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Urztruly Sooraj
25th November 2013, 08:48 PM
Gori Tere Pyaar Mein...! _My Review


SriRam (Imran Khan) is the 'black sheep' of his rich and well cultured Tamil Family......a spoilsport. To make him right, his family decides to tie his knot and fixes his marriage with Shraddha Kapoor . He comes to know that she is already in love with another guy . He is less concerned about it and nods yes for the marriage. Meanwhile,on sharing with her about his old love and ex-girlfriend Dia Sharma, Sriram realizes that he is still in love with Dia. The rest of the story is about how Sriram's life changes into a different mode.

The film started quickly and got into its pace. There were some genuine wits in the beginning and was able to make a good impression in the start.But the fact is that, Director Punit Malhotra failed to maintain that pace in the latter parts. The first half was really interesting and had something different in its presentation. But the second half failed to impress to that level.Second half had the same usual storyline there was a lil lag too. Some changes in the second half could have made the film much more enterprising.The same ABCDEFG (A Boy Can Do Everything For a Girl) factor is repeated here....same old formula, but is printed on a new book....thanks for that..

GTPM, which is a rom-com kinda film, had its laugh graph in a descending order. That INTERVAL scene was really Superb, one of the best comedy scenes in the recent times.....
i just love that scene....
(Sriram...comeback). A couple of those kinda scenes in both he halves could've made the movie memorable...
The character of Kareena seemed to be socially over concerned, but that added some fun quotient to the film.

Punit Malhotra who made ''I hate Luv Stories'', with Imran khan was the same in his style of making. The only difference is that, this time, he didn't had a perfect Script.

Coming to the performances, #Imran Khan was perfect in his role. These kinda roles suits him very much......done his part well. But Kareena is the rockstar of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. She was simply superb. Anupam Kher rendered versatile performance while Shraddha Kapoor was good in her extended cameo.....sorry, ''Friendly" appearance.

Songs by Vishal-Shekhar were amazing.....Groovy & Shaky....BGM was engaging in some sequences.

The movie was good in its technical side too. Camera work was good in certain scenes. Some frames seemed familiar.

Now-a-days, Southern Spice is found in B'town flicks.....But here, it wasn't much appealing,, mainly, Our Imran ji didn't had a Southie look...

Except for some stereotypical elements and usual plot in 2nd half, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein is a more than average fare for usual movie goers.

My Rating: 3/5
May end up as a box office hit....

_Venue: Jyothi Tallies, Chandanagar.
_Show: Matinee. 2.15pm,
24/11/'13, Sunday.
_Status: About 50%

Any mistakes should be forgiven. Thanks for reading ma review...
Yours Truly Sooraj :)

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25th November 2013, 08:52 PM
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