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SnehaSallapam with Celebrities

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2. Rahul Raj [Music Director] (Page 1 - Post No. 3-10)
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Snehasallapam With Ranjith Shankar


Finally our first celebrity chat begins. Ranjith Sankar is here with you to answer all your questions.....

My questions-

1. Did you leave your engineering career completely to enter into cinema field? What will be your advice if some engineers here want to join the field? Do they have to quit their job and completely concentrate on this?

2. Are you a believer or an athiest? Do you believe 'LUCK' is a valid factor in one person's film field entry and career after that?
1.No I still work.Was on leave while making passenger.
Well its a decision an individual has to take.What did was I took a job which gave me a chance to be in kochi where most of malayalam cinema was happening,so that i can be in touch.
Past 5 years I tried to make sure I did something which took the project atleast one step forward.Forget days months and years passed without nothing happening.
When I get frustrated what I used to do was to give job interviews at some of the top MNCs.I made sure I cleared them everytime.Refusing those financially tempting offers somehow rejunanated my spirits everytime to take the dream forward.

2.I believe in destiny.And fortune favours the brave.

1. Cinema mohangal(abhinayam, assistant direction etc)umaayi nadakkunna palarum ee foruthil undu. Avarkkaayi kazhiyunna enthenkilum sahayam cheyyaan thaankal thayyaraavumo?

2. Pala ideas/kathakal manassilundaayittum enthu kondu aadyathe padamaayi passengerine thiranjeduthu?

3. Cinemayile super thaara idapedalukale kurichu palarum paraathi paranju kettittundu? Ithu ethra maathram seriyaanu? Enthenkilum anubhavam? Dileep enna super tharam enganeyayirunnu?
1.No.Its not professional to hire people for cinema just based on aquaintances..Those Who have real passion will find their own way.I will be happy to help such guys , in whatever ways i can.

2.It was not like chosing the best among the stories I had.I felt there was no meaning to my life if I did not make passenger at this point of time.That feeling was genuine and belive it reflected in the movie.I never thought about any other script for the past many years since passenger started to grow on me.

3.Dileep was fantastic.Very sensible,asks the right questions.I guess superstardom is a very responsible position.All these are very special guys to remain there.
Interference is not the right word.Its creative contribution and discussions.Its only healthy for cinema if done in the right spirit.

Newcomersine maathram vechu kondoru cinema edukkan thayaarano?
Defenitely,if there is a script I strongly feel like making which demands newcomers.

1) Aadyam direct cheyyunna cinemayude kadhayum thirakkadhayum swanthamayi ezhuthanamenna aagrahamundayirunnathu kondano, atho mattullavarude kadhayum thirakkadhayum kettittu ishtappedathathu kondano thankal 'Passenger' enna cinema swanthamayi ezhuthiyathu?

2) Ini direct cheyyunna cinemakalkku swantham thirakkadha mathrame upayogikkukayullo?
1.I am basically a writer.I became a director coz I realised cinema is a directors medium and I would need to direct if i wanna make the kind of movies I want.

2.I guess so.But u can never predict the future:)I dont know If i have the ability to direct someone elses script.

1)Innu Passenger kanumbol what are 2 things that you feel you should have done differently?...I am sure there might be more than 2 but the most important 2 points that you feel would have had an impact on the overall movie?

2) If you feel the need to cast a newcomer in any of the roles for your forthcoming movies, how do you go about doing it? This answer would really help aspiring people understand the process of approaching you.

1.I guess it will take some more time to judge passenger like that for me.I am pretty happy when I see passenger right now.Probably I wud have done the animation better.

2.If its for a lead role,maybe a talent hunt.If its a small role,tell my production manager and associate:)

1. How did you get a chance to talk to Sreeni when u had Passenger's oneline done?

2. As a writer what were the scenes which Sreeni put forward if at all he had made any interference as a writer.

3. How much support do you promise for the cine aspirers here?
1.Lal jose introduced me to him.

2.Sreenivasan is a true genius,a master film maker.Discussing this script with him in itself was a great learning experience.If Ihave to say a scene,the police chase in the 2nd half was his suggestion to make it more racy.

3.Already answerd.

My Questions

1) Do you think that our young actors are not getting utilised well by today's film-makers ?

2) What is your message for the aspiring film-makers before coming into this field from your experiences?

3) Tell us more about your family...
1.Its ont a question of utilisation.You cant make a film to make sure that a great talent is underutilised.U need a subject and character that inspires u to cast someone.I see a change this year,i think we are gonna see more and more young movies in the future.

2.Have true passion.If its fake u will fail.

3.My wife smitha is an It professional.2 kids tara in UKG and tarun 1.5 yrs old.

1. A movie like passenger which thinks in a different track than malayalam cinema has been thinking so far is truly a risk for a producer. It can click, it can bomb. But there are fairly safe routes also which a director-producer-actor combo normally takes.

What/who gave you the courage to take the riskier route.

2.Are you satisfied with the BO performance of Passenger. If not, did you feel at any point of time that you should have settled for a more safer approach than radical thinking?

3.Passenger and A wednesday shares a common theme to a large extent. I know that you were ready with your script way b4 Wednesday happened.
However did the similarity worry you?
Have you watched A Wednesday?
Did it bring about any changes in your script knowingly/unknowingly?

4. We have directors like Roshan Andrews who wait endlessly for their dream project to materiaise. They are not worried about the time which they lose at the peak of their career.

Do you think that is a 100% right approach?. For eg, u made passenger in 2009. If you come out with the next in 2011 or late 2010, dont you feel that you lose out the milaege created by your first work?.

5. How has life changed in the industry after passenger? Have people who treated you silly before started to listen to you? Please share under conditions of anonymity.
1.My mind.I felt there was nothing more important in my life.The dream was to make it,wudnt have mattered how it fared actually.Even if I made it and kept in my bedroom i wud have been happy.But i strongly felt there was no point movig along without making it.Of coz my family was a grt support when i decided to produce it initially.I guess i got a producer since I showed that confidence.

2.Not completely,but i am pretty happy about it.Its been a dream debut with all the appreciation and media recognition for a total stranger and rank newcomer like me.As i said before I never tried to make a SAFE movie,juz a movie I wanna see as an audience.

3.I watched wednesday.I found no similarity to passenger .Dint even think about it hence then.Premchand of mathrubhumi described it malayaeess wednesday:)

4.There is no 100% right approach.U cant make a movie to capitalise on a previous success in quick time I guess.It never works for me.
I am ready with my new script.If I fix a lead an actor I am ready to shoot anytime from Jan.Lets see how it works out.

5.No changes.I go to office everyday,do my job and come back like all of u guys.Just that my phone got real busy.I dont remember anyone treating me silly before.Maybe coz I never felt am that important to be treated seriously.

I feel a bit responsible now as I can just churn out a movie if i decide to.There are people ready to invest,believing in u.

1.As a newcomer, director/scriptwriter did a malayalam movie discussion forum like FK/SS help you in any way? If yes to what extent?

2.For Passenger how was it working with Sreenivasan? How much support did you get from him to make Passenger come true?

