day [5show]}
      Eramallur-Sania Screen 1 {1st day [5how]}
      Kattanam-Thalam (2show) {1st week (3show)}
      Kottayam-Anashwara {1st day (5show)}
      Pala-Jose {1st day (5show)}
      Erattupetta-Surya Screen 2 {1st day (5show)
      Kattappana-Aishwarya {1st day (6show) (fans)}
      Ernakulam-Saritha {1st (6show) }
      North Paravur-Kairaly
      North Paravur-Shafaz Screen 2 (3show) {2-3days (5show) {1st day (6show)}
      Aluva-Casino {1st day (7show) }
      Muvattupuzha-Issac {1st day (5show)}
      Thrishur-Girija {3days (5show) }
      Thrishur-Ganam {1st day (6show)
      Peringottukara-Deva{1st {1st day [6show]}
      5.Pernigottukara/Thalikkulalm/Vadanapally-Ashoka {1st day (7show) }
      Kunnamkulam-JRH (5show) {1st day (6show) }
      10.Kunnamkulam-Little Bavana (5show) {1st day 6show}
      Guruvayur-Appas {1st dayk (7show) }
      Irinjalakkuda-Mass {1st Day (14Show)}
      Irinjalakkuda/Mapranam-Varna {2-3days (6show) {1st day (7show) }
      Wadakanchery-Thalam {1st day [5show]
      Urakam-Shivadham Screen 2 (2show){1st day (6show)
      Palakkad-Sathya {2-3days (5show) {1st day (6show) }
      Shornur-Melam (5show) {3days (6show)}
      Pattamambi-Dev {1st day 5show}
      Pattambi-Alex Complex [7show]
      Ottapalam-Lakshmi Screen 2 {1st day [5show]}
      Chittur-Sree {1st day [5show]}
      Pithunagaram-New Screen 2 {1st day (6show) }
      Kozhinjambara-Geetha Cinemax {1st day (5show) F
      Kozhinjambara-Vrindhavan {1st day (5 Show) F
      Kollangod-Thankam {1st day [5show]}
      Kottayi-KRV Screwn 2
      Manjery-Kairaly Screen 2 {1st day [5show] }
      Perinthalmanna-KC (5show){1st day (7show)}
      Perinthalmanna-Centrel 2 (5show) {1st day (7show) }
      Kottakkal-Leena Screen 2 {1st day [6show] }
      WadKanchery-Thankam {1st day [5show]}
      Valancbery-Sree Kumar {2-3days (5show) {1st day (6show)
      Edappal-Givibda Screen 2 {1st day (6show)
      Edappal-Sharada {1st day (7show) }
      Ponnany-Alankar Screen 2 {1st day [5show]
      Parapangadi-Jayakwrala {1st day (5show) }
      Calicut Coronotion {2-3days (5show) {1st day 4show}
      Mukkam-Rose Screen 1 {1st day (5show) F
      Kakkattil-BM Cinemas Screen 2 (5show)
      Kakkattil Ajantha {1st day (5show)
      Perambra-Alankar Screen 2 (5show)
      Mananthavady-Jose Screen 2 {1st day (5show)}
      Pulpally-Penta Screen 2 (1show) {2-3days 4show {1st day (5show) }
      Koothuparambu-Beby Screen 2 (5show) {1st day (3show)
      Iratty-New India Paradise
      Payyannur-Carnival (5show) {1st day (6show)}
      Thaliparambu-Crown {1st day (6show)
      Kasargod CineKrishna (5show)
      Kasargod-Carnival (5show) {1st day (7show)
      Kangangad-Vinayaka Paradise {1st day (5show)
      Kanjhangad-Deepthy (5show)


      1.Kazhakkoottam/Vettuoad-Harshree (4show) {1st Week 4show) {1st day (6show)2nd week 3show }
      2.Kollam-Sarathy (3show) {1st Week4show@Partha {1st day (5show),2nd week 3show @SParatha }
      3.Ernakulam-Cinemax (2show) {1st Week (9show) {1st day (7show ) ,2nd week 3show }
      4.Bathery-PVS (2show) {1st Week (6show) {2-3days (11show) {1st day (18show),2nd week 4shpwm }


      1.Kollam-Ramya (4show) [1show] {1st Week 4show {1st day (7show),2nd Week 4show@Dhanya,3rd Week 4show@
      Dhanya (3show) ,Kollam Ramya
      2.Kollam-G Cinemax (1show) {1st Week (5show) {2-3days (8show) {1st day (10Show),2nd week 2show }
      3.Karunagapally-Krishna {1st day (5show)}
      4.Cherthala-EVM (3show) {1st Week (12show) {1st day (19show.2nd week 2show )

      5.Irinjalakkyda-JK Cinemas (1show) {1st week 4show {2-3days (9show) {1st day (13Show),2nd-3rd Wesk 3show }
      6.Malappuram-Padmam {1st day [6show]}

      1.Trivandrum-AerisPlex (2how) {1st Week (5show) {1st Day (2show)}


      1.Ernakulam-Q Cinemax (1show) {1st Week (11show) {2,3days (14show) {1st day (10show)


      1.Trivandrum-Artech Mall (1show} {1st day (19show),2-3Days ) (13show),4th -7th day 10 show,2nd -4th week 2show }
      2.Ernakulam-Pan Cinemas (1show) {1st Week (9show) {2-days (12show) {1st day (8show),2nd week 3show,3rd-4th week 2show }
      3.Kodungallur-Carnival (1show) {1st Week (7show) {2-3days (11show) {1st day (10show),2nd-4th week 2show }
      4.Perinthalmanna-Vismaya (1show) {1st week (5shiw) {2-3days (9show) {1st day (16show),2nd-3rd Week 3show4th week 2show }
      5.Calicut-Apsara [2show] {4weeks 4show {2-4days (5show) {1st day 4show}
      7..Thalashery-Carnival (1show) {1st Week (9show) {1st day (10show),2nd-4th week 2show }
      8.Kazhakkottam-Carnival (1show) {1st Week (9show) {1st Day (19show),2-3days 13show ,2nd week 3show,3rd-4th week 2show }
      1.Trivandrum-Carnival MOT (1show) {1st Day (37show),2-3days(25show),4th -7th Day 13 show,2nd week 5shoow,3rd Week 3 show,4th 5th week 2show }
      2.Ernakulam-Kavitha [1show] {4weeks 4show {1st day (6show),4th,5th week 2show }
      3.Thrishur-Ragam (3show) {3weeks 5show ,4th,5th week 4show {1st day (6show) }

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      Main Center

      7 Days

      2.Padanthalamood-IMP {3days (6show) }
      3.Ashramichira-Mahalakshmi {1st day [6show]}


      43.Rajkymari-Merbezil (3show)


      1.Venjaramood-Sindhu {2-3days (5show) {1st Day [7show]}
      2.Paravur-Ashok {2-3days (5show) {1st day (7show)}
      3.Shakthikulangara-Kappithans {1st week (5show)}
      4.Oyur-NVP {1st day (7 Show) }
      6.Raani-Upasana {2-3days (5show) {1st week (6 Show) }
      7.Erattupetta-Surya (2show) {1st day (5show)
      8.Kanjirapally-Grand Opera [3shpw {1st week 4show {1st day (5show)
      10.Nedumgandam-G Cinemax (4show) {1st day (13show),2-4days 12 show,5-7days 6show }
      11.Kodaly-Sree Lakshmi (3show) {1st Week 4show {2-3days (5show) {1st day (6 Show) }
      12.Mala-Ganga {2weeks (5show) {1st day (6show)}
      13.Kecheri-Savitha (2show) {1st Week 4show) {1st day [6show],2nd week 3show }
      14.Tirur-Anugraha {1st day [5show] }
      15.Parapangadi-Prayag [1show] {2weeks 4show {1st day (6show) }
      16.Kondotty-Kalpaka [3show] {2weeks 4show {1st day (5show
      17.Edachery-Vee Chee {1st day (5show)


      4.Pothencod-HK Cinemas {1st day (7show) ,3-days
      (5show) }
      5.Kattakada-SL Cinemas Screen 1 {1st Days (6show)}
      8.Nedumangad-Surya Paradise {1st day (6 show) }
      9.Varkala-SR {1st day (6show) }
      19.Punalur-Thailakshmi {1st day (5show) }
      20.Puthur-Chellam (3show) {3wedks 4show } {1st day (5show)}
      28.Eramallur-Sania Screen 2 {1st day [5show]}
      36.Mundakkayam-RD Cinemas (2show) {1st Week (12show) {1st day (14show),2nd-3rd Week 3show }
      41.Ponkunnam-Focus {1st day (5show)

