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      Default Avengers: Endgame Review

      Venue: Thalikulam Karthika
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      Avengers: Infinity War was a unique event in the comic book world. For the first time, a comic book movie centered primarily on the villain, humanised him and had the heroes lose and many of them died. The next year was spent frantically looking for clues for the likely outcome of the final film, Avengers: Endgame. Lo and behold, Endgame arrived, to gargantuan expectations, and yes, it has met even those, and some!

      I do wish the movie improved on its first 30-45 minutes, though. During that phase, apart from the Thanos decimation scene, it seemed the filmmakers didnt quite know what to do with the events after the Decimation. Though things picked up pace big time after Ant Man arrived on his truck and the time heist began, Endgame is actually all about the epic final battle, the grand return of the dusted heroes, as well as the moving and poignant farewells to the primary Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man. The movie was much more moving than I had expected, be it through unexpected reunions, second chances between Thor and his mother, the Black Widow-Hawkeye relationship, Ant Man's search for his daughter, and Iron Man's attempts to move on with his family.

      Some of the key scenes I enjoyed

      1. Cap v Cap after Battle of New York
      2. Thor's hilarious entry at Nordic Asgard
      3. Starks meetup in the 70s
      4. Return of the vanished heroes
      5. Professor Hulk's intro and comic scene with Ant Man
      6. Climatic scene between Cap, Bucky and Falcon
      7. Iron Man-Spiderman hug

      Character reviews (OG Avengers + survivors)
      1. Iron Man: 10/10: Robert Downey Jr literally gives it his all, has the best lines and moments
      2. Captain America: 10/10, he cuts loose and has great screen presence throughout, gets an extremely moving ending (and appropriate too)
      3. Black Widow: 6/10. Felt the MCU have not given this character the screen space and epicness she deserves
      4. Thor: 7/10. Liked the goofy moments initially, but felt he deserved some more moments of his own and character development
      5. War Machine: 7/10. Got a lot more to do this time round and had the best outing compared to his previous films
      6. Rocket: 8/10. Provided loads of humour where needed
      7. Hulk: 8/10. Liked the Professor iteration, had a number of key scenes throughout the movie and had the most important moment of all
      8. Ant Man: 8/10. The movie really started to get going after his arrival.
      9. Hawkeye: 8/10. Finally gets the screentime and importance he deserves with substantial development and action scenes
      10. Thanos: 9/10. Remains one of the most compelling villains in superhero movies so far and still packs a punch even though its not really about him.
      11. Nebula: 8/10. Really liked where the makers went with this character, in line with her comic book counterpart.
      12. Captain Marvel: 6/10. Didnt score as much as anticipated.

      In my opinion, I thought Infinity War was the slightly better film. But Endgame is a really moving and satisfying tribute to these heroes who have been with me over the last 10 years. The Russos ensured that the movie had enough time to breathe and enough time with these lovable, human heroes and heroines that we came away, carrying a piece of them in our hearts.

      Bravo, Marvel. You have actually done what you have promised and more. I look forward eagerly to whats next in store in Phase 4.

      Verdict: Recommended
      Rating: 4/5

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      Thank you Aravind

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      Thank You, Arvind.
      Booked for tomorrow.

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