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      Default Ashdoc's movie review---Hunter killer

      Hunter Killer is the kind of old fashioned action thriller that warms the cockles of my heart . It has clear cut action and clear cut righteousness about the nation's role to fight agents of global disorder without any trace of guilt .

      The film begins with two submarines exploding , one Russian and one American . Clearly someone is out to create mayhem . Soon the agents of mayhem present themselves . A Russian general kidnaps the Russian president and the general tries to start war between America and Russia . Trigger happy American military officers want to retaliate to Russian actions , but some American military personnel have another plan . An American submarine is near artic waters close to the place where the Russian president is being held by the rebels . He is against war and if navy SEALs can be sent from the submarine to rescue him then he can retake control of Russia and stop war .

      The person chosen to captain the American submarine is Joe Glass ( Gerard Butler ) , and he has the difficult challenge to navigate the submarine through narrow channels to the place where the Russian president is being held and send the rescue team . But coming back is an even bigger challenge because a Russian destroyer armed with anti submarine rockets is on the prowl .

      As the going gets tough the tough get going , and what we get to see is an action extravaganza with splendid photography and nice colours and decent acting . The froth of the waters of the roaring oceans , the sea parting as the submarine comes up from it's under water home , the plumes of smoke as missiles are fired onto the enemy , the air bubbles coming out from behind torpedoes as they are fired onto enemy submarines , the yellow explosions as rockets torpedoes and missiles strike ; all are beautifully filmed .

      The insides of destroyers and especially submarines and also of war situation rooms are shown in detail . I could almost smell the torpedoes and missiles , so closely they are shown and so realistically as if the whole situation was for real . There are those who doubt the viability of the mission and those who believe in it , and the tussle between them is ever present . Background music and acting is all good .

      Verdict---Good .

      Four stars out of five .
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      Thanks ash

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