      . 51.Kochi-EVM (1show) {1st Week (5show) {1st day (6show),2nd week 3show ,3rd Week 2 show }
      55.Aluva-Matha {1st day (5show) } .
      58.Kothamangalam-Aan {1st day [5show]}
      60.Koothattukulam-V Cinemas (1show) (1st Wedk 8show) {2-3days (10show( {1st day (11show) ,2nd-3rd Wssk 2show }
      65.Pazhayannur-Shadows (3show) {1st Week (8show) {1st day (14show) }
      75.Wadakanchery-New Ragam (2show) {3weeks 4show@New Ragam {1st day [5show]}
      82.Cherpulashery-Devi {3days [6show] }
      83.Mannarkad-Okkaz {1st day [6show]}
      84.Chittur-Kairaly (1show) {1st Week 4show {1st day [5show],2nd-3rd Week 3show }
      85.Puthunagaram-New Screen 1 {1st day (6show)}
      86.Kozhinjambara-Geeth (4show) ) {1st Week (5show) {3weeks @Coumalaya {1st day (9show) ,2nd week 3show,3rd WeekCoumalaya (2show

      87.Kollangod-Thankaraj (3show) {1st Week {1st day [5show]}
      88.Kottayi-KRV Screen 1[3show] {1st week 4show {1st day [5show] }

      92.Pandikkad-Illam (1show) {3weeks 4show {2-3days (8show) {1st day (12show) }
      106.Ramanattukara-Surabhy [3show] {1st Week (6show) {2-3days (10show) {1st day (12Show),2nd week 4show }
      110.Kakkattil-BM Cinemas Screen 1 [2show] {1st Week (5show),2nd week 4show ,3rd Week 3show }
      115.Kalpatra-Mahaver (1show) {3wrrks 4show {1st day (5show) }
      116.Mananthavady-Jose Screen 2 [4show] {2weeks 4show @Jose SCreen 1 {1st day (5show)}
      118.Bathery-Athulya {3weeks 4show@Aishwarya {1st day (6show) }
      127.Kanichar-Dev [2show] {2weeks 4show,3rd Week 3show }
      16.Kadaykkal-Sree Sailam (2show) {3weeks 4show } {1st day (6show) }
      54.Varappuzha-M Cinemas (2show) {1st Week (4show) {2-3days (10show) {1st day (14show)2nd week 3show }


      2.Peyad-SP Cinemas (4show) {1st Week 4shiw {1st Day (7show) ,2nd week 3show }
      7.Kaliyakavila-SMB COMPLEX {1st Week 4show@Screen {1st day (5show)
      14.Nallila-JB Cinemas (3show) {2weeks 4show {2-3Days (12show) {1st day 14show }
      33.Noorand-Swathy {1st week [5show]}
      35.Changanashery-Anu {2weeks 4show@ Abinaya {1st day (6show)}
      46.Kattappana-Sagara {1st Day 5show}
      50.Thripunithura-Centrel (3show) {1st Week (7show) {2-3days (8show) {1st day (12show) }
      69.Guruvayur-Jayasree {1st day [6show]}
      93.Nilambur-Fairyland Screen 2 {3weeks 4show@Screen 1 {1st day [5show]
      96.Kottakkal-Leena Screen 2 {2t week 4show@Leena Screen 1 {1st day [6show]}
      99.Edapal-Govinda Screwn 1 (3show) {1st week 4show {1st day (6show) F
      100.Ponnany-Alankar Screen 1 (1show) {1st Week4show {1st day (6show),2nd week 3show ,3rd Week 2show
      102.Tanur-PVS Paradise
      109.Thamarashery-City Mall (2show) {1st Week (7show) ,{2-3days (9show) {1st day (12show)},2nd-3rd Wedk 3show }
      112.Koyilandi-Ambadi {1st day (5show)
      113.Perambra-Alankar Screen 1 (3show) {3wedks (5show)
      122.Koothuparambu-Beby Screen 1 (2show) {1st Week (5show) {1st day (3show),2nd week 4show ,3rd Week 3show }
      123.Mattannur-Sahina (2show) {1st Week (9show) {1st day (14show) ,2nd-3rd Week 3show
      124.Iratty-Kalpana {1st Day (5show)


      4.Kollam-Carnival (1show) {1st Week (6show) {2-3days (7show) {1st Day (11show) }
      5.Karunagapally-Carnival (1show) {1st Week (7show) {2-3days (12show) {1st day (7Show),2nd-4th week 2show }
      6.Anchal Varsha (2show) {3weeks 4show@ {1st day (6show),4th week 3show }

      8.Pandalam-Trilock [1show] {1st Week (7show) {2-3days (10show) {1st week (13show),2nd week 4show,3rd Week 5show ,4th week 2show }
      Alappuzha-Pan Cinemas (1show) {1st Week (9show) {2-3days (13show){1st week (15show),2nd-3rd Week 3show,4th week 1show }
      10.Cherthala-Paradise (1show) {2-3days 8show{1st day (13show),4weeks 4show ,2days gap }
      12.Chengannur-C Cinemas (1show) {1st Week (5show) {2-3days (8show) {1st day (19show),2nd-3rd Week 3show,4th week 2show }
      13.Kattanam-Ganam [1show] {3weeks 4show@Ganam {1st Week (5show) {1st day (6show),4th week 4show @Ragam}
      14.Mavelikkara-Prathibha [1show] {4weeks 4show {1st wesm [5show]}

      16.Thalayolaparambu-Carnival (1show) {1st Week ((8show) {2-3days (10show) {1st day (14show},2nd -4th week 2show }
      17.Pala-Universal [1show] {4weeks 4show {1st day (6show)}

      20.Edapally-Vanitha (1show ) {2weeks 4show {2-3days (16show) {1st day (20show),3rd Week 3show ,4th week 2show }
      22 North Paravur-Shafaz (1show){3weeks 3show {2-3days (5show( {1st day (6show),4th week 2show }
      23.Njarakkal-Mwjastic (1show) {1st Week (5show) {2-3days (10show) {1st day (13show),2nd-4th week 3show }
      24.Muvattupuzha-Carnival (1show) {1st Week (7days {2-3days (15show) {1st day (26show),2nd-4th week 2show }
      25.Piravom-Darshana (1show) {1st Week (8show) {2-3dYs (12show) {1st day (15show),2nd-4th week 2show }
      26.Angamaly-Carnival (1show) {1st Wedk (9show) {2-3days (10show) {1st day (13Show) ,2nd week 2show ,3rd Week 3show ,4th week 2show }
      27.Kariyad-Carnival (1show) {1st week (4show) {2-3days (9show) {1st day (11show),2nd-4th week 2show }2

      31.Amballur-Chand V Sreerama (1show) {1st Week (4show) {2-3days 9show {1st day (11show) 2nd-3rd Week 3show ,4th week 4show }
      32.Kunnamkulam-Littile Bhavana (1show) {1st Week 4show @Bahvaana {1st day [5show],2nd 4th week 3show @Bahavana}
      33.Kodakara-City Cinemas [1show] {4weeks 4show {2-3days (5show) {1st day (6show) }
      35.Kodungalkur-Ashoka [2show] {4weeks 4show @Ashoka {1st day (6show)}
      36.Irinjalakkuda-Chembakashery Cinemas (1show) {1st Wedk (8show) {2-3days (12Show) {1st day 20show,2nd week 3show,3rd Week 4show ,4th week 2show }
      37.Urakam-Shivadham Screen 1 (1show) {1st Week (4show) {1st day (6show)},2nd-3rd Week 3show ,4th week 2sho }
      40.Pattambi-Dev Cineplex {3weeks 4show @Krishna Complex (4show) {1st week 4show (3days [7show],2nd week 3show }
      41.Ottapalam-Lakshmi Screen 1 [2show] {1st week 4show {1st day [5show],2nd-4th week 3show }
      46.Valanchery-Karthika [1show] {4weeks 4show @KArthika {2-3days (5show) {1st day (6show)
      50.Vadakara-Ashok (1show) {3weeks 4show {1st week (7show),4th week 3show @Ashok }
      51.Balushery Sandya [1show] {4weeks 4show {1st Week (10show) {1st day 12show}
      53.Kannur-Samudra {3weeks 4show Savitha {1st day (3show)}
      55.Payyannur-Carnival [2show] {4weeks 4show @Aaradhana {3days (5show)
      56.Thaliparambu-Crown {4weeks 4show @Classic {1st day (6show) }
      58.Kanhangad-Vinayaka Complex [3show] {4weeks @VGM Carnival (4how) {1st day (11show) }


      1.Aatingak-YAMUNA [1show] {4weeks 4show @Dreamz {1st day [6show] }
      2.Alappuzha-Pankaj [1show] {4weeks 4show } {1st day [5show]}
      3.Perumbavur-Aashirwad (1show) {1st Week (8show) {2-3days (10show) {1st day (14show),4weeks 4show }
      4.Thalikkukalm-Karthika (1show) {1st Week 4show {2-3days (6shiw) {1st day (7show) ,2nd-4th week 3show }
      5.Shornur-Anurag (1show) {1st Werk (9show) {2-3days (11show) {1st day 12 show},2nd week 3show ,3rd Week 4show,4th week 5show }
      6.Wadakanchery-KAM {1st day [6show]}
      7.Manjery-Kairaly Screen [2show] {4weeks 4show }{1st day [6show], }