3.As far as I know you are a Btech graduate who worked as a Software Professional in NeST for many years. You used to write short stories and you had that passion for movies but didn't have the technical knowledge to direct a movie. How did you achieve this?

4.Do you have a Godfather in cinema? What/Who motivated you to become a film maker?

1.I cant recollect any specific incident,but i like hanging around here.:)

2.Great support.He stood by me completely.I guess everyone believed in me since he believed in me.

3.I decided to learn direction for reasons said above.Mammutty and lal jose helped me to watch their shootings from close.I used net as well.

4.No.I always wanted to be a filmmaker.Always..since I can remember:)

As a debutant director, how comfortable were you with the actors on the shooting of passenger? Did you ever feel anyone interfering or not listening on your directional commands?
I juz answered that munshi.I became comfortable with them as days progressed.There was no commanding.I juz told them initially what I had in mind for the characters.They were such grt actors to make thomas chako,driver nair etc 200% better than i expected.

(1) We have great actors. IMO we have to give them the roles that will challenge their ability. DO you agree? are you planning to do so? Is it better/easier to get the already proven performance from them?

(2) Newcomers are out there who can lead this industry if given a chance. whould you like to look for some new talented faces and introduce them to be the next generation actors, music directors, song writers etc..
1.Just answered that.You cant create a role jus to challenge an actor.First there has to be a subject,then characters and actors who suits them.The greatest challenge for an actor for me is to be that character and not the reverse.

2.U cant actually plan such things or deliberately set out to do such things.It just happens.

PFC ...
Do you think we need have a separate division in filim industry which deals with business side of things giving you more freedom to capture your ideas , or in other words the whole budget/finance things do they affect the creativity of a director and put you guys under pressure esp in these days !
No neelan.It has to go hand in hand.It has to be creativity + business.That makes a good commercial film maker for me.

Yes I feel we need separate professional marketing guys who can work with a film maker thruout.

first of all congrats on your recent hit. Let me ask you this.

In your opinion who can bring malayalam cinema's golden days back... and how..?
There is no point in bringing back golden days.We need to create new days which the coming generations can describe similarly.

PFyodu ente question..(vere arelum chodicho ennariyilla..)

Whats the difference between scripitng only/direction only/script and direction..?

pala famous film makersum paranjittundu randum ore aal thanne cheythal concieve cheyyan eluppam ayirikkum ennu..but nammude commercial filmsinte directors like IV Sasi,Shaji Kailas,Lal Jose onum script cheyyarillallo..athu pole T Damodaran,John Paaul..ivaroonum direct cheyyan poyittumilla..

One is direction only and other is script+direction:)

It can work both ways.Its a decision of a writer whether he wants to direct.

pick your favorite
1. actor
2. actress
3. director
4. music director
5. scriptwriter

2.cant immediately think of any..no favorites i guess:)
3.K G George
4.AR Rahman
5.K G George

interesting choices renjith bhai....

Why KG George
K G George is the greatest film maker malayalam cinema has seen according to me.Simple as that.

The primary responsibility of a filmmaker is to reflect the time and age a story is being told for me.Yavanika is a documentation of the drama era of kerala of 80s,adaminte variyellu,erakal,lekhayude maranam.mela..all movies he made at his prime reflected that.

For me that is the grreatest plus of passenger.Its a movie that cannot be made yesterday or tomorrow.Its a movie of today.

cant u keep a code or something on the films and it should be displayed on the screen,

ee code ella theatrelum different arikkanam.... if a pirated copy is released, it will be easy to identify the theatre from which it was made and that theatre should be penalised for that.

The same theory is not applicable if the print is made from the lab itself ;)

I think someone else also shared similar idea before..

IMO , this can be tried.

is this feasible ?
I think its already being done.Piracy is a global threat and there actually is no solution to it.The only solution is to exploe your market completely in quick time for me.

hi renjith, 2 questions for u..the first one has been a hot topic in tony's Passenger thread...

Q1: I feel today's audience deserves the kind of cinema it gets, i.e., the Annan Thambis n Hellos go on to become huge hits, n films lyk Thirakkadha/ Bhramaram turn out to be flop/average @ Kerala BO. Prithviraj in his recent interview stated "even if we make a subramaniapuram or mozhi here, today's audience will not help it succeed." were the bitter experiences of Thirakkadha n Thalappavu that prompted Prithvi to say like that or was it the realization that his own pucca commercial venture Puthiya Mukham had a better run than these 2 films? Even here, there have been counter arguments from members like Pankajakshan that if there are gud films, audience will accept it. As an industry insider, do u share Prithvi's views or do u feel that gud cinema can always succed big like crass commercial ventures @ the BO?

Q2: On a lighter note, my wife is a gud singer n wishes to b a playback singer...if we approach u for an opportunity, will u give us a fair listen?
1.I think a film maker needs to be careful about the budget while attempting different commercial movies.Its can be a risk if its made at the same budget of a pakka commercial movie.But u never know,thats the magic of cinema:)

2.U dint watch passenger i guess,it has no songs:)..seriously I dont understand music that much to judge.U shud approach music direcrtors.

Qn 1: what according to you is a Good film ?. Please give some examples and mention some films which are not good , but overrated accoriding to you ?

Qn 2: ningale influence cheyta directors/ film makers? why ? passenger cheytappol ningalude style of work ethenkilum famous filmmakerude workumayi samyam tonniyo ?
1.A film which gives me satisfaction as a viewer.Shawshank redemption is my all time favorite.Whenever i am down even the thot of that movie kicks me up.
Ore kadal,Nizhalkuthu.

2.I havent watched many of the clasics still.Even those i watched i somehow fail to pick up directors names.So i am not aware of most of the masters.
Its a movie that influences me,not a filmmaker.In that sense all the grt movies I have seen and its makers had an impact.

Q1. Do you think Malayalam films will follow the path of Marathi, Oriya, Bengali ..?, after 5 years, into oblivion..

Q2 . Which era do you think was the best in Malayalam industry (commercial movies)..?
such as 70s, early 80s , late 80s and early 90s , late 90s or post 2000.

Q3. Is there any chance of getting , at least close to that golder era , in near future.. and, if not why..?
1.No.I think the industry will flourish.

2.Early 90s for since we had some real good movies then and that was the time I was gettign really fascinated to cinema.

3.already answered.

1 When did you first realize that you are a good writer.. first incident of recognition ?

2 What was the first reaction of your family/relatives when they heard that your are going to direct a film?
1.Winning prizes for short story/poetry at school.

They were shocked and surprised:)..They never knew I wanted to direct.

1. Have you ever thought of making a movie from a literary work? If the answer is yes, which book?

2. What is your view/opinion on Anurag Kashyap's movies?
1. NO

2.I liked Dev D


Oral adyamayi oru thirakkatha ezhuthan theerumanikkunnu (me :) ),
engane anu thirakkadha ezhuthendathu, athava athinte basic enthanu can u explain? athayathu nammal oru scriptumayi oru actore, allegil oru
directore poyi kandu nammude script vayikkumbol, ingane alla script ezhuthunna reethi ennu avar parayaruthu... so..

oru actore/ directore poyi kandu parayan engane anu script ezhuthendathu.....?
Juz write what u wanna see on screen..simple as that!

