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Gal Gadot
5th January 2013, 10:06 PM
Mannarkkad Okaz
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The first thing we expect when a cinematographer becomes a director is beautiful visuals and Rajee Ravi didn't disappoint. The Visuals are stunning, rich and deep especially the boat jetty, hill range, Mattanchery, Fort Kochi and the journey in Jhankar, boats etc. But like all the recent debut DOP turned directors too much focus has been given on visuals rather than script. Looks like Rajeev was too obsessed with his visuals that he forget to say cut (or didn't allow to edit them out either). There are many closeup shots of the actors face, people walking, standing, gazing, staring etc. Hence the film is painfully 2 hours and 48 mnutes long. If the film was a complete entertainer like 'Thattathin Marayathu' or the lead pair had energetic chemistry like in 'Neethane en Ponvasantham' it would have been better, but since the story is more realistic it fails to grab viewers attention especially in the second half.

The first half is also long, but the terrific performances by Fahad & Andrea, well supported by the supporting cast makes it entertaining. In the second half the story takes serious turn and moves with out a direction at snail pace.

The film as a whole gives the feel of many recent romantic-village milleau films released in Tamil like Subramaniapuram, Kaathal, Angadi Theru etc.

Overall the film promised too much and failed to deliver, the main culprit being the length.

I had the patience to sit through the film and i liked it, would have loved it only if the film was 30 mins shorter. But the public response is not encouraging at all, hope the makers will do preventive measures before it is too late .

My rating: A Generous 3/5

Verdict: Good (only if u have patience)

Box Office: After a terrific start has started limping already

Padam kazhingappo nalla kooval

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