      8.Perinthalmanna-Centrel 1 (1show) {1st week (5show) {1st day (7show),2n dweek 3show,3rd-5th Week 5show }
      9.Malappuram-PVS (1show) {1st Werk (11show) {2-3days (19show),2nd week 2show ,3rd Week 1show ,4th week 2show }
      10.Calucut-Regal [1show] {1st Week (5show) {2-5days (6show) {1st day (12show) 2nd week 4show,3rd-4th week 3show }
      11.Mukkam-PC Screen 1 [1show] {4weeks 4show }{1st day (7show)
      12.Pulpally-Penta Screen (2show-) {3weeks 4show {1st day (5show) ,4th week 2show,5th Week 1show }
      13.Kottayamn Aanand [1show] {35days @ Kottayam Aasha [2show] {4weeks 4show @ Abhilash {1st day (5show),7DAYS GAP Back at Aaanand [1show] }


      3.Haripad-Lal Cineplex (1show) {1st Week {5show) {2-3days 12show {1st day (22show),2nd-3rd Week 4show,4th week 3show,5th week 2show }
      4.Thodupuzha-Aashirwad (1show) {3wesks 4show {2-3days (8show) {1st day (16show)4th week 3show,5th week 2show }
      5.Ernakulam-PVR (1show) {1st Week (15show) {2,3days (18shiw (1st day (9show),2nd week 5show ,3rd Week 4show ,4th week 2show }

      6.Thrishur-Inox (1show) {1st Week (12show) {2-3days (18show) {1st day (21show)2nd week 5show ,3rd-4th week 4show }

      8.Chalakkudy-D Cinemas (1show) {4weeks 4show,5th week 2show {2-3days (12show) {1st day (18show)
      10.Changarakulam-Mars Cinemas [1show ]{1st Week (9show) {2-3days (11show) {1st day (21Show) ,2nd week 4show,3rd 4th week 3show }
      11.Thalashery-Liberty Mine Paradise [1show] {4weeks 4show @Liberty Paraidse {1st day (5show),5th Week 2show@Mine Paradise }
      12.Kasargod-Cinekrishna (1show) {2weeks 6show@Moviemax {1st day 11show},3rd-4th week 5show@Moviemax,5th Week 3show@Moviemax ,6th week 1show @Moviemax

      56 Days
      2.Pathanamthutta- Trinity Screen 3 [1show] {3wedks 4show Aiswarya, {1st day (7show),4th week 4show @Aishwarya,5th week @[Aishwarya [2show] }
      3.Peringottukara-Deva [1show] {1st Wedk 4show @Devaragam{1st day (7show),2nd-4th week 3show @Devaragam,5th week @Deva (1show),6th week 1show @Devaragam }


      1.Trivandrum-Sreekumar (1show) {5weeks 4show @Screen 1 {1st day (7 Show),6th,7.th Week 4show@Screen 3 ,8th Week @New Screen 3 (2show),9th Week 1show @Sree Vishak ,10th Week @Sree Kumar (2show)

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      Released on:21/12/2018
      Updates Till:-24/03/2018
      Current Status:-94
      Week No:-
      Total No of Shows –
      18880 Shows

      Total No Of Show-1 Week[7Days]:-3915Shows[103Centres+//32Extra Theater] [561Show/Day]
      Total No Of Show-2 Week[14Days]:3767Shows[108Centres+//27Extra Theater] [585Show/Day]//5 Late Release// 3 Extra Theater Removals [Harthal Day 257 Shows ]
      Total No Of Show-3 Week[21Days]:3167Shows[114Centres+//28Extra Theater][549Show/Day]//6 Late Release//1 Extra theater Removaks
      Total No Of Show-4 Week[28Days]:3371Shows[113Centres+//24Extra Theater] [481Show/Day]//4Main+1 Extra theater Late Release//5 Main Center +7 Extra theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-5 Week[35Days]:2015Shows[93Centres+//22Extra Theater] [291Show/Day]//1Main Center+0 Extra theater Late Release//20 Main Center +2 Extra theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-6 Week[42Days]:-1208 Shows[74Centres+//16Extra Theater] [189 Show/Day]//0Main Center+0 Extra theater Late Release//19 Main Center +6 Extra theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-7 Week[49Days]:-817 Shows[60Centres+//16Extra Theater] [118 Show/Day]//0Main Center+0 Extra theater Late Release//16 Main Center +0 Extra theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-8 Week[56Days]:-312 Shows[28Centres+//10Extra Theater] [45 Show/Day]//0Main Center+0 Extra theater Late Release//32 Main Center +6 Extra theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-9 Week[63Days]:-118 Shows[7Centres+//10Extra Theater] [17 Show/Day]//0Main Center+0 Extra theater Late Release//21 Main Center +0 Extra theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-10 Week[70Days]:-62 Shows[2Centres+//3Extra Theater] [9 Show/Day]//0Main Center+0 Extra theater Late Release//5 Main Center +7 Extra theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-11 Week[77Days]:-42 Shows[2Centres+//2Extra Theater] [6 Show/Day]//0Main Center+0 Extra theater Late Release//0 Main Center +1 Extra theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-12 Week[84Days]:-21 Shows[2Centres+//1Extra Theater] [3 Show/Day]//0Main Center+0 Extra theater Late Release//0 Main Center +1 Extra theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-13 Week[91Days]:-56 Shows[3Centres+//1Extra Theater] [8 Show/Day]//1Main Center+0 Extra theater Late Release//0 Main Center +0 Extra theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-13 Week[94Days]:-9 Shows[3Centres+//1Extra Theater] [3 Show/Day]//1Main Center+0 Extra theater Late Release//0 Main Center +0 Extra theater Removals

      14th Week

      1.Trivandrum-MOT [1show] {1st Week 4show@SL Cinemas 2nd,4th week 3show@SL Cinemas 5th week 2show@SL Cinemas ,6th,7th,8th,9th Week 1show@SL Cinemas,10-11th Week @ Artech Mall (1show) }
      Trivandrum Sree Padmanbha (1show){1st Week [10show]@MOT,2nd week 7show@MOT,3rd week 8show@MOT,4th 5th week 5show@MOT ,6th Week 3show@MOT,7th Week 2show@MOT ,8th,9th week 1show @Carnival MOT,10th Week 1show@Devipriya,11th-12th week 1show @Shreepadmnabha,12th week 1show @Sreepadmanbaha,13th week 1show @Sree }

      2nd week

      Paravur-Ashok [2show] {1st we 4show }


      Extra Theater

      1.Ezhupunna-Rekha [2show] (7days)
      2.Kothamangalam-EVM (1show) (7days)
      3.Perinthalmanna-Vismaya (7days) Teivandrum-Nila (2show ) {From 24/12/18} [7days]
      4.Ernakulam-Cinemax (5show) {1st Week 4show} [14DAYS]
      5.Cherthala-Paradise (1show) {1st Week } [23days]
      6.Muvattupuzga Issac (2show) {2nd Week } [13days]
      7.Irinjalakkuda-Mass (2show) [20days]
      8.Pattambi-Dev (3show) [21days]
      9.Malappuram-Aanand [21days]
      10.Kasargod-Moviemax (5show) [21days]
      11.Kanjangad-Vinayaka Paradise [21days]
      12.Kazhakoottam/Kadinamkulam-G Tracks Screen 2 [2show] {3weeks 4show @Screen 1} [28days]
      13.Mannarakad -Aaradhana [28days]
      15.Kollam-Partha [2show] {1st week,3weeks 3show } [35days]
      17.Thodupuzha-Aashirwad [2show] {3weeks 4show ,4th week 3show } [35days]
      18.Muvattupuzha-Vattukattil {4weeks 4show @Maria }[35days] [35DAYS]
      19.Irinjalakkuda-JK [2show] {3weeks 4show,4th week 3show }[35DAYS]
      20.Payyannur-Sumangaly Cineplex (1show) {1st Week @ MinePlex (2show) [35DAYS]
      21.Ernakulam-Q Cinemax [4show] {1st Werk 4show,2nd 3rd week 6show,4th week 4show , 5th week 3show } (42days)
      Kollam-G Max (1show ) {1st Week 4show,2nd week 5show,3rd week 4show ,4th week 3show 5th,6th Week 2show } (49days)
      Alapuzha-Pan Cinemas [1showc] {2weeks 4show,3rd week 5show ,2weeks 3show ,6th Week 2show } (49days)
      Harpad-M Lal Cine Plex [1show] {4weeks 4show,5th wesk 2show } (49days)
      Kodungallur-Carnival (1show) {1st Week (3show),2weeks 5shopw,4th week 3show ,5th,6th week 2show } (49days)
      Bathery-PVS [1show] {1st week (3show),2weeks 5show,4th week 3show }[49days]
      Trivandrum-Devipriya (2show) {6Weeks 4show @Sree Padmanabha,7th Week 4show@Devipriya}[56days[
      Trivandrum-Artech Mall [1show ] { {3weeks [6how],4th week 4show ,5th week 3show,6th Week 2show [56days]
      Kollam-Ramya (1show) {1st Week 4show@Ramya,2nd week Dhanya (1show),Ramya (3show),3rd week Danya [4show],4TH,5th Week 4show @Ramaya,6th Week @Ramya [3show},7th Week @Danya (1show),Ranya (1show) ] [56days]
      Calicut-Regal (1show) {1st Week (5show),2weeks 6show,4th week 3show,4th week 4show,5TH,6TH WEEK 2SHOW }[56days]
      Ernakulam-Pan Cinemas [1show] {1st Week (5show),2nd,3rd week 4show,4th week 3show ,5th week 2show ,6th Week 4show }[56days]
      4.Thrishur-Kairaly (1show) {6week 4show @ Kairaly,7th week @Shree [2show]}[59days]
      7.Thalashery-Chithravani (4show) {7weeks 4show@Chithravani} [59days]
      Ernakulam-,Sangeetha (4show) {1st Week 4show@,Savitha,2nd,3rd week 4show @Saritha,4th week 4show @Savitha,5th week @ Savitah [3show] ,Saritha [1show],6th Week @Savitah [3show],7th Week 2show@Sangeetha,8TH WEEK @Sangeetha [1show] } (70Days)Trivandrum-Nila (1show) { 4weeks 4show kairaly,5th,6th Week 4show@Nila,7th week @Nila (2show) ,8th,9th,10th Week 2show@Kairaly }[77days]