Contd .....

12th August 2009, 08:05 AM
Enikkum chila questions undu...

1. When do you conclude that a SPARK is worth pursuing and go ahead to create a full fledged script?

2. If I ask you to select one single scene as the best written scene, any movie any language, what would be your pick?

3. If you were to remake Passenger again what changes would you make?

4. How do you evaluate critisizm?? Is there any critisism that you agreed wrt Passenger?

5. What can we expect from you in the future?
1.Normally if something strikes me I make the first draft of the oneline in a day or 2.I usually scribble in english in PC.Then the actual work begins,refining it.

2.Very difficult.I like a movie as a whole.Most of the times if i like a movie i like most things about it:)

3.Make the animation better hypothetically.I dont believe in remakes.One shud make a movie only if he has something new to say for me.It need not be always new movies for the audience,but it shud be for him,while making it.

4.Mostly reviewers have been kind on passenger.Some points they pointed out were genuine.

5.More movies..hopefully:)

Screenil maathram kandirunna celebritiesiney aduth kandappol bhayam thonniyirunno
No.I felt it as a privilage to meet them.i was actually seeing many for the first time during shooting:)

Could you tell us in any way public forums like SS, FK help malayalam cinema. If not what are your suggestions to make it possible.?
U can help build a new generation of movie lovers who support new cinema than petty fanfights..This is defenitely tomorrows medium.A community which speaks in a new voice.U can have ur own forums movie reviews which is authentic,interviews different frm the ones u read,realistic trade analysis..its a big world to explore there..

Probably give more info on cinema which is not easily available as well.

has dis ever striked u-> Guys browsing a forum-from different spheres of the world-There friendship-fanship and lifes- as a motif that can be engraved out as a film?
Not a film,but i wanted to write a short story about that for long.I havent written a short story for a decade now.
It was about a grt of guys who met only thru net,a forum they thot was a part oftheir life..one day the forum juz dissappeared,they all worried for an hour and went back to their normal life..:)

Cinemakku patiya roopamallengilum athu oru mohamaayi kondu nadakkunna oru vyakthiyaanu njan
Thankalude adukkal ennengilum ( ipozhengumilla ) Angane oru mohavumaayi njan vannaal thankal engne prathikarikkum ?
Adichottikumo ?:grin:
Atho kazhivundu ennu urappuvannaal nammukum oravasaram tharumo ?:|
Well if u have real passion u cant sit idle and wait for an opportunity to come to u.U will march out and create them for u.

i have one personal question to u PFC aka renjith.

do u try to sell ur self as a business man anywhere and everywhere u go and do u see everything as an opportunty to better ur career?

ex: when u make friends, in ur heart r u a true friend or inur head ur new friends more opportunities to get ur name out there?
Yes i am business minded.Opportunist as well.I think thats one reason i have few close frnds.


will you take a film with mohanlal as hero if u get chance??


Ranjith Macha, do you have any plans to do a comedy/fun film? Any plans to make a television serial again as it's where you started.
Yes to all.If there are opportunities for small works in television I am more than ready.Its a great medium.

haii renjithetta...can u give more details about ur next project???

New project?
Well I already told.
I have completed the screenplay,there are some producers interested.
I havent committed it with anyone as of now.
Wanna fix my hero first and then go on from there..

Ithokke onnu parayamo? :p

Ishtapetta novel/short story?

Ishtapetta character?

Ettavum inspire cheytha movie?
1.Kattu paraja katha by ov vijayan.That was awesome..I am not a great reader actually..But once i comeplted that short story I realised I am missing a beautiful world out there..Now trying to make up.

2.I like both characters in this story.I think ekantham was inspired from this.or an official make.

3.The Shawshank Redemption.If u havent seen it go buy a collectors edition today.Its all worth it.

Here comes mine:

Who are the options you evaluated for the role of Nandan???
Dileep was not the first choice,but eventually the best choice:)

Do you think the themes of today’s Malayalam movies is competable with that of Tamil, Hindi movies? Do you think our film makers make enough experimental films as compared to other language films?

But things are getting better.I am hopeful that we will have great movies in the future which indian cinema will look upto.

Has life changed atleast in office?? (i knw it was asked b4)
Which tech do u work in?? I think u work in NEST
I still work in the same office.Life hasnt changed in office:)My collegues knew me as a writer before,saw me getting state award for screenplay etc.
A movie was expected.

Comments on the latest producer assn statement that only 2 movies were profitable, and rules of a 45 day and 3.5cr cap??
I think 5 or 6 has been profitable so far this year.
3.5 cr is a reasonable budget for a malayalam movie for me.And 45 days is good time to shoot as well.

Ranjith, Any plans to write/direct a comedy/humour movie? Do you think that it is your cup of tea?
Horror and comedy..i like both..horror esp
Yes i will make them both someday.

Ranjith bhai..

before passenger and after passenger.. diff enthenkilum thonunudo lifil.. matulavarude perumattam okke..
I am invited for functions and see my photos in papers:)
Yes people take me more seriously now.

Since your first passion is cinema, why don't u turn a full time professional in the field?

Do you have to still work at an office which is not your motivation?
Is it financial stability that worries you?
These things are not planned,just happens.
If i was not still working i wud have announced atleast 2 movies by now.Dont want it that way:)

The greatest motivation for working in office is that it gives me that kind of freedom to make what i want.Its priceless.

Lets see how far it goes:)

Regrets in life ??????????????
No regrets.Thats the only condition I place before me.I wanna be completely responsible for my decisions.

I have pretty much lived the way i wanted so far.

That was the only condition before me while making passenger as well.I did not wanted to regret doing even one small thing while making it.

one more question, I believe you admire Mammootty more, but i also read your statement "Mohanlal is a dream", so what is your take?
Both are great actors.I have this unknown affinity for lal since I dont know him at all maybe.
I would luv to make movies with them both.

thanks ranjith bhai, it's often heard that super stars interfere a lot in the movie making process even where they are not needed. in future if it happens with you, what will you do?
Hypothetic.They will never if u convince them of ur script.

Favourite QuoteMemoir can be my favorite quote.

Night is longer than Day for those who Dream...
Days are longer for those who make those dreams come true..


What made you zero in mamta for the character in passenger? I feel that she is limited capability actress.
I watched all movies mamta had done till then and felt she cud play anuradha nandan.

*Thanx Binoy for compiling the answers ! :clap:


23rd August 2009, 12:06 AM
Snehasallapam With Rahul Raj (22nd Aug 2009)

RR : hi all

Saji :

(1) Keralathil Music ariyunnavar/paattukaar okke dhaaralam undu...pakshe ningal cheruppathil thanne lime lightilekkuyarnnu. Thankalude ee prathibha kandeduthu prolsahippichu limelightil ethicha vyakthikal, saahacharyangal ethokkeyaanu?

