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      Default Spiderman: Far from Home: An Exhilirating Edge of the Seat Entertainer

      Venue: Mall of Africa, 2:40 pm, IMAX 3D
      Status: HF

      Spiderman: Far from Home is the perfect popcorn entertainer. It's probably among the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films I've watched, and among the top 3 solo outings in the MCU this decade, my other favourites being Thor: Ragnarok and Captain America: Winter Soldier.

      A compelling villain with a very humane side and intriguing superpowers with understandable motivations, a natural love story well played out between the two main leads, some splendid supporting performances, two twists, one expected, the other completely unexpected, along with some stunning visual effects, entertaining score and most of all, a brilliant titular performance by the man in the cape, Peter Parker (Tom Holland)

      The best superhero films place their human alter-egos front and center. We saw this first with Nolan's Batman trilogy in this century, and the vast majority of the Marvel superheroes have got this balance right. But Peter Parker is the most relatable of them all, because he is the most human, flawed amongst us, yet heroic at the same time. After many attempts, Sony/Marvel finally get the right Peter Parker in Spiderman: Far from Home

      We root for Parker, he makes many mistakes along the way, he misses his deceased mentor, he wants to take a break, he wants to fall in love with MJ, all things we can totally understand. And yet he steps up. All this has been channelled perfectly by Tom Holland, in a performance so real-life, natural and earnest. Theres a real sincerity and innocence there. Jake Gyllenhall deserves the plaudits of being one of the best MCU villains, its so ironic that he was about to be Spiderman, 2 decades back! Zendaya makes for an uber-cool MJ, and who can forget Ned? Samuel L Jackson and Cobie Smulders have some good fun. Jon Favreau has a larger than usual part and aces Happy Hogan. The special effects are just brilliant and that says something from an industry known for its overdose of CGI.

      Overall, I would rate this as one of my best movie experiences of 2019 so far. Possibly even more entertaining than Endgame, which however is more poignant and touching.

      See it on the biggest screen possible, and dont miss the wacky end credits!

      Verdict: Triple Paisa Vasool
      Rating: 4/5
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