      Main Center

      7days [LATE RELASE]

      101.Oyur-Nvp [3show]
      86.Rajkumari-MARBEZIL [3show]
      58.Peyad -SP (4show)
      59.Adimaly Matha

      13days [LATE RELEASE]

      1.Adimaly Matha

      14days [LATE RERLEASE]

      105.kanjirapally-Grand Opera [3show]
      107.Mala-Ganga [4show]
      87.Rani-Upasana [2show]


      3.Kondotty-New Kavitha (3show)

      21days [Late Release]

      110.Peribgottukurusshi-CKM [3show] {3weeks 4show }
      90.Edachery-VC [1show] {2weeks 4show }


      5.Pothencod-MT Cineplex [2show] {3weeks 4show }
      11.Punalur-Ramraj {1st Week [3show] }
      12.Kadaykkal-Sree Dhanya
      29.Erattupetta-Surya [1show] {3weeks 4show }
      32.Nedumgandam-G Cinemax [2show] [3weeeks 4show }
      48.Viyyur-Deepa [3show] {3weeks 4show }
      57Wadakanchery-Thalam [3show] {2weeks (3show),3rd week 4show }
      65.Kozhinjambara -Raviraj
      69.Pandikkad-Illam Screen 2 [2show] {3weeks 4show @Screen 2 }
      87.Kalpetta-Ananthaveera (3show) {1st Week 4show}
      95.Iratty-New India Paradise
      91.Tirur-Kahyam [1show] {3weeks 4show } [ Late Release ]
      72.Panadalam -Trilock [1show] {1stweeks [5show],2nd week 3show,3rd week 2showe } [Late Release ]


      4.Kattakada-JV Cinemas [3show] {4weeks 4show @JV Cinemas }
      9.Nallila-JB Cinemas (2show) {1st Week 4show,2nd week 5show ,3rd week 4show,4th week 3show }
      15.Eramallur-Sania [2show] {1st Week [2show],3weeks 3show }
      22.Mundakkayam-RD Cinemas [1show] {3weeks 4show,4th week 1show }
      28.Kattapana-Aishwarya [2SHOW] {4weeks 4show @Aishwarya }
      53.Ottapalam-Lakshmi (4show) {1st Week 4show2weeks 5show }
      55.Kollangod-Thankam [3show] {3weeks @Thankam (3show) }
      57.Manjery-Sree Devi [2show] {3weeks 4show @ Devakys,4th week 4show @Shreedevi }
      61.Kottakal-Leena Screen 1 [1show] {1st Week 4show@Screen 2,2weeks 4show @Screen 1,4th week 4show @Screen 2 }
      63.Edapal-Sharadha [1show] {4weeks (4show) }
      64.Changarakulam-Mars [1show] {3weeks (3show) }
      65.Tanur-PVS Screen 2 [1show] {4weeks 4show @Screen 2 }
      5.Anchal Varsha Royal Suite [1show] }{4weeks 4how @Royal Suite,5th week 3show @Roya Suite }
      71.Koyilandy-Dwaraka[1show] {4weeks 4show }
      74.Mananthavady-Jose Screen 2 [2show] {1st Week 4show@Screen 2,2weeks 4show @Screen 1 ,4th week 4show @Screen 2 } 82.Thaliparambu-Aalunkal [1show] {4weeks 4show }
      61.Thamarashery-City Mall [1show] {1st week 4show,2nd week 5show,4th week 2show }
      62.Kanichar-Dev [1show] {1st week 4show,4weeks 2show }


      3.Nedumangad-Sree Sarswathy
      5.Kaliyakkavila-SMB Complex
      6.Varkala -Star [2show] {4weeks 4show @Star }
      18.Changanashery-Anu [2show] {2weeks 4show @Anu,2weeks 4show @Abinaya }
      19.Koothattukulam-V Cinemas [1show] {3weeks [4show] ,4th week 3show }
      33.Paravur-Kairaly [2show] {4weeks 4show @Kairaly,5th week 3show @KAriarly }
      42.Urakam-ShivadAm Cinemas [1show] {2weeks (3show),3rd week 4show ,4th week 3show,5th week 2show }
      43.Irinjalakuda-Chembakashery (1show) {1st Week 4show,2weeks 5show ,2WEEKS 3SHOW }
      48.Shornur-Anurag (1show) {1st Week (3show),3weeks 5show,4th week 2show }
      49.Pattambi-Dev [2show] {3weeks (1show)@Krishna ,4th week 3show @krishna,5th week 3show @Deva }
      55.Valanchery-Shreekumar [1SHOW] {4weeks 4show @Shreekumar ,5TH WEEK 2SHOW @Sreekumar }
      58.Rmanattukara-Surabhy [1show] {1st Week (3show),2nd week 5show,3rd week 4show ,4th,5th week 2show }
      60.Kakkattil-BM Cinemas (1show) {1st Week 4show,2weeks 5show,2weeks 3show }
      69.Payyannur-Sumnagaly {1st Week 4shiw@Sumangaly,4weeks 4show @Rajadani
      6.Kottarakara-Minerva [1show] {3weeks 4show ,2weeks 3show }
      7.Karunagapally-carnival [1show ] {3weeks 4show,2weeks 3show ,6th Week 2show}
      9.Cherthala-Kairaly (1show) {4weeks 4show @Kairaly ,5th week 4showm @Shree ,6th Week @Shree [2show]
      10.Haripad-SN Cinemas [1show] {3weeks 4show,4th week 3show }
      12.Kattanam-Thanam [1show ] {2weeks 4show @Ragam ,2weeks 4show @Ganam@5th week 2show @ganam,6th Week 2show@Thanam }
      13.Mavelikkara-Vallakalil [1show] {4weeks 4show @Sandra ,5th week 2show @Sandra,6th Week 1show@Sandra }
      14.Kottayam-Abhilash (2show)? {3weeks 4show @Aanand,4th week 4showe @Abhilash ,5th,6th Week @Aaanand [3show] }
      17.Pala-Yuvarani (1show) {5 weeks 4show @Maharani ,6th Week @Maharani [3show]}
      21.Edapally-Vanitha [1show] {3weeks (5show) ,2weeks 3show,6th Week 2show }
      22.Perumbavur-Aashirwad [2show ] {4weeks 4show,5th week 2show ,6th Week 3show }
      23.Muvattupuzha-Carnival (1show ) {1st Week (6show),2nd3rd week 7show,4th week 5show ,5th week 3show ,6th Week 2show }
      24.Kothamangalam-EVm (1show) {1st Week (3show),2nd 3rd week 4show @Jawahar ,4th,5th week @Jwahar [2show] ,Evm [2show],6th Week @Jawahar [1show ,Evm [2show]}
      28.Njarakkal-Mejastic [1show ] {2weeks (5show) ,3rd week 4show,4th week 3show ,5th ,6th week 2show }
      29.Varappuzha-M Cinemas [1show] {3weejks 4show,4th week 3how,5th week 2show }
      30.Kochi-Evm (1show) {1st Week (2show),2 weeks 3show,4th week 2show }
      31.Thripunithura-Centrel (1show) {2weeks 3show ,3rd week 5show,4tyh week 2show }
      37.Guruvayur-Devakys [1show] {4weeks 4show 5th week 2show }
      35.Kodungallur-Kalishwary [1show] {2weeks (3show),2weeks 4show,5th week 1show,6th weel 2show }
      41.Wadakanchery-Jayabartah Screen 2 [1show] {3weeks 4show @Jayabarth Movies ,4th week 4show @Jayabarth Screen 1 ,5th week @Jayabarath Screen 1 [1show] ,Screen 2 [2show],6th week @Jayabarath Screen 1 [2show] }
      40.Mannarkad-CineMagic [1show] {2weeks (3show) ,3rd week 5show ,4TH WEEK 2SHOW }
      42.Nilambur-Fairyland Screen 4 [2show] { 5weeks 4show @Screen 3,6thweek 4show @Screen 4 }
      47.Vadakara-CNS [1show] {2weeks 4show @CNS ,3rd week @CNS [1show] ,Ashok [3show],4th,5th,6th week 4show @cns}
      48.Perambra-Alankar [1show] {3weeks 4show,4th week 3show ,5th week 2show }
      49.Balushery-Sandhya [1show] {3weeks (5show,4th week 3show,5th week 2show ) }
      50.Pulpally-Penta [2show] {1st Week (3show),3weeks 4show,5th week 2show,6th week 1show }
      51.Bathery-Athulya [1show] {2weeks 4show @Athulya ,3rd week 4show @Aishwarya,4th week 3show @Athulya }
      54.Kothuparambu-Beby (1show) {1st Week 4show,2weeks 5show,4th week 3show ,5th week 2show }
      55.Mattannur-Sahina (1show) {1st Week (3show),2nd week 5show,3rd week 4show,4th week 3show,5th week 2show }