(2) Music ennu paranjaal pothu dhaarana paattu paaduka, drums padikkuka, instrument vaayikkuka ennivayaanu. pakshe oru music director enna nilayil, cheruppathil thanne swayam manassilaakkaan engine saadhichu? RR : As a creative artist,first and formost i thank god for giving the "thing" in my genes.Then i should thank my parents(esp my mother) who always used to sing bhajans and plays music at home.My parents were well into spirituality.so in my younger age i grew up with a lot of "goodness" upbringing.Anything and everything i have encountered,all good people i met...got influenced with,all good books i read,all good tv shows i watched ever,all great teachers i had...everything has contributed to my making i believe.And i assert,any creative artist is not just someone who always dwelves only in his respective work.ayaal oru thikanja manushya snehi koodi aakanam.only then you can reflect the feelings of the world through your creative endeavours.

Now to answer more specifically and chronologically

1- my parents - they send me to the right masters at very young age itself
2-my teachers - who always supported my music and believed in me during my school days.
3-couple of friends in "school" who never thought i can do anything other than classical music.
That was a starting point for my journey towards everything else other than traditional music.
4-A R RAHMAN - the wizard whose magic that swept me away when i was towards the end of my schooling.
His music helped me realise...THERE IS ALWAYS MORE TO HEAR...!!!
5-My father - bought me a very expensive keyboard from chennai after my school.we were not filthy rich.just a middle class family.

for me,such a gadget was beyond my dreams.i still remember those days.there were just 4-5 people in whole of cochin who had such a keyboard.me and deepak dev were among them.we were in same batch but different colleges.so we had met and knew each other through college competitions.

There was this guy who claimed will teach computer music programming.Me and Alphonse were his students at that time.
we even ended up making an english album with my lyrics,music and singing.i played the keyboards and alphonse did the rythm programming.

But that study was not at all satisfying.i wanted to learn more and there were'nt any who taught such stuff at that time.
so i decided im gonna study on my own.That lead to my experimentations with my keyboard and sound manipulations that was more like a self teaching with a guru in mind.(guru being ARR in my case).i started doing AR RAHMAN shows with only ARR songs.there were no ganamela troups playing ARR songs at that time.

so my pragramming keyboard helped me to create ARR songs on stage with a lot of similarity to the original record.that was something new to the people back then.(those times,there were no karoeke tracks like singers carry now)
6-MAGNASOUND - i used to go and wait in their doorstep for days to get attention.There was an executive who helped me give my demo to their mumbai office.but no one else ever supported.im sure though i believed in my work,that quality was surely much less as compared to a commercial music production.That executive who helped me was mr.Prem who own satyam audios now and he is the one who released my chotta mumbai,time,malabar wedding and ritu.he still remembers me as this lean little kid who would wait for him outside his office.(this happened just after my school)
7-My whole college setting in cochin university - many of my friends made a lot fun of me when i was only singing traditional music.

So it was natural for me to do something which was unique in its own way but still my own thing.i started liking rahman's singing style a lot.where he sings more with heart and passion than with mind and brain.That made me sit back and think more about such style of singing.Programing an ARR song was a huge task right from sounds creation(though my keyboard was quite god,still it had no sounds of ARR because he was still using even 1-- times bigger technology using samples and samplers).so i wanted more songs to be on stage to sustain interest of people.so i started making my own songs which would help my fulsill my desire of singing the type of songs i wanted.so thats how i started composing.composing a song in a way i want it to sound...or in a way i want to sing.

8-My life in UK - i got job in london as an IT professional in 2001-2002.my boss was an ardent music lover who always supported me and the music i wanted to pursue.he was instrumental in helping me collaborate with sivamani and james asher for a club production,and lot of artists who were promoted by ARR like pravin mani for another album project in tamil.But it was getting difficult to balance work and music together in london as the life out there is fast and monotonous(atleast for me).i always need that space and m y own time for doing things.I badly wanted to come back to india to pursue a career in film music.To start with that pursuit,my obvious first choice was to come to cochin and settle down in my home town and start hunting for oppurtunities in malayalam films.Though my boss agreed to my wish,he granted me a 5 year VISa and told me if i sticked on i would become a British citizen.
That was a crossroad for me.i had to say yes or no.it was a decision making time.I dont know how i took the leap.But i did.but im sure my mother was so supportive about it.Im sure she was also so happy about having her son by her all the time.(my father had passed away before my UK stint.i hadnt mentioned it as this is not my life story.im only writing music related events in an order of happening).

Brief milestones
Morley college of music - This is were i pursued my electronic music course which was evening classes for me at that time.so i could balance my work and music.But this is the place i would say awakened me in many ways.The way i pursued or even thought about music.

Turnkey music store - This is the dream destination where i met the god of music - A R RAHMAN.
i had gone with my boss to buy some gadgets for a home studio and there stands in the queue a short,shy human being.he was in the queue to pay the bill along with his sound engineer sivakumar.He had just bought some software(virtual guitarist).My boss introduced me to ARR saying im his biggest fan. i held his hands and did not leave it for minutes.He asked me about my musical interests.he then opened my bad and saw what i had bought.Then he told me about his latest release(kannathil muthamittal).he told me he had sung a song in that and he loved it very much and that he had used some good guitar sounds in that ...he was going on and on...just like a wannabe new composer would do about his fresh piece of music.such was his enthusiasm and that amazed me to the core.

James asher - he was such an sinpiration to work with.ARR used to come to his studio for london recordings during times of kathal virus.while working with this man,i realised some viewpoints in music which i never noticed.that was a revelation for me.

Pravin Mani - i worked with him for a tamil album where he did the sound mixing for my programming.He works so fast and swiftly like this is some lef hand easy job.I learnt to work in a relaxed way after watching him work.I would'nt say he works,but he just plays around.

Sivamani - he played the percussions for a club production i did.This guy is a magician and he has a magic box.he calls it one actually.and when he opens it,you can see a treasure trove of instruments,bells,mallets,livers,glasses,bucket,cu p,plates,spoons and what not.thats where his magical sounds emanate from.just watching him play itself is pure ecstacy.

Shaan Verma - he was my jazz piano tutor from harrow.Too bad,i started going to him only towards the end of my london stint.which obviously meant i had very less time with me.But his few classes and advices has transformed my thinking in leaps and bounds.He always said he wanted to see me come back to london in my limosin.i dont know what he meant.but im sure he wished me great success in life with his soulful musical heart.

9-Then started the second phase.I had no clue i was jumping from top of a cliff with no cushions to support.But now im glad i did.I started approaching all mainstream directors.Many welcomed me,many never picks up calls,some will avoid,some will say some good words and then later avoid.So it was basically a hard nut to break.I was starting to feel hopeless and pathetic.But every day i had a hope.Every break of dawn,i felt..."today might be the day..." i might meet that one person who is gonna help me...!!!Bit it did not happen for long 4.5 years.But i started getting advertisements and tv works whch served for my bills and living.That was one hell of an experience.It was sort of practice for me to experiment and brush my skills on doing different types and genres of music through jingles and tv themes.

