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      Nod to pulp fiction manasilayee... But what's the nod to God of small things? Which scene is that?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Robert Langdon View Post
      #Lucifer is a larger-than-life, fanboys' guilty pleasure done right down to the tee. This is #PrithvirajSukumaran's unabashed declaration of love towards the undying aura of #Mohanlal and those action-packed masala potboilers he and most of us, millennials, grew up with; all in a suave manner -- suiting to the sensibilities of today's audience.

      Name all the clichés you want and it checks out with flying colours here, including the director's fascination for Illuminati. In spite of all that, what makes this almost-three-hour long affair so irresistible, atleast as a fanboy, is how #MuraliGopy, the writer, and Prithviraj stages their gratifying moments at regular intervals in this political drama / thriller right till the end -- something at which most of the filmmakers & writers failed miserably, when it comes to Mohanlal, post 'Ravanaprabhu' and 'Naran'. #SujithVasudev's visuals, too, matches with the extravagant texture of its narrative built on a huge canvas with characters aplenty.

      #VivekOberoi gets his best written role since 'Company' or 'Shootout at Lokhandwala' as a sophisticated yet disgusting villain and he hits it out of the park with ample help from Vineeth, who dubbed for him superbly. #ManjuWarrier finally performed something with no inhibitions whatsoever since her second innings, bringing back that old glory of what her name really meant, and this movie has two defining confrontation scenes to prove that as well.

      #TovinoThomas makes his presence felt in an interestingly written character sketch and he shines big in a smartly conceived and penned transformation scene. Most of the supporting cast, too, plays their part with a certain conviction that matches with the grandeur of its thriftless setting, where the characters may often don't speak like normal people do, reminiscent to those Shaji Kailas - Renji Panicker / Ranjith movies.

      Among the shortcomings, felt Indrajith's truth-seeker character was quite underdeveloped and the existence of a tacky item song in an otherwise slick narrative felt totally out of place, especially when the name of the person helming it is Prithviraj Sukumaran. Well, even Prithviraj's own cameo appearance didn't make much of an impact.

      And lastly, the man who ultimately makes this done-to-death routine feel tempting as ever is, of course, Mohanlal or his mastery in employing his eyes to speak volumes or his agility even at the age of 59 with a not-so-perfect physique and Prithviraj, the fanboy, leaves no stone unturned in celebrating the star, Lalettan, in all its glory without making being a joke on themselves and how!

      Overall, for what Prithviraj Sukumaran and Murali Gopy promised, Lucifer is a truly satisfying potboiler, albeit a few false notes, with Mohanlal having a field day like only he can, while the makers are celebrating the gravitas of their superstar -- reminiscent to what Karthik Subbaraj and Tirru achieved in celebrating Rajinikanth with Petta, except this is even better. It leaves you on a kind of electrifying high, if you're inside a packed and erupting theatre --like how a 'Mankatha' leaves you with a whopping sixer at the end-- despite the predictability of most of its twists. And those definite nods to 'The God of Small Things' and 'Pulp Fiction' were done with elan.
      thanks Langu...
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