      2.Aatingal-Yamuna (1show) {4weeks 4show @Ganga ,5th week 3show @Yamuna,6th Week 2show@Yamuna,7th Week @Kaveri [2show]}
      4.Kollam-Carnival (1show ) {1st Week [2show],3weeks 3show ,,5th,6th Week 2show }
      7.Privaom-Darshana [1show] {1st Week [5show],2nd week 4show ,3rd week 5show ,2weeks 3show }
      8.Thalayolaparambu-Carnival (1show ) {1st Week [3show],2nd ,3rd week 5shiow ,4th,5th,6th Week 3show }
      9.Pathanamthitta-Trinity Screen 2 [1show] {4weeks 4show @Trinity Screen 1 ,5th week 2show @Screen 1,6th,7th Week 2show@Trinity Screen 2 }
      10.Thodupuzha-Silver Hills (1show ) {1st Week 4show,2nd,3rd week 6show,4tyh,5th week 4show ,6th Week 1show ,7th Week 3show@Silver Hills}
      5.Alappuhza-Sree [1show ] {5weeks 4show @Kairaly ,6th Week 3show@Kairaly }
      6.Chengannor-C Cinemas [1show] {3 weeks 4show,4th week 3show,5th week 2show }
      12.Aluva Zeenath [1show ] {3weeks (5show),4th week 4show ,5th 6th Week 2show}
      13.Angamaly-Carnival [1show] {3weeks 4show ,2weeks 3show,6th,7th Week 2show }
      14.Kariyad-Carnival [1show ] {1st Week (2show),2weeks 4show,4TH WEEK 3SHOW,5th,6th Week 2show}
      16.Amballur-Chand V Sree Rama 1show] {1st Week (3show,3weeks 4show,5th week 2show,6th week 1show,7th Week 2show )
      18.Peringottukara-Devaragam [1show] {3weeks 4show @Deva,2WEEKS 3SHOW,6TH Week 3SHOW @Deva,7th Week 1show@Deva }
      19.Kunnamkulam-Little Bahavan [1show] {1st Week 4show@Little Bavana,2nd 3rd week @Little Bavana (3show),Bhavana (1show),4th,5th week 4show @
      little bahava,6th week 2show @Little Bavana}
      20.Palakkad-New Aroma [1show] {1st Week New Aroma,4weeks 4show @Aroma,6th week 2showm @New Aroma 7th Week 1show@Aroma }
      21.Perinthalmanna-KC [1show] {5weeks (5show)@KC,6th week 4show @KC,7th Wedk 3show }
      22.Malappuram-PVS (1show) {1st Week (5show),2nd week 6show,3rd week 5show,4th week 4show,5TH WEEK 2SHOW,6th,7th Week 2show }
      24.Mukkam-Rose Screen 2 [1show] {4weeks 4show @ Abhilash,5th,6th week 4show @Rose Screen 2
      25.Kannur-Samudra [2SHOW] {2weeks 4SHOW @ Samudra ,2weeks 4show @Savitha,2WEEKS 4SHOW @Samudra,7th week 3 show@Samudra }
      27. Kasargod-Carnival [3show] {2weeks (5show),4weeks 4show }
      28.Kanhangad-VGM Complex [1show] [5 weeks 4show @VGM,6th week 2show]


      6.Calicut-Kairaly [1show] {6week 4show @Kairaly }


      2.Kazhakkottam-Carnival [1SHOW] {2 Weeks [6show,3rd week 5show ] ,4th 5th week 3show ,6th Week 2show }
      Thrishur-Inox (1show) {1st Week 4show,2nd week 7show,2weeks5show ,5th week 4show ,6th,7th Week 3show }
      5.Chalakkudy-D Cinemas [1sHOW] {2weeks 4show,3rd weeek 5show,4th 5th week 4show,6th week 3show ,7th Week 2show }
      Tbalashery-Carnival (1show) {1st week 4show,2weeks 5show ,4th week 4show ,5th week 3show ,6th,7th Week 2show,8th week 2show }


      2.Ernakulam-PVR [1show ] {3weeks (7show),4th week 5show,5th week 4show ,6th Week 3show ,7th ,8th week 2shoiw }

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      Released on:11/01/2019
      Updates Till:-24/03/2019
      Current Status:-
      Week No:-
      Total No Of Shows –
      10445 Shows

      Total No Of Show-1 Week[7Days]:-2718Shows[86Centres+//22Extra Theater][357Show/Day]
      Total No Of Show-2 Week[14]:-2464Shows[88Centres+//21Extra Theater][352Show/Day]//5 Late Release//3Main+1 Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-3 Week[21Days]:2238Shows[76Centres+//19Extra Theater][352Show/Day]//4 Late Release//16Main+2 Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-4Week[28Days]:-1708Shows[Centres+//Extra Theater][244Show/Day]//5?Late Release//Main+Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-5Week [35Days]:596Shows[Centres+//Extra Theater][101/Day]//0?Late Release//Main+Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-6Week [42Days]:399Shows[Centres+//Extra Theater][57Show/Day]//Late Release//Main+Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-7Week
      [49Days]:168Shows[14Centres+4Extra Theater][24Show/Day]//1Late Release//Main+Extra Theater Removals.
      Total No Of Show-8Week [56Days]:49Shows[4Centres+1Extra Theater][7Show/Day]//0Late Release//Main+3Extra Theater Removals
      No Of Show-9Week [63Days]:21Shows[3Centres+0Extra Theater][3Show/Day]//0Late Release//Main+1Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-10Week [70Days]:28Shows[3Centres+0Extra Theater][4Show/Day]//1Late Release/1/Main+1Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-11Week [73Days]:6Shows[2Centres+0Extra Theater][2Show/Day]//0Late Release/1/Main+0Extra Theater Removals

      11th Week

      2.Ernakulam-PVR (1show) {2weeks [5SHOW],3rd Week 4show,5th week 3show }

      3.Thrishur-Inox (1show) {1st week 4show,3weeks 5show,5th week 3show,6th-8th week 2show }


      Extra Theater

      1.Thrishur-Ganam (7days)2.Kadinamkulam-GTracks Screen 2 [3show] [14days]
      3.Malappuram-Aanand [14days]
      4.Haripad-M Lal Cineplex [3show] {2weeks 4show }[21Days]
      Pathanamthitta Trinity Screen 1 (2show)[21Days]
      Trivandrum-Ajantha {1st Week [3show] (28days)
      Kollam-Paravam [2show] {2weeks 4show @Usha }[28days]
      Alappzuha-Pan Cinemas (2show) {3weeks [3show][28days]
      Kodungallur-Silpi [2sshow] {2weeks 4show @Ashoka,3rd Week 2show@Menaka }[28days]
      Irinjalakkuda-Chembaskhery (2show ) {1st week 4show,2weeks 3show }[28days]
      Calicut-Crown (1show) {1st Week [3show,2nd week 2show }[28days]

      Kasargod-Moviemax [2shopw] {2weekls [4show],3rd Week 3show }[28days]Trivandrum-Artech Mall [2show] {3weeks [3show] } [35dasys] }
      Calicut-Radha (2show) {2weeks 4show @Coronation ,3rd Week 4show@Radha }[35days]Trivandrum-Nila (1show) {1st Week [3show]@Sree ,2nd,3rd week 4show @Sree,4th Week @
      Sree [3show],5th week 2show @Nila }[42days]
      Kollam-Carnival [1show] {2week [3show] ,3RD WEEK 2show }[42days]
      Ernakulam-Q Cinemas (1show) {1stvweek 4show,2weeks 3show ,4th Week 1show}[42days]
      Thalashery-Carnival [1show ] {2weeks [3show],2weeks 2show }[42DAYS]
      Ernakulam-Pan Cinemas [1show ] {2weeks [3show],3rd Week 2show } [49days]
      Ernakulam-Kavitha [1show] {1stvweek 2show@KAvitha ,2nd week 3show @kvitha,3rd Week @Kavitha (1show),Saritha [2show],4th week 3 show @Saritha,5th,6th week @Saritha (2show)} [49days]
      Thrishur-Girija [1show] {5weeks 4show @Girija } [49days]
      Trivandrum-Carnival MOT [1show] {2wweeks [3show],3rd week 5show,5th week 3show,6th-7th week 2show } [56days]

