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2nd April 2013, 06:22 AM
angane chennaiyil oru naal kandu

traffic athe padi remake cheythu vachittundu, pinne addition of an extra song in the first half for no reasons. For someone who liked traffic a lot, this was more of a flashback into that movie which was a trend setter in malayalam and more of an analysis of the actors (coz everything else was copy, paste)

Story, avatharanam, climax okke similar aanu...so, let me get to the most interesting part; comparing the roles and how it was done IMO

1. Sreenivasan v/s Cheran - Sreenivasan looked more natural with the character and you could feel the pain of his character. Cheran padathinte avasanam lalettan style il kannu chimmunna scene inu tamizhanmaarude idayal van pottichiri (in a -ve way) ulavakki

2. Chakochan v/s prasanna - Chakochan thanne hands down. Prasanna chakochane kadathum ennu karuthiyaarnnu padathinu kayarityathu, pakshe aa car idikkunna scene okke chakochan was more expressive IMO

3. Rahman v/s prakashraj - probably the only character where I thought the tamil remake had a better actor. Usual mannerisms okke prakasharajinu undayirunnenkilum, I though prakashraj was better than rahman

4. Anoop menon v/s Sarath Kumar - thalle, anoop menonum puli aaanu ennu thonnippoya nimisham. Sarath kumar moshamakkiyilla, ennalum ingeru chakkayaanu, maangayanu, ettavum mikacha police officer aanu ennokke ulla reethiyil pukazhthal unsahikkable aarnnu.

5. Lena v/s radhika sarathkumar - Lena yude spontaneity in the scene where she bursts over the phone. That single scene mathi lena kalakkiya kalakkal kaanan

6. Sandhya v/s parvathi menon - Sandhya had over make-up in traffic. tamizhil mattaval aanenkil odukkathe fake expressionsum, typical heroine kodukkunna kure sangathikalum irakki. Parvathi cried a lot v/s sandhya was more composed

7. remya nambeesan v/s iniya - don't think either had much significant scope in acting, hard to compare their acting in the movie

8. saikumar v/s jayaprakash - entammo!! this was the biggest blunder in tamil. May be Saikumar was too exceptional as the dad that this Jayaprakash guy looked like a 'shishu'. No one could have done justice to the way Saikumar handled the character. You were the best! :salute::salute::salute:

9. asif ali v/s some kid - asif ali thanne. avsaanam 'speed' bhayamundo ennu chodikkunna rangam thanne udaharanam.

10. nivin pauly v/s listin stephen - anna stephaa, oru vikaravum illatha mukham vechu enthinu kashdappettu abhinayikkunnu. nalla bore aarnnu climax

pinne, last but not the least SURIYA - unwanted cameo! this is where malayalam stands out from Tamil. There was absolutely no need of this addition.

more characters were part of the movie; I feel these were the most important

Last, but not the least Bobby & Sanjay and Rajesh Pillai did their best in malayalam and the movie had turned out to be a part of the revival of malayalam cinema; this may not be the case in tamil. I doubt if it would even make a 'chalanam' in tamil

verdict : step by step copy of traffic with some MASALA ADDITIONS of SURIYA AND EXTRA EMOTIONS and a SONG

Wish - Kamal Hassan as initially announced had done the movie with all the same characters as in malayalam (minus Rahman coz he wanted t). That may have stayed more close to the original.

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