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      Default Captain Marvel: Review

      Venue: Mall of Africa IMAX, Johannesburg
      Time: 14:30
      Status: Housefull with returns

      Captain Marvel is a rousing action adventure with adequate bits of humour and effective scope for a feel-good transformation from a woman uncertain about her past and identity into a global superhero. With solid performances by the entire cast including Brie Larson, Ben Mendelhson, Anette Benning, Samuel L Jackson et al, Captain Marvel is well worth a watch though it didn't fully meet my high expectations. Brie Larson in particular makes for a highly powerful, wise and confident woman and the movie really does a good job of selling her as a future potential leader of the Avengers.

      The biggest takeaway from Captain Marvel for me was its underlying theme of women being undermined by men telling them what to do and what the limits of their strength are and the portion involving Danvers, her best friend and daughter really brought a smile to my face, especially the dialogue the daughter tells to the mother "If you don't go on this mission with Aunt Carol you as a mother are limiting your daughter's expectations on what she can truly do" or something like that. I also liked how Ben Mendelhson was not your usual villain and with good humour really drew you in to the character. That said, Captain Marvel handles the transformation of Larson into a superhero in a bit of a rushed manner, her identity conflict and flashbacks which seemed so prominent in the trailer didn't actually have that much of a role in the final film. And once she gets to be a fully rounded superhero you wonder what chance Thanos has against her powers let alone the minor Kree villains in this movie. So in that sense the shock that the ending of Infinity War generated is somewhat nullified. Having said that, Captain Marvel works quite effectively as a bridge between Infinity War and Endgame and tying up some loose ends and unanswered questions. The fight scenes are all really well taken and the humour prevalent in all of them also makes them stand out nicely. But the biggest highlight of all has to be that end-credits scene!

      Overall in the grand scheme of things, this light and positive entry into the MCU after the depressing events of Infinity War is a very good one time watch and the audience clapped at the end and cheered at the end-credits scene.

      Verdict: Paisa Vasool
      Rating: 3.5/5

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      Thanks AK

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