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Gal Gadot
14th June 2013, 10:59 PM
Palakkad Priyathama


LRL is the story of few lives that got toiled up between the politics of the land, people and politicians.
The story begins the flash back of 3 people Indrajith, Murali gopy and Haresh Peradi, incidents that changes or moulds the person that they become later in their life and the rest of the film teaches how those changes their lives, for ever.

Its after a long time that a socio-political film has released in Mollywood. It deals many issues that we are familiar with. But the main concentration is on communist parties, and their prominent leaders

LRL is a must watch for those who (or used to) live & breath communism. The film is full of powerful dialogues and visuals, which even non-communists & common man can identify very well with. It also questions the 'existence of opportunist politics'.

All in LRL is a film to be watched, felt and carried in your hearts for a long time.

Verdict: Excellent

Rating: 4.5/5

Box Office: HIT+

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