10-Shyamaprasad - I met him through my works for amrita tv.He was my point of contact and he was always so encouraging both as a director and as a human being.During those days itself he used to tell me,he wants to give me a good project which will help me to make music which i love.Though he had announced ore kadal with me,it did not happen for various reasons,he gave me RITU when i had least expected it.

11-jazeer mohammed - a great friend and an ad-maker.he was another person who gave me a lot of good works while i had a rough patch.he is still my close friend.he is one of the brains behind "TO HARIHARNAGAR"

12-Anwar Rasheed - I met anwar through a common friend called Dimal for whom i had done couple of jingles.he is an ad-maker himself,But this is the major contact that helped me grab my first film.So i would attribute the big credit to DIMAL.he had been playing most of my other ad works to anwar even without my knowledge.so anwar had liked my work and told dimal to bring me to him.But till i met anwar that day,i was totally unaware of it.and anwar narrated me the story and told me to make a theme music for chotta mumbai.If producer and lalettan likes it im through.SO for me,it was either YES or NO.and i did that theme track chotta chotta mumbai....one day anwar came to my house,hugged me and told,"da chotta mumbai is yours"...that was the moment for me...!!!the bid day in my life.Getting an offer from a good production house for a major film with the biggest superstar was like a never-attainable dream for me.And that did happen...by god's will and luck.Coz i know if there were no chotta mumbai,nothing would have worked for me.


Question 1 (Contd)
Saji :

To Rahul Raj

(3) Ningal veruthe irikkumbol, in a good calm mood, ethu tharam paattukal aanu kelkkaan ishtappedunnathu. classical, pazhaya cinema/lalitha ganangal, ashtapathi, Indian POP/ western ???

(4) oru Sangeetha samvidhaayakanu, gayakanekkaal kooduthal enthu kazhivaanu vendathu? thirichum?
RR : 3. There is no specific music or genre i stick on to all the time when im calm or relaxed.I love to relax myself with some ambient music,or even soft pop-rock genre.if its indian music,its hindustani that i would vote for.i also like certain carnatic artists that i lend my ears to ,when i want to relax.For me i guess its an ever-changing thing.The genre of music that i might listen to when i want to relax.It depends on my specific state of mind.I also make it a point to listen to music by other composers to know whats happening in the industry and who is doing some good works.But mostly that will be a 1-2 time listen to the max.

4. You cant really compare the two roles.I would say a composer is father a lyricist is mother and the singer or singers are the kids who carry bring the music to the world or make a composer or lyrcists proud.

A composer should have following knowledge i would ideally say.
-He should atleast be exposed to different forms and genres of music.Atleast an exposure will do wonders sometimes.
Different genres could be western,classical,native,folk etc...!!!
-If he knows music or has music training in any of the classical forms,he will ideally know what is going on in his music rather than just hummed tunes and melodies.
-If he can translate his ideas to his singer in one form or the other(singing or instrument),he knows his job well.These days,you can have an assistant to do that job for you.
-If he knows to program or sequence music,he could attach himself to the genre of newage composers who are technically fit too.
-If he knows to update himself to the latest technologies and genres,he is actualy doing even better.
-He should also be able to look at music from a top angle where he knows what each element means and how they add on to the totality of the composed piece.

For eg, a singer might not know what the music may actually sound like when it will come out.These days(ARR started that trend),sometimes,a singer is given only click sound and a sruthi and made to sing,he/she has no clue what is going to happen afterwards.But the right selection of singer means...a composer has chosen the right vehicle for his music to traverse across to the listener to give him the most engaging experience of music.

But still i would dare to say that,no classical music experience is compulsory in any type of music composing.If your heart can hum great sounding sweet melodies which can make someone happy...or make someone dance with joy...or even bring a tear or two into someone's eyes......then "yes", you are a gifted musican...gifted from god.No learning or Certificate is required for that.

A singer who can contribute to the overall musicality of the song is a BOON.for eg,people like sankar mahadevan and hariharan contributes a lot to a song.
What they do is not mere reproduction of a half baked tune.They hear the song,they hear the arrangement,and they give their version of what they feel is the best.In fact they give you lot of options to experiment with.With such incredibly talented singers,there is always a chance for the music to evolve...from a stale..fixed notated tune to a much breathing...fuller musical journey.

Question 2

Binoy :

1.) Who introduced you to the music world ? What was your first work as a music director ?

2.) How did your first offer to score music for a movie come up? How did it happen ?

3.) What are your future projects ?

4.) Who is your favourite music director and singer?

5.) Tell us about your family... RR : 1. aNWAR rasheed through Chotta mumbai

for films - chotta mumbai
for advertisements - Kalyan silks
for TV - Amrita tv theme - Lokaha samasthaha

2. already answered for saji's question

1 - shyamaprasad's short film in kerala cafe
2 - Telugu version of RITU
3 - Another Telugu project (this year)
4 - One big project by Playhouse(cant say more right now)
5 - A dileep-Mani project
6 - Lof of ads including national ad for LEELA group jaipur

4.fav MD - anytime A R RAHMAN
singer - gazal singer madhurani.im told she is the teacher of hariharan
she has very few rare recordings.but one of the finest music and voice i ever heard

My wife Miriam
My mother
My sister Rehana

23rd August 2009, 12:09 AM
Question 3

Unnikuttan :

My Questions:

1.Oru Kalayalavil Ottumikka padangalilum Music 'Rahul Raj' cheyyunnu..Ithoru Trendinte pinbalathil kittunnathano?

2.Whats Your Dream Project?

3.'Raveendran' mashokke cheythirunna pole 'Semi Classical 'Songs
Aduthu varunna Projectsil Pratheekshikkamo?

4.Current Youth Music directorsil Aaranu Mikachu nilkkunnathu?(both Tamil,
Hindi,& Malayalam)

RR : 1.

Never.I just did 8 projects in my career which started 2 years and 4 months ago.
2007 i had just 2
2008 - 5
and 2008- just one
so i dont think im doing a lot of films.yeah in 2005,few projects happened which were probably result of some kind of trend-based expectations.i wouldnt deny that.Who doesnt evolve in any kind of art?Its a luck to always get a project where your music is well picturised and well placed within the script and well marketed.I would say that happened to me only with RITU(i still dont know if it's music was well marketed.Cds were not available when demand was up,posters were not even made for the cd).

so summing it up,in these 28 months of my career,out of probably 100 malayalam films i just did 8 films.i dont think thats too much.

A project where i could score and write music for a live symphonic orchestra.Im trying to gather knowledge and skills required for that slowly.Even if it may take years,yeah thats my dream work.


Yeah surely if the project demands it.I was actually offered puthiya mugham and was really excited at the prospect of composing 2 classical songs.I had actually laid out 2 purely classical based songs for that project.But it did not happen because,i couldnt take it up later when the music needed to be composed.i was held up with crazy gopalan and mayabazar.But im glad deepak did a great comeback work.Puthiya mugham probably had deepak's name written on it when it was born...lol.


Gods cant be compared to man.SO im avoiding ARR in this list.
I wouldnt want myself to put my name in any list as this is my point of view.
Also ill only list 2 from each language
going by that my favourites would be -

Hindi - Mithoon , Salim Sulaiman
Tamil - Yuvan , Harris
Malayalam - Bijibal , Alphonse
I might compose a hindustani based song for that playhouse prodcution i mentioned before.

