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      Default Ashdoc's movie review---Bazaar

      Saif Ali Khan plays the evil gujju stock market player called Shakun Kothari who has risen from the ranks of the strugglers . He regularly visits an old restaurant in which he ate in his struggling days to remind himself never to go down to that level again . And for that purpose his aim is to get money by hook or crook . Never mind that he has to break trust of and ruin old friends along the way . To him money is king and nothing else matters . His wife Mandira ( whom he pointedly calls Mandiraben---played by Chitrangada Singh ) is helpless to stop this , even though she does not like it because of her high class aristocratic upbringing . He regularly goes to a religious gathering wearing traditional clothes to the chants of 'Jai Shri Krishna' . And he has no qualms in undercutting and ruining his peers at the religious gathering itself ; God be damned .

      Enter the wannabe rich boy from Allahabad . He is Rizwan Ahmed ( Rohan Mehra the son of late Vinod Mehra ) who has a father who is scruplously honest in contrast to the morally corrupt Shakun Kothari . He wants to make it big in Mumbai and wants to meet Shakun for that . Fixing a meeting with Shakun is not easy but help comes along in the form of the sizzling Priya Rai ( who else but Radhika Apte ) . She helps Rizwan up the ladder of success in the stock market and he soon becomes a confidante of Shakun and a personal friend of Mandiraben .

      But little does Rizwan know that the immoral Shakun and Priya have hatched a plan to become even richer than they already are by making a scam in which they will be off the radar of the officers of SEBI ( securities and exchange board of India ) who are constantly on the lookout to trap them and the scapegoat will be Rizwan . However there are two hitches to this . One is that Priya has really fallen in love with Rizwan and hates to see him ruined , and the other is that Shakun's wife Mandiraben is finally tired of his moral corruption and is itching to teach her husband a lesson .

      The movie has some parts which people like me who don't play the stock market will find difficult to understand due to the stock trading shenanigans involved . But acting is good and Saif Ali Khan really looks and acts like the 56 inch chested lion of dalal street . Chitrangada looks classy and Radhika Apte is sexy . Photography is decent and so are the colours . Background music and songs are good .

      Verdict---good .

      Three and a half stars out of five .

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      Thanks doc

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