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    Thread: Tenet: Thoughts

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      Default Tenet: Thoughts

      Ten years ago, when I walked in to watch 'Inception' FDFS without having seen any previews solely cos its dicaprio and nolan, I was expecting another spy thriller in the vein of Bourne franchise or a heist movie... What I got instead was an absolutely stunning mind bender of a movie that challenged my brain to keep up with the complicated narrative while on the edge of my seat... I have never had a similar experience before or never after, at a movie theatre... Inception simply had the perfect mix of intelligence quotient and entertainment quotient, packaged with a talented ensemble cast at the same time. So when the latest Nolan movie Tenet was reported to be a movie more faithful to the genre of inception, I was absolutely delighted...

      Movie begins with a signature Nolanesque opening action setpiece, dropping us in the middle of the action without any prelude or context. We are introduced to the protagonist (appropriately named the Protagonist) who seemingly commits suicide while he is being tortured for intel about his team and an artifact that he helped to procure, both absconding by then. The Protagonist wakes up in the figurative afterlife and is introduced to a cryptic organisation called 'Tenet' that deals with inverted entropy and is given a sketchy mission in order to prevent world war 3 which would be even more appalling than a nuclear holocaust.

      Compared to his earlier high concept movies, this one is much more tough to chew since the core concept that the movie builds its foundation on, isnt explained well enough for an average movie goer to fathom and enjoy (much like how earlier viewers felt about the matrix concept). Nolan has made no attempt to spoonfeed anything as usual, but in this case, considering the complexity of the concept, he should have broken his rules a little for once... There are innovative action setpieces that intertwine the forward and rewind motion of time in the same frames (much like the innovative zero gravity hotel action sequences in inception)
      which are pretty complicated to follow and yet pretty impressive to witness. The climax ,though having the most innovative action setpiece in the movie, wasnt satisfying personally, cos a sense of palpable tension or urgency was missing and I wasnt just invested enough in their mission
       Click to show spoiler

      (as opposed to the electrifying climaxes of dark knight, inception etc.)... However, the final conversation between the protagonist and Neil (Pattinson) about their relationship, was heartwarming enough, with a fitting throwback to the iconic line from the classic 'Casablanca'...

      John David Washington sounds a lot like his father but somewhat lacks the electrifying charisma that his dad brings to the screen and at many junctures, appear bored and bland... Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, has come a long way from his twilight days, having much better screen presence than washington in their combination scenes and excelling in the limited role he has... Looking forward to his interpretation of the caped crusader... Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh and Dimple Kabadia did their respective roles competently.

      Overall, the meticulously right balance of concept and entertainment that was seen in 'inception', is lopsided here... It is the perfect movie for viewers who love brain teasers and for people who dont 'leave their brains at home'... For the rest, the experience can end up as a tiring chore to get through...

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      Thanks Doc
      रू-ब-रू खुद से हुआ हूँ, मुझमें मुझको तू मिला
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      पिघली है अब रात भी, है सहर भी ये नम
      ना खुदा मैं तो रहा, बन गया तू धरम

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