Question 4

Vincent Gomas :

1. Thattupolippan paattukal maathram cheyth malayalathil oru 'paandi' style create cheythu ennoru aropanam parakke undd..athinodulla prathikaranam..?? 'rithu' ile paattukal avarkkulla thakka marupadi aanennu bhai karuthunnundo..??

2. Debut film aayirunna 'CHOTTA MUMBAI' kk shesham lalettanumaayi oru padam bhaii cheythittilla....aduthengaan pratheekshikkaamo..??

3.Tamil-Telugu film industry kalilekk kadakkan plan undo..?? nilavil enthenkilum offers..??

4.Oru music directorkk allenkil oru upcoming musicianu ettavum kooduthal aavashyam ullath enthaanu..? avarodu bhaikk kodukkaanulla upadhesham enthaanu...as a rep frm youth musicianz..!!

5.Malayalam film idustry ude -ve um +ve um enthaanu...in your point of view...??

RR : 1. ok first of all,let me ask whtas this paandi style?

we call anything tamil as paandi and try to use words like paandi.this is very similar to calling blacks as negro or nigger.but as a matter of fact thats considered to be an insult.if you ask same question to a tamilian,they consider their culture and their music as very much superior to ours.so whats no:1 and no:2 is still very much a "relative" thing.

ok coming back to your question,i do understand the spirit of the question.I have answered this in a lot of interviews.The first thing to know when you compose for a film is - Keep your bad of egos and attitudes in a bag and lock it up.Its a product that will evolve through discussions and dry runs.

Its not a private music album you are going to do when you do music for a movie.You are actually giving the musical versions to the director's vision,based on your knowledge and understanding and also based on "n" number of discussions and meetings.

I guess the "paandi" style you are referring to is the dapankoothu or gaana type songs in 6/8 time signature in movies like chotta mumbai or malabar wedding.

What can you do when a director demands that and you are a debut composer?tell me how many composers can deny that?

when we talk about our legendary composers,probably they can deny that,because of their stature in the industry and the respect they already have.But not a relatively new kid on the block.Its either "DO" or "OPT OUT" of the project.But all through these times, i have desired to do a musical subject or atleast work with a director who had a better musical taste that do matches mine atleast to certain extents.And im extremely happy to say that shyamji has been kind enough to give me the freedom of expression i always desired.I had started getting that kind of thing right crazy gopalan and mayabazar i should say.But both were different genre films which were aimed to be mass commercial films.However technically brilliant an album is,only if there is a soul touching track will you get the support from the listeners.In that regards RITU is definitely an eye opener for me.


surely yes,i was first offered "Alexander the great".But i dont know what happened to it.Probably i did not follow up well.I know Im really bad at that.The director murali sir had been a great fan of mine since my amrita tv theme music days where he used to tell me he wakes up to that song every day.But you never know,anything can happen anytime...so yes you can surely expect something not too far away from now.

Yeah defnitely.who would'nt want to be part of some industry where they offer truckloads of money and hellloads of respects to all technicians.Its very similar to opting for ajob in USA or UK in the IT field.its much better for finacial security as a matter of fact.

Right now there are 2 projects in telugu.One is RITU in telugu and another commercial film by a new director starring navdeep.

4. 3 things

1- Patience.it may take years in some cases.for me it took 4.5 years of wait after my plunge into the industry.
2- never-say-die attitude - sometimes for weeks and months of hardwork,people may respond in a very lukewarm way.Dont be sad about such things,if you are true to your heart,your sincerity will be appreciated one day or the other.
3- most importantly MUSIC" - these days i have seen lot of people chancing into music scene just because there is a lot of glamour and fame associated with it.lot of people are taking up courses in SAE and other sound institues as an alternate career stream afer school or college.My plea is plunge only if you are so sure and if you really love music and want to do be in that as a professional.


Im not too experienced to give an in-depth analysis about positives and negatives of malayalam film industry.
But i think if there are more mutual respect,an industry can grow as a whole.a healthy competition instead of "curb it" attitude.
For eg when i went to see 2nd show of RITU on first day with my family and 2 other families,i was really dissappointed to see a huge group of guys booing and howling through the entire show and i was really saddened to see that myself.Yeah there might be loopholes in a film here and there.and yes we do see people howling occasionally.But this was like too much.I did a small investigation with a CI friend of mine in my personal way.And the things i found out were shocking.This whole bunch was arranged by an actor and his fans group.And i even got the phone numbers and names of people who were involved in the act.But i did not take it up further because i was really saddened about the way things do work sometimes...really strange.I just informed my producer to lodge a complaint and thats about it.All im asking is,why would someone want to put something down to prove they are better than others,why cant they just let their work prove and wait for the result.why do manipulations take place.these are few thiings i cant digest and i cant really understand.

Question 5

Jenny :

RR-nte ethelum composition copy adichathano? RR :A bit disturbing question to a music director.

ill give an answer that you might want to hear
ALL SONGS ARE COPIED...happy?? sister?

23rd August 2009, 12:10 AM
Question 6
Sootran :

1. Do you think malayalam film music has taken a new turn this decade ? now we don't get to hear any semi classical Raveendran- mash kind of songs , Even good melodies have become scarce . wheras the number of adi poli songs have increased a lot .Every movie seems to have atleast one such song . what would you say is the reason for this ? prathibha daridryam aano prashnam ? atho is this the way audience want ?

2. who according to you are the best singers of new generation ?

3. What is your opinion about TV Reality Music shows ? are they helpfull in bringing up good singers or are they just gimmicks ?

RR : 1.

let me tell you,its not what the audience want.If it was,you would'nt have asked me this question.because its obviously not what you want and i do guess you are one among the "audience".It what the "filmmakers" think what the audience want.its just a total misconception.I do feel sometimes,all these people are going in some direction and audience is actually much advanced than them and are in some other direction.only if their paths converge at some point,will there be films and music that audience want and like.Only if there are situations in the script that demand that type of music you had mentioned can we do something like that.recently i would appreciate deepakdev for attempting picha vecha naal song in puthiya mugham.he could do it because the script had demanded it.In 90s writers like lohi sir created stories and themes and situations that needed such kind of class music...and we had no scarcity for class composers.
Nowadays tell me one film where such subjects come?2 years ago i remember seeing a film in which one boy was singing classical songs(dont remember name of film).it was full of classical songs,but do you remember any song?or do you think the film was a success?
so such things have no definite and clearcut answers.there had been superb classical based songs and films,but not all have bee accepted by audiences too.
Tell me what will i do,if a director comes to me with a scene where the hero is dancing with his gullywallahs and they are having a local party?tell me one classical song that can suit the mood?so unless there is a song situation that demands such a score,we cant give it.ARR had to wait till DUET to prove that he could do something beyond what he was expected to do till then.I still remember how well it was received.

