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8th May 2013, 09:55 AM
Saw this from AGS on sunday. Status was House full. After Marina Siva karthikeyans expected movie and as it was produced by Dhanush its marketing here in chennai was aggrasive. Angane ethu kandu.

The story is about a guy who get teased and insulated because of his name. Siva karthikeyan's name is Kunjitha padam and all call him kunju.
In tamil kunju means dick. So the hero decides to change his name to Harish. He wil lchange his job ,home ,place every thing so that no body will identify him. He will fall in love with a girl and she too will love him.

But accidentely she will find his orginal name is different and she will go away from him as he lied and hided. Second half is all about how he need to become famous with his new name. He will join for chennai Marathon and Jayapraksh wil lsend him to a girl named Valli. Actually valli is an athelete holding so many records but due to some incident she left the sports. Second half completely deals with how valli changes him,What made valli to quit sports and what will happen to the Marathon run

Positives :

Siva karthikeyan,Comedy,First Half and songs

Negatives :

Even though its not negative but second half resembles climax of Vijay movie Badri.

Nayatara is coming for an item dance in this movie.

Over all very very good first half and above avg second half. Paisa vasool.

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