      Main Center


      6.Peyad-SP [3show]
      5.Nedumangad-Rani [4show]
      49.Wadakacnehry-New Ragam [3show]
      4.Pothencod-MT Cineplex [3show]
      26.Nedumgandam-G Cinemax [2show]

      3.Rajkumary Marbezil (3show)
      4.Peringottukurussi -CKM (3show)
      5.Pulpally-Penta (3show)
      I6.ratty Kalpana

      14.Kodaly-Sreelakshmi[ Late Release]
      Kecheri Savitha [2show] (Late Release)


      48.Kunnamkulam-JRH (1show) {1st week 4show}
      53.Ottapalam-Lakshmi (1show) {1st week [3show]}
      58.Pandikkad-Illam (2show) (1st week 3show]
      68.Kodnotty-Kalpaka [3show
      74.Perambra-Alankar [3show] {1st week 5show]
      76.Manathavaduy-Maruthy .
      80.Koothuparambu-Beby [3show]
      81.KANICHAR-Dev [3show]
      73.Anchal-Archana Moviemax [Late Release ]
      16.Mundakkayam-RD Cinemas (2show) {1st Week [3show] }
      71.Tirur-Kahaym [14Days]

      69.Koothattukulam-V cinemas (2show) {1st Week [3show]}
      70.Kolllangod-Thankam [3show]


      43.Pattambi-Alex [1show] {2weeks [3show] }
      59.Koyilandy-Krishna (1show) {1st week 4show}
      60..Balushery-Sandhya (1show) {1st week 4show,2nd week 2show }
      65.Thaliparambu-Aalinkal Paradise

      72.Punalur-Ramraj [2show] {1st week 4show }
      74.Ramanattukara-Surabhy [1show ] P{1st week 4show ,2nd Week 2show }
      75.Kakkattil-Ajantha (3show)
      76.Mattannur-Sahina [1show] {2weeks (2show) }

      14.Ezhupunna-Rekha (1show) {14,Days @Erramallur-Sania (1show) {1st week [3show],7Days Gap Back @Ezhupunna Rekha (1show)
      18.Mavelikkara-Prathiba (3show) {14 Days @-Prathiba (4show) {1st Week [3show],7Days Gap Back @Prathibha (3show)


      3.Kattakada-JV Cinemas [2show] {1st week [3show],2nd week 4show }
      6.Kottarakara-Minerva [1show] {2weeks [3show],3rd week 2show }
      8.Alappuzha-Seethas (2show) ,Pankaj (2show) {1st week 4show@Seethas ,2nd ,3rd Week 2show@Seethas}
      9.Cherthala-PARADISE [2show] {2weeks 4sshow }
      10.Haripad-SN (1show ) {1st Week 4show,2weeks 2show }
      21.Kattapana-Santhosh {3weeks 4show@Saagara}
      24.Perumbavur-EVM Screen 3 [3show ] {2weeks 4show @Screen 4 ,3rd Week 2show@Screen 2}
      27.Aluva-Mathurya [3show] {2weeks [4show]@Mathurya }
      37.Urukam-Shivadam Cinemas (2show (1st week [3show]
      42.Shornur-Anurag (1show) {1st week 4show,2nd week 3sghow }
      44.Mannarkad-CineMagic [2show] {2weeks [3show] }
      45.Wadaakcnehry-Jayabarth Screen 2 (2show) {1St week 4show@Screen 2}
      47.Nilambur-FairylanD Screen 4 (2show) {3weeks 4show@Screen 2}
      50.Kottakkal-Leena Screen 2 [1show]{1st week 4show@Screen 2,2nd week @Leena Screen 1 (3show)}
      51..Valancehry-Pavithra (3show) {3weeks 4show@Pavithra }
      52.Edappal-Govinda [2show ] {2weeks 4show,3rd Werk 3show }
      53.Changaramkulam-Mars (1show) {[1st aweek [3show],2nd week 2show }
      54.Ponnany-ALankar (2show ) {1st Week 4show,2nd weejk 3show,3rd Week 1show }
      56.Thamarashery-City Mall [1show ] {2weeks [3show],3rd Week 2show }
      58.Vadakara-CNS (3dhow) {3weeks 4show@CNS}


      3.Aatingal-Kaveri [1show] {1st Week 4show @Ganga},2nd week 4show @Kaveri,3rd,4th Week 4show@Kaveri }
      7.Karunagapally-Carnival (1show) {2weeks 4show @Carnival;3rd week Carnival[ 2show],4th Week @Carnival [2show] ,Tharanagam [4show]

      11.Kattanam-Thalam (2show) {4week @Thalam [3show] }
      12.Chengannor-C Cinemas [1show] {2weeks [3show],2weeks 2show }

      17.Piravom-Darshana (1show) [1st Week 3show],2nd Week 4show,2weeks 2show }
      29.Kariyad-Carnival (1show) {4weeks [2show] }
      34.Amballur-Chand V Sreerama [3show] {2weeks [3show] ,2weeks 2show }
      39.Peringottukara-Devaragam (1show) {1st week 4show@Devaragam2nd week @evaragam (3show),3rd Week @Deva [1show] 4th Week @Devaragam (3show) }
      41.Palakkad-New Aroma (1show) {2weeks 4show @new Aroma ,3rd WEek 2show@New Aroma ,4th Week @ Aroma [2show]}
      46.Manjery-Sreedevi [1show] {2weeks 4show @Sreedevi,3rd Week 2show@Sree Devi }
      48.Perinthalmanna-KC (1show ) {1st week 4show,2jnd week 5show ,3rd Week 4show,4th Week 3show }

      49.Malappuram-PVS (1showv) {1st week [3SHOW],2nd,3rd Week 3show,4th Week 2show }
      57.Mukkam-Rose Screen 2 (1show) {3weeks 4show @Annas,4th Week Rose Screen 2 (3show) }
      67.Kanjangad-Vinayaka Complex {2weeks 4show @Vinayaka ,3rd 4Week 4show @VGM,4th Week @VGM (2show)}


      6.Changanashery-Anu (2show) {1st Week 4show@Anu }
      6.Thalayolaparambu-carnival [2show] {2weeks [3show]
      7.Pala-Yuvarani [1shoow] {3weeks @Yuvarani [3show],4th,5th week @Maharani (1show)}
      14.Paravur-Shree (2show) {4weeks 4show@Sree }
      15.Njarakkal-Mejastic [(1show) {1st week 3show,3weeks 3show ]
      16.Thripunithura-Centrel [1show ) {1st week 3show,2weeks 2show ]
      12.Kothamangalam-G Cinemas [4shwo] {2weeks 4show @G Cinemas,4th Week 4show@G Cinemas } .
      18.Chalakkudy-D Cinemas (1show) {1st week 4show,3weeks 3show,5th week 2show }
      19.Kodungallur-carnival [1show] {2weeks [3show],3weeks 2show }
      21.Calicut-Regal (1show) {4week [3show],5th week 2show }
      22.Bathery-PVS (1show) ,Aiswarya Cibeplex (2show) {1St week 4show@PVS,2nd week 3show@PVS ,3rd Week 4show@PVS,4th Week@PVS[3Show]
      23..KANNUR-Little Kavitha (2show) {4weeks 4show@Little Kavitha}
      24.Thalashery-Liberty Mine Paradise (2show) {3Weeks 4show @Liberty Suite}


      3.Kollam-G Max (1show) {1st Week [2show],2nd week 3show,2weeks 4show}
      4.Pathanamthitta Trinity Screen 3 (2show) {2weeks (2show) @Screen 2,3rd Week 1show@Screen 2 ,4th Week 2show@Trinity Screen 2,5th week 1show @Screen 2 }
      5.Kottayam-Anashwara [2show] {1st Week 4show&Abhilash,3weeks 4show@Aasha,5th,6th week @Aasha (3show)}
      6.Thodupuzha-Silver Hills [2show] {2weeks [3show]@Aashirawad ,2weeks 2show@Aashirwad ,5th week @Aashirwad [1show],6th week 1show @Silvber Hills}
      9.Muvattupuzha- Carnival (1show) {2weeks [7show]@Carnival ,3rd Week 4show@Latha ,3show@Carnival,4th Week @ Latha [2show ] Carnival [3show],5th,6th week 1}
      10.Angamaly-carnival (1show) {3weeks 3show],4th Week 2show }
      8.Edapally-vanitha (1show) {3weeks 4show,4tg week 3show }
      13.Kasargod-Carnival (1show) {4weeks 4show5th week 2show }
      12.Irinjalakkuda-Mass (1show) {3weeks 4show@Mass ,4th Werk 3show@Mass ,
      5th week 4show @Mass,6th week 2show @Mass }


