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      Default Sonic The Hedgehog: Thoughts

      Based on the the 90s game, sonic is an alien creature that can navigate at supersonic speeds... The movie begins with his solitary life in a remote town where he observes the lives of the tenants including the town sheriff and his veterinarian wife... His efforts to stay distracted from his loneliness, ends up causing a blackout, setting up the stage for the entry of Dr. Robotnik, the primary antagonist...

      At times, the movie feels like a refreshing throwback to the charming and innocent kids movies back in the 80s n 90s without any profanities or agendas, like ET, Home alone, baby's day out, my girl etc... You dont see those kinds of kids movies much these days which used to instill awe among the audience(I believe the last movie that i watched, that fell in that genre, was Pete's dragon)... Though that charm is missing in the final act where it feels a bit rushed, it does manage to land without much turbulence... The movie makers deserve special credit for paying heed to the fans(something lucasfilms, marvel and disney as a whole, can take cues from) and delaying the movie release and fixing the atrocious initial character design of the Sonic character...

      On the flip side though, with only about 90 minutes running time, the movie does feel a lil short and more like a pilot episode for an upcoming brand new show... And the movie does set itself up for future sequels...

      Coming to the perfomances, the movie belongs to Jim carrey even with his limited screen time...
      Fans of his over the top and animated expressions, which made him famous in the 90s with movies like Ace ventura, The Mask, Bruce Almighty, Batman forever etc., would undoubtedly be elated to watch that energetic Carrey back in action after an excruciatingly long wait... His presence alone elevates the mediocre movie beyond expectations and makes you wish that there should have been more Robotnik in the movie...

      Overall, an enjoyable kids movie with a solid nostalgic punch and a marvellous Jim Carrey as a bonus...

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      Thanks. Jim Carrey kwamedy king
      Sabki Aan Sabki Shaan Sabka ek Bhaijaan

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