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      Master left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, it was one of Vijay's better outings in recent times. But on the other, coming from the maker of Kaithi, this one was a slight disappointment. I wasn't bored over the course of roughly 180 mins, but over the course of the second half as the movie turned into a regular VJ flick, I couldn't help but think how this would have been a better movie with somebody else in the lead

      It's not that VJ is bad or anything, but casting a superstar like him would inevitably lead to the usual trappings like a lecture on social justice, gimmicks for his fans(although they are kept to a minimum here) and several 4th wall breaking dialogues( which are tonally jarring). There are portions of greatness throughout the movie but as a whole it somehow doesn't come together.

      The fight scenes are top notch and the sound design in them make you feel every punch, kick and impact. Anirudh's BGM elevates even the most mundane proceedings on screen. Although I couldn't really digest the songs. VJS is in beast mode throughout and after a really long time, we get a baddie who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He steals the show whenever he is on screen.

      It's really curious on how to grade Lokesh here. I mean he's made a kinda sorta different VJ movie, but if you take away the outer packaging, it's still the usual VJ movie. Yeah JD is an alcoholic, but does it affect his motor functions in any way. Nope he's a ninja without the shadowing. In the VJ Lokesh universe, Alcoholics and junkies suffer from no relapse.

      If you wanna watch it then do so from the theaters, somehow I get the feeling that it would be a lousy watch on Prime. It isn't bad by any means, although at times bland. But I guess it was due to my expectations. As i walked out of Kaithi, I was turbocharged. Can't say the same for JD's 3 hour lecture

      रू-ब-रू खुद से हुआ हूँ, मुझमें मुझको तू मिला
      बादलों के इस जहाँ में आसमाँ तुझमें मिला
      पिघली है अब रात भी, है सहर भी ये नम
      ना खुदा मैं तो रहा, बन गया तू धरम

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