      2.Kazhakkootam-Carnival (1show) {1st week 4show,2bnd week 3shopw 3rd week 4show,4th week 2show }


      1.Trivandrum-SL Cinemas (1show) {2weeks [3show],2weeks 4show,5th week 2show,6th-7th week 1show,8th week 2show }
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      Release On :- 14/02/2019
      Updates Till :-24/02/210
      Current Status :-
      Week No :- 7

      Total No Of Show :-
      5910 Shows

      Total No Of Show 1Week [ 8Days ]:- 4185Shows[118Center+ 29Extra

      ]//[ 544Show/Day]
      Total No Of Show 2Week [ 15Days ]:- 1421Shows[70Center+ 13Extra ]//[ 203Show/Day]//48 Main Center +16 Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show 3Week [ 22Days ]:- 273 Shows[
      20Center+ 7Extra ]//[ 39Show/Day]//50 Main Center 7 Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show 4Week [ 29Days ]:- 21Shows[3Center+ 0Extra ]//[ 3Show/Day]//17Main Center 7 Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show 5Week [ 36Days ]:- 7Shows[1Center+ 0Extra ]//[ 1Show/Day]//2Main Center 0 Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show 7Week [ 39Days ]:- 3Shows[1Center+ 0Extra ]//[ 1Show/Day]//2Main Center 0 Extra Theater Removals

      7th Week

      1.Koyilandy Krishna [1show] {1st week 4show }


      Extra Theater

      1.Kazhakkottam-Krishna [2show] {1st day 4shwo }[7days]
      2.Kollam-Carnival [2show] (8days)
      3.Kollam-G max [3show] (8days)
      4.Kollam-Partha [1show](7days)
      5.Karunagapally-Carnival [3show](8days)
      6.Thalayoalaparambu-Nais (2show)[7days]
      7.Ernakulam Q Cinemas (3show)(8days)
      8.Ernakulam Pan Cinemas (2show)(8days)
      9.Muvattupuzha Carnival (3show) (8days)

      11.Kodungallur- Carnival (3show)(8days)
      12.Irinjalakuda Varna (3show) (7days)
      13.Perinthalamanna KC (1show) (7days)
      14.Valanchery Poppular Film City(4days)
      15.Calicut Regal(8days)
      16.Kanjangad VGM(7days)

      Trivandrum-SL Cinemas [2show] {1st week [4show] }[15DAYS]
      Trivandrum-Devipriya {1st week 4show @Sree Padmanabha } [15DAYS]
      Kadinamkulam-G Tracks Screen 2 [2show] {1st week 4show @Screen 2 }

      Ernakulam Kavitha [1show] {1st week (3show) @Kavitha } [15days]
      Thrishur-Ravikrishna [15days]
      Malappuram Rachana (15days)
      Bathery Pvs [2sghow] {1st week (3show) (15days)Trivadnrum-New Screen 3 [2show] {1st week [4show] }[22days]
      Trivandrum-CARNIVAL MOT [1show] {1st week [5show] ,2nd week 4show } [22days]
      Perinthalmanna Centfel [1show] {2weeks @Centrel (5show)}[22days]
      Thalakshery-Carnival (1show) {1st Week (3show) } [22DAYS]
      Payyannur-Shanthy Carnival (1show) {1dt Week (3show),2nd Week 2show } [22DAYS]
      Kasargod Movirmax (1show) {1st Week (5show),2nd Week 3show@Moviemax }[ 22DAYS]

      Main center


      1.Shakthikulangara -Kappithans
      2.Nallila-JB Cinemas
      6.Mavelikara-Santhosh [3show]
      8.Raani Upasana

      9.Peringottukurissi CKM
      10.Tirur Anugraha
      12.KondottyvNew Kavitha (3show)
      13.Mananthavdy Jose


      15.Pothencod-HK Cinemas
      16.Kattakada-SL Cinemas
      18.Haripad-M Lal Cineplex
      19.Chengannor-C Cinemas [3show]
      20.Koothattukulam V Cinemas (3show)
      21.Mundakkayam-RD Cinemas (3show,)

      22Pala Maharani (1show),Yuvarani (3show)
      23.Kanjirapally-Grand Opera (3show)
      24.Adimaly Matha
      25.Angamaly-Carnival (3show)
      26.Kariyad Carnival (2show)
      28.Njarakkal Mejastic (2show)
      29.Varappuzha M Cinemas (3show)

      30.Thripunithura Centrel (2show)
      31.Kodaly Sree Lakshmi
      32.Chalakudy D Cinemas (3show)

      33.Vadanapally Ashoka
      34.Ashtamichira Mahalakshmi
      35.Urakam Shivadam Cinemas (3show)
      36.Peringottuksra Deva
      37.Guruvayur Devakys
      38.Kachery Savitha (3show)

      39.Kunnamkulam Bavana
      40.Wadakanchery Thalam (2show) {1st Day 4show }

      41.Pazhayannor Shadows (3show)
      42.Ottapalam Lakshmi Screen 1
      43.Cherpulshery Devi
      44.Changaramkulam Mars
      45.Ramanattukara Surabhy (3show)
      46.Koothuparambu Beby (3show)
      47.Kanichar Dev (2show)
      48.Wadakanxhery Jayabarath Screen 1


      5.Nedumangad-Sree Saraswathy

      6.Kollam-Danya [2show] {1st week 4show @Danya }

      7.Karunagapally-Tharangam (1show) {1st Week 4show@Tharangam }
      8.Anchal Varsha Royal Suite {1st week 4show @Movies }

      9.Alappuzha-Raniban [2show] {1st week @Pan Cinemas [3show] }
      10.Cherthala-Paradise [1show] {1st week 4show @paradise }
      11.Kattanam-Thalam [3show] {1st week 4show @Ganam }
      12.Kottayam Dhanya [2show] {1st week 4show @Danya }
      13.Piravom Darshana [1show] {1st week 4show }
      14.Thalayolaparambu-Carnival [1show] {1st week (3show) }
      15.Erattupetta-Metro [3show] {1st week 4show @Surya }

      16.Pathanamthitta Trinity Screen 3 [1show] P{1st week 4show @Aishwarya }
      34.Adoor Smitha

      18.Thodupuzha Aaishirwad [1show] {1st week 4show }
      19.Kattapana Aishwarya [1show] {1st week 4show @Aishwarya }
      20.Nedumgandam G Cinemax [2show] {1st week 4show }

      22.Edapally-Vanitha [1show] {1st week (3show) }
      23.Alucva Zeenath [2shopw] {1st week 4show @Mathurya }
      24.Paravur-Shafaz [2show] {1st week 4show }
      25.Perumbavur-Aashirwad [2show] {1st6 week 4show }
      26.Muvattupuzha Vettukattil [2show] {1st week 4show @Issac }
      27.Kothamangalam Evm [1show] {1st week 4show @Aan }

      28.Kochi Evm (3show)

      33.Irinjalakuda Chembakashery Cinemas [1show] {1st week 4show }
      30.Amballur Chand V Sreerama [1show] {1st week 4show }
      31.Kodakara City Cinemas [1show] {1st week 4show }
      32.Kodungalkur-Ashoka [2show] {1st week 4show @Ashok }

      38.Shornhr-Anurag [1show] {1st week (3show) }
      39.Pattambi-Alex Cinemas [2show] {1st week 4show }
      35.Puthunagaram New Screen 2 (2show) {1dt Week 4 Show @Screen 1}
      36.Kozhinjamabra Raviraj Screen 2

      37.Kollangod Thankam (2show) {1st Week @Thankaraj (3show) }

      41.Manjery Sree Devi [3show] {1st week 4show }
      42.Pandikkad Illam [2show] {1st week 4show }
      43.Nilambur Fairyland Screen 4 [2show] {1st week 4show @Screen 1 }

      46.Kottakal Leena Screen 1 [2show] {1st week 4show @Screen 1 }
      49.Ponnnay-Alankar [3shopw] {1st week 4show @Alamnkar }
      50.Tanur Pvs Svreen 2
      51.Calicut Apsara
      52.Thamarshery-City Mall [1show] {1st week (3show) }
      54.Vadakara KeralaKwayar
      55.Kakkattil BM Cinemas [1shoow] {1st week (5show) }
      56.Edachery VC [1show] {1st week 4show }
      58.Perambra Alankar [1show] {1st week (3show)
      59.Bushery Sandya [1show] {1st week (5sbow) }
      62.Bathery Aiswarya Cineplex [2show] {1st week 4show @Aishwarya }
      65.Mattannur Sahina (1show) {1st Week 4show }
      66.Iratty New India Paradise (1show) {1st Week 4show @New India }
      63.Kannur Sagara (2show) {1st week 4show @ Savitha} (15days)
      70.Kanjangad Vinayaka Complex