2. I think its already answered

They are good in one sense.They give a platform for totally new singers to show their talents and to announce their presence.

positives according to me
1-platform for newcomers
2-more attention of people towards music
3-young singers will learn oldies and all types of music they would'nt have otherwise even known about
4-respecting masters of musics as celeb judges

1-im not very convinced about the "REALITY" in such shows.
2-mental traumas of contestants when they go through elimination and other ego hassles
3-pseudo-star status that they get through such shows.i say its pseuod because it actually never lasts more than a few months.
but on the basisi of that immediate stardom,.they tend to behave abnormally or with "jaada" as we call it.this will lead to them losing good projects and chances.
4-though they are considered to be stars in front of tv viewers,the film industry doesnt give much shit about it.they tend to be totally non-affected by such stars.so there is always a lack of oppurtunities for such "stars" in films.i can say i have given many chances to reality show singers like sangeeth,job,jeetu,vipin xavier,gayatri suresh etc.
5-the SMS factor is always debatable.it creates a grey area where no one can really see or cross-check the credibility of the actual results.

Question 7

Cuttipie :

1) RITU vil kure new singers nu chance koduthitundu. eneyum agane chance kodukumo?

2}one of my fav song is PINNEYUM(one way ticket) athu film il it was not gud to c. athine patti entha abhiparyam?

3) chotta mumbai,TIME,Annan thampi,malabar wedding,one way ticket,mayabazar,crazy gopalan,RITU... udane other languages vallathum commit cheythitundo

RR : 1.surely i will, if the singer is talented and does deserve a push.it also does depend on the director believing in their voice and a willingness from him.but in all projects i do try to push in some newcomer.
for eg
chotta mumbai - Sangeeth,sangeetha prabhu and vipin xavier
time - sangeetha prabhu
malabar wedding - vijesh gopal,sam shiva,vipin xavier
one way ticket - santosh keshav,gayatri suresh
mayabazar-cicily(relatively new)
Ritu - Suchit suresan,Neha sasikumar,Jeetu,Job kurien,Smita nishant

I was heart-broken to see that in theatre.i remember that even i was in the howling group in tha song scene..lol
The way it was conceived and composed and the way it was actually on-screen,it was pathetic.
To be frank there are lot of stupud politics sometimes.But it could also be the time-constraint or even some other limitations.But the song was such a waste in that film.Anyways good to know some people have liked the music atleast.inshah allah..!!!

yes 2 telugu projects are on the way
1 - telugu dub of RITU
2 - Commercial film with navdeep(arinthum ariyamalum) in lead by a debut director

23rd August 2009, 12:12 AM
Question 8 Solomon :

1. Rahul Raj enna singerne engane vilayiruthunnu.. Was it ur choice in singing Venalkkaattil?

2. Thaangalude songsnte sound mixing nd programmingum thaangal thanne aano melnottam cheyyunnathu ? Athnte details, like ur regular studio, ur regular sound engineer

3. Thaangalude ettavm mosam song ennu veendm kettappo thonniya orennam? Atleast, korachoode nannaakkamayirunnu ennu thonniya ethenglm song ?

4. Ur most fav ARR song ? in both Tamil and Hindi ?

5. Aarude koode work cheyyunnathu thaangalude oru dream aayttu karuthunnu ?

6. Melodies are your strong forte. Athil electronic soundsnte overuse varunnathu athle melodye sradhikkappedathe povunnu (not among the youth, but a higher majority of other music buffs). Thaangal ithne patti aalochichittundo?

With a dream debut in ChottaMumbai nd a perfect 2nd movie Time, u was one among the promising new age music directors.. Athnu sesham oru avg graph.. nd now back with a reckoning in Rithu.. All the very best wishes Rahul.. Sincerely wishing u'll hog the limelight with some memorable songs in the future..

Thnx a lot..

RR: Thanks for your wishes first of all.


I would say all composers sing from their heart.when someone sings from heart its always something that will move the heart of the listener too.
Long time ago i had aspired to be a singer.But then ended up composing because i wanted to sing the song that i wanted to sing.
But once i switched into composing and started experiencing the joy of creation,i realised there was nothing better than that.Since then my singing has taken a back seat in terms of priority.But i sing for my heart's content and i do some additional voices in many songs whenever i feel like.In RITU,shyamaprasad had already told me that one song about friendship need to be in my voice because he liked my singing style very much.Ritgh from the days of amrita tv theme song(lokaha),he had told me he wanted me to sing in his film.The truth is,in RITU i had given all songs in my voice for the shoot purpose.After i recorded othr singers and mixed the whole album,shyamji ended up saying he wanted my heart back in the other vocals.That complement was not essentialy about my singing abilities,it was about the heart of a composer.only a composer can sing his own creations the best way ever.
have you heard ouseppachan sing?have you heard baburaj master singing,illayaraja sir singing,yuvan singing, AR RAHMAN himself singing.After hearing them sing,we cant imagine any other voice for that song i guess.
there is a small story about pinneyum ninnile song.it was sung by sreenivas.
and after singing he came out og the booth.my wife was there for the recording that day with me at chennai.sreenivas asked my voice ..."how is my singing".my wife,being a westerner is sometimes very frank and abrupt.thats their nature.she said.."yeah quite good..but i think that scratc by rahul was much better"...he was like shocked and like totally out of place in front of a lot of people.later he called me up and said that oh god i was so embarassed sdude...but i think what she said is true.even here,i know its not about the perfect singing,its about the heart a composer melts out while he sings his own composition.i recently heard sarath sir singing vaalinmel poovum song from pavitram in idea star singer.god..what should i say,its the best version of that song i heard so far.thats when i realised how good that song could have been if he himself had sung it.i hope i answered your question.

yes i do all my music programming and keyboard and rythm playing except its live.i like to have some control over the sound i want to achieve.
In malayalam the composers doing that same thing from what i know are,Gopi sunder,Deepak dev,Alphonse(not always-stephen does for him many times).
For my ad works and other tv projects i do my own sound mixing too.

For my film projects i work with mix with an engineer called Biju James in a studio in chennai called sound of music.

Atom bomb song from one way ticket.The basic briefing about the song itself was totally havoc.it was like a song with 4-5 scene changes and all that.I really dont want to go back to those days...hehe including the bounced cheque from that crappy producer.

