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14th November 2013, 05:32 PM
Geethanjali - review.

EKM Kavitha
11:30 14/11/13

Geetha-Anjali enna randu twins inte kadha. Puthiya storiyo twisto onnum illenkilum ullathu velipeduthunnila.

Initially the movie lacks pace, buildup phase was bit dramatic especially the two songs . Movie picks up some momentum with the beginning of horror sequences and introduction of Dr sunny, but fails to carry the momentum to the end mainly due to the climax which is a repetition of many movies (2 Malayalam movies itself has the same so called twist )

Technically film thirakedilla, but still not as much as expected from a mastero like priyadarshan. Script and dialogues was way too bad, pala scenesinum oru continuation illa. Chila frames and overall colour tone nanaayi. Comparing with other films of the industry in this genre this has some decent horror.BGM score is average and the music department is a complete let down!

Mohanlal pala idangalilum over aayi thonni, specially the scene after introduction. He seems to have lost his way of acting at times and ends up in some gimmicks . Keerthi looks cute, and did fairly well for a fresh face except in the climax portions. Nishan was boring throughout. Harishree asahokante onnum oru avishyavum illa padathil. Rest of the cast was okay.

Overall, it has been better than my expectations (from shooting reports).


BO: hit status sure aanu, with such a good opening. Also family support kittum, above that depends on how these people promote. Horror movie nallavannam TV yil okke promote cheythaal malayalikal enthayalum theateril ethum.

To both Annan and ikka:
Iniyenkilum aalukalude manassil thatti nikkunna kadhapathrangale ithu pole nashipichu kalayalle (Joseph Alex , Dr. Sunny etc)

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