      1.Trivadnrum-Artech MALL [1show] {1st week [4show] }
      2.Kazhakoottam-carnival [1show] {1st week 4show }
      3.Kaliyakavila-SMB Complex
      4.Thiruvalla-Chilanka [1show] {1st week 4show @Chilanka,2ND WEEK 2show @Chilanka }
      6.Thrishur Inox [1show] {1st week 4show,2nd week 2show }
      7.Palakkad-Priyadarshni [1show] {1st week 4show @Priyadarshini,2nd week 3show @Priyadarshini }
      8.Mannarkad Cinemagic [1show] {1st week 4show @Cinemagic ,2nd week 2show@Cinemagic }
      9.Perinthalmanna Vismya [1show] {1st week (5show),2nd week 4show }
      10.MLappuram PVS [3show] {2weeks @PVS(5show) }
      11.Valanchery Poppulr fILM City [2show] {2weeks 4show @ Paradise {1st Day 5show} }
      12.Edapal Govinda [1show] {1st week 4show @Giovinda }

      16.Pulpslly-Penta (2show) {2weeks 4show@Penta}
      13.Mukkam Rose Screen 2 (2show) {1st week 4shopw @Abhilash,2nd Week 4show @Rose Screen 2 }
      17.Thalashwry Liberty Gold (3show) {1st week 4show@ Little Paradise,2nd Week 4show@Gold }
      18.Payyannur-Arxhana (1show) {1st Week 4show@Archana ,2nd Week 3show @Archana }
      19.ThAliparambu Crown (1show) {1st Week 4show@Classic,2nd Week 4show @Crown}
      20.Kasargod-carnival (2show) {2weeks @Carnival (5show) }


      3.Kalpatta Mahaveer [1show] {1st week 4show }
      1.Ernakulam PVR [1show] {1st week (5show) }
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      Release On :- 22/02/2019
      Updates Till :-24/03/210
      Current Status :- 31DAYS
      Week No :- 4

      Total No Of Show :-
      2608 Shows

      Total No Of Show-1Week [ 7Days ]:- 2112Shows[89Center+ 15Extra]//[ 358Show/Day]
      Total No Of Show-2Week [ 14Days ]:- 399Shows[23Center+ 6Extra]//[ 57Show/Day]//2Late Release//68Main Center +9Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-3Week [21Days ]:-49Shows[4Center+ 6Extra]//[ 7Show/Day]//2Late Release//19Main Center +6Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-4Week [28Days ]:- 42Shows[3Center+ 6Extra]//[ 6Show/Day]//0Late Release//1Main Center +6Extra Theater Removals
      Total No Of Show-5Week [31Days ]:- 12Shows[2Center+ 6Extra]//[ 4Show/Day]//0Late Release//1Main Center +0Extra Theater Removals

      5th Week

      1.Ernakulam PVR (1show) {1st Week (5show)

      4th Week

      2.Koyilandy Krishna (3show)


      Extra Theatre

      1.Trivandrum Sl Cinemas (2show) (7days)
      2.Kollam G Max (3show)(7days)
      3.Kollam Partha(7days)
      4.Alapuzha Sree(7days)
      5.Cherthala Evm (7days)
      6.Ernakulam Q Cinemas (3show)(7days)
      7.Ernakulam Pan Cinemas (3show)(7days)
      8.Muvattupuzha Maria(7days)
      9.Calicut-Regal [3show](7days)

      Trivandrum Artech Mall [1show] {1st week (3show) }[14days]
      Trivandrum Carnival MOT [2show] {1srt week (5show) }[14days]
      Ernakulam Padma Screen 2 (1show) {1st Week 4show@Padma Screen 2 }[14days]

      Thrishur Sree (2zhow) {1st week 4show@Sree }[14days]

      Main Center


      2.Aatingal Yamuna
      3.Pothencod HK Cinemas (3show)
      5.Nedumangad Surya Paradise
      7.Kattakada Swaralayam
      9.Punalur Thailakshmi
      10.Anchal Archana Moviemax (3show)
      11.Alappuzha Pan Cinemas (3show)
      12.Cherthala Sree
      13.Ezhupunna Rekha (2show),Sania (1show)
      14.Haripad M Lal Cineplex (3show)
      Haripad SN
      15.Chengannor C Cinemas (3show)
      16.Mavelikara Sandra (3show)
      17.Nooranad Swathy
      20.Koothattukulam V Cinemas (3show)
      21.Mundakayam RD Cinemas
      22.Piravom Darshana (3show)
      26.Erattupetta Surya
      27.Kanjirapally Grand Opera (3show)
      31.Perumbavur EVM Screen 2
      32.Muvattupuzha Carnival
      33.Kothamangalam Jawahar
      34.Aluva Zeenath
      36.Kariyad Carnival (2show)
      37.Paravur Shafaz (3show)
      38.Njarakkal Mejastic (3show)
      39.Varappuzha M Cinemas (2show)
      40.Thripunithura Centrel (3show)
      41.Kochi EVM (2show)
      43.Viyyur Deepa
      44.Amballur Sreelakshmi
      45.Chalakudy D Cinemas (3show)
      46.Kodungallur Sree Kalishwary
      47.Urakam Shivadam (3show)
      49.Kanjani Bhramakulam
      50.Guruvayur Appas
      51.Kunnamkulam Little Bavana
      52.Wadakanchery New Ragam (2show)
      53.Pazhayannur Shadows (3show)
      54.Palakad New Aroma (3show)
      55.Kattapana Sagara (3show)
      56.Wadakanchery Jayabarath Screen 1
      57.Pattambi Alex (3show)
      58.Ottapalam Lakshmi (2show)
      59.Cherpulashery Devi (2show)
      60.Mannarkad Aaradhana
      22.Kottarakara Minerva (2show) [late release]
      61.Tirur Khayam (2show)
      62.Manjery Sree Devi
      63.Nilambur Fairylan Screen 2
      66.Kottakal-Leena [3show]
      68.Edappal-Sharada [3show]
      69.Changaramkulam-Mars [2show]
      73.Ramanattukara-Surabhy [3show]
      75.Baluishery-Sandya [3show]
      76.Kalpatta-Mahaveer [3show]
      77.Mananathavdy-Jose Screen 2
      79.Bathery-Athulya [3show]
      82.Koothuparambu-Beby [2show]
      83.Mattannur-Aura Cinemas [3show]
      84.Iratty-New India Paradise
      87.Thaliparambu-Aalinkal [3show]
      9.Pala Universal


      2.Kazhakootam Krishna [1show] {1st week @Carnival (3show) }
      3.Kaliyakavila SMB
      4.Kollam Carnival (1show) {1st Werk (3show) }
      5.Karunagapally Carnival (1show) {1st Week (3show) }
      6.Kottayam Anashwara (1sbow) {1st Week 4show@ Aasha }
      7.Changanashery Anu (1show) {1st Week @,Abinaya (3show),Anu (1show)}
      8.Thalayolaparambu Carnival (1show) {1st Week (3show) }
      9.Pathanamthitta Trinity Screen 2 (1show) {1st Week 4show@Screen 2 }
      10.Thodupuzha Aashirwad (1show) {1st Week (3show) }
      12.Angamaly Carnival (1show) {1st Week (3show) }
      14.Irinjalakkuda Chembakashery Cinemas (2show) {1st Week 4show }
      15.Perinthalmanna-Vismya (2show) {1st Week [5show] }
      16.Calicut-Sree (3show) {1st Week 4show }
      17.Vadakara-Mudra (2show) {1st Werk 4show }
      18.Thalashery-Liberrty Paradise
      19.Payyannur-Sumangaly Cineplex (3show) {1sy Week @Sumangaly [5show] }
      20.Kasargod-Moviemax (2show) {1st Week [3show] }



      1.Trivandrum Kairaly [1show] {1st week 4show @Kairaly,2nd week @ Nila [3show] }


      2.Thrishur Inox (1show) {1st week 4show }
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      ee Koyilandi Mr and Mrs Rowdy 4th week okke poyo? adar love also koyilandi aanallo highest run? entha sambhavam?
      Happily ever after..!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Highrange View Post
      ee Koyilandi Mr and Mrs Rowdy 4th week okke poyo? adar love also koyilandi aanallo highest run? entha sambhavam?
      as per e paper ipppozhum avide 2 padavum und Enik Doubt Vannatha 2perodu Confirm Cheyyan Paranjittund....Dwaraka,Ambady Theaterile Padangal E Paperil Upadte Aakunnund
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      Quote Originally Posted by Irshu View Post

      as per e paper ipppozhum avide 2 padavum und Enik Doubt Vannatha 2perodu Confirm Cheyyan Paranjittund....Dwaraka,Ambady Theaterile Padangal E Paperil Upadte Aakunnund
      Update aavathathakum.. Koyilandi onnum angane kalikkane chance illa.. Athum ee bomb padam okke Snehasallapam Exclusive Theater Run [2017-2020] Updates and Analysis
      Happily ever after..!

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