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Urztruly Sooraj
31st May 2013, 09:04 PM
::: Crazy, Thrilling, Entertaining :::

Directed by:Todd Phillips
Produced by: Todd Phillips,Daniel Goldberg
Written by : Todd Phillips,Craig Mazin
Starring: Bradley Cooper,Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong, Heather Graham and others
Music by: Christophe Beck
Language: English


And hence I have watched the EPIC END TO THE HANGOVER TRILOGY

The Movie starts with the escape of a crooked criminal, CHOW, from a prison, meanwhile, ALAN has bought a Giraffe, but it is beheaded by hitting to low bridge, thereby , the movie initially makes a good impression making us feel that there is a feast waiting for us. Though the movie doesn't match up to the level of 2009 HANGOVER, this FINALE is better than the Second Venture

The third venture has Phil, Stu and Alan running after CHOW to free their friend Doug who is held as collateral by a baddie, Marshall.
Chow has stolen $21 million gold from Marshall and Alan is the only person with whom, Chow has a connection so, Marshall asks them to find Chow, if they wants to free Doug

Even though the story line is predictable, the movie has some interesting but funny twists in it and makes us engaging.

The trio looked refreshing and Chemistry worked out well as usual
The one who acted as CHOW really rocked, superb character
The Baddies too were good(even though there weren't many)
Even though Zach have some funny moments, there weren't many sharp wits.
The comic pace in the initial parts of the film weren't seen in the latter parts
The movie is partly thrilling but not much engaging

Todd Phillips' direction was classy. Camera works were carried out well.
The coloring effect in the movie is good, technically, the movie excells in every phase

Even though the movie is worth watching, it fails in reaching the range of the first part of this series

The word F**k is used mostly in the film

Allover, the movie is crazy, entertaining and thrilling in parts.Don't expect a total comedy flick, this is something a dark thriller

My rating: 3/5
May be a Block Buster, and get record gross due to its history.

Venue: PVR Cinemas, Panchagutta
Showttime: Matinee
Status: 80%

Thanks for reading my review... Yours truly Sooraj

Gal Gadot
31st May 2013, 09:08 PM
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ee seriesile eettavum top aanoo...
1st part njan sherikkum enjoy cheydathaa

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Urztruly Sooraj
1st June 2013, 08:57 AM
ee series le top alla......
better than 2nd...doesn't reach the first

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