Its a very difficult question to answer
let me try
tamil - vellai pookkal and oru deivam thantha poove from Kannathil muthamittal
hindi - mere rang de basanti song from The Legend of Bhagatsingh

Maybe ARR himself oneday.
i want to produce a pop-rock genre album for a commercial artist like miley cyrus or taylor swift
i want to produce a totally orchestral album based on western classical music with some jazz.

since you asked about dream,dreams have no limits right...!!!

no i havent thought too much about such things.If you think too much and involve your mind,your heart might lose out...
i try to keep my mind a clean slate as much as possible when i compose.I go with the flow..where the music takes me...and where i reach.
Maybe thats just my style of music or what im trying to evolve from within.Some masters have taught me..."dont follow the people.if you are true to your heart and sincere in your efforts,the people will follow your music...maybe not immediately...but with the due course of time"

Question 9


ente chodyangal (njan chodikkanirunna chilathu solomon annan already asky )
1. oru music director thante ettavum mikacha work anu first padathil use cheyyunathu ennu paranjal yojikkumo (for eg. Roja, Azhakiya Ravanan...rendu padangalilethu pole thanne mikacha pattukal ARR, VS cheythittundu pakshe athinekkal upary ennu theerthu parayan orennam njan kettitilla...same in your case...'pular manju pol' enna album song..athinte athrem mikacha oru song njan RR-nte mattu works-l kettitilla)
2. how do you rate Deepak Dev ? whats his best work in your opinion ?
3. thangalkku kittiyittulla ettavum mikacha constructive criticism enthayirunnu ? aranu paranjathu ?
4. thangal cheytha ethelum work pineedu kelkumbol pora ennu thoniyittundo ? undengil ethu ?
5. illegal music downloads thangale vishamippikkarundo ?
rithu songs kollamayirunu...gud work (esp kuku kuku theevandy) bhaviyil chottamumbai, mayabazar ozhivakki kooduthal rithu-kal cheyyooo

RR :


Its not a general thing i would say.
ive heard music company officials in the west telling to the bands -
You have 20 years to make your first album and once its a super hit
you have 3 months for your second.

Thats the equation.in the first work,you tend to use eyour best influences and learnings in your first project.after that offers start pouring in and you have less time for your subsequent works.But this need not be true either.As the time passes,you learn new things,you have newer experiences,you see unseen worlds and unknown realities.all those exposures reflect in your work of art...and after a set of monotonous works you tend to find your real path...the path you might follow for the remaining part of your career and life.

Deepak dev is a composer with lot of technical brilliance and a soothing melody sense.
ive always admired his sense of arrangements.he is an avid listener of music.his collection of music is huge.we have met in college days.he had come to hear one of my own composition in my college once.likewise we had a plan to do something together in those stages.but nothing really worked out and we went on doing different things in lives.he went on with his keyboard playin and atuff and i went for my higher studies.i was in london when i heard his first film album on internet.i was like so happy yet sad for myself.sad in a way like...oh god...why dint i do what i always wanted...look someone already did it.I was so lost to realise my dreams since then.i would say deepak's and alphonse's first film albums were one of the few reasons that helped me make up my mind to take my final plunge.His best works according to me - Parayathe ariyathe and naran theme.

a lot of constructive criticisms -
recently shyamaprasad inspired me while we worked for RITU - what he said was...never try to satisfy the audience taste because its so varied and as once kamalhassan said,audience is like a multiheaded serpant.we cant satisfy all the heads with different taste requirements.so if we follow our heart and do whats best we think and believe in,atleast few heards of the beast will be satisfied and we can sleep well in peace thinking we stayed true to our hearts.

4. I think its already answered

Yes to an extent and No sometimes.

If i spent my money for something and i felt cheated that its not worth the money i spent,i have all the rights to go and underrate it and tell others not to buy it.But if i dont buy something,do i havea right to say something bad against anything?its a debatable question.some may say yes and others may say no.im just giving you a food for thought.
If a cd is actually worth the 50 rupees,i think we should buy it and supprt the creator.But the busines model now is in such a way that the creator never gets an incentive or money based on royalty.so its again not giving a solution.

Another case -
sometimes a music is good but the company doesnt market it well and no one gets to hear it.The best possible way for anyone around the world to hear it is through an internet download.A musician who makes music is most happy when more people hear his music rather than the number of cds sold.From a creator's point of view,internet download is the best way to make yourself known to the world,and from an economic feasibility point of view,only if the artist can support himself from his work,can he continue making the good music he is making and to earn a good livelihood from his art alone(if not rich).

so i would say its an ethical responsibilty of a supportive music affectianado to support the musician.In west,many singers have their own websites where they have links for donation.Its like if you like his music,you can donate it could be $1 or even $100,000.those are the ways musicians make a living out there.I do have a dream,where music scene is completely not dependent on films where musicians can make music ,yet earn good living...even though they are not s ingers or music directors in film industry.im working on it in terms of feasibility.someday i can realise it i hope and pray.

23rd August 2009, 12:15 AM
Question 10
Kumbidi :

Namaskaaram Rahul anna..
Thankalku ettavum ishtappetaa 5 malayalam songs ethokke aanu ennu parayamo????

RR :
again a difficult qn to quote 5 songs..still ill try

1-poonkaattinodum kilikalodum - illayaraja
2-Aalapanam - dakshinamoorthy swami
3-Akaashamaake kanimalar - Johnson
4-Devanganangal - Johnson
5-pramadha vanam - Raveendran master

Question 11
El Mariachi :

1. Malayala Cinema sangeetham seems to be in a state of confusion... young music directors have not created a new path for themselves... If you look at Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada film music they have made a transition to a modern style of music... why is it that Malayalam music directors have not yet made this transition??

2. Who is your fav music director from the past and is there any fav amoung the new generation?

3. 25 years from now what would you like Rahul Raj to be remembered for? What do you promise to do to achieve this?

RR :

hi buddy,your question seems to be pretty incomplete.rather a bit confusing for me.Let me try to see it in a broader way.
Your query is abt other language composers trasitting to a modern style of music.I believe you are an youngster.
The same set of youngsters want our culture and traditional type of music as well.They are so pissed off when they hear a modern trend song in malayalam,but they appreciate it in tamil or hindi.

So can i ask you a question back??
What type of music do you actually want.

The truth is we cant even compare 2 film albums unless they belong to the same genre.
you can compare an annan thampi with a rajamanikaym,but not with a meghmalhar because both are from totally different galaxies.

But thats the way mostly music or even films are compared.Take the music in the west.They have a lot of genres out there and an artist once they come into the industry,tread a path that they love the most to do.For eg, a trance artist is never compared with a boyband.an ENYA is never compared with NIRVANA.i hope you understand what i mean.So even such comparisons seems to be baseless.we cant say a MONKEY isa more beautiful than ZEBRA,because they both belong to different species.

I understand if a composer goes the modern trendy way,people brand them as trend-based music directors and if they stick on to more traditional type arrangements,they are branded as incompetent or old-school in front of other language composers.Rather than generalising things,why dont we just keep listening and take whatever we like and leave the rest.
But i wont totallly agree with you in terms of malayalam composers becoming non-modern.Take any composer,given the right set of conditions like budget,and theme and picturisation quality of songs and right marketing,i can bet with you,that most new composers are competent enough to produce nationally appeciable material.

But at the same time,i would say such a revolution is still in an infant state.Its growing.The scene is getting much wider and global.The change will be seen in coming years.Just give some more time.But i assure you that our values and culure will never be lost because deep down inside our new composers(including me) love the music of baburaj master,raveendran master or johnson master.Since the base is firm,whatever will be produced from that base will be deeply routed on our music.

Past - i love noushad saab's music a lot
Present - A R Rahman anyday

Future is so unpredictable.But each day we wake up with a hope that something new will happen(that might change the world...???lol)
Anyways if you ask me about whats in store 25 years down the line,
id like to be remembered for being a composer who was part of a greater mission.i still dont know what that is,But each day im trying to figure it out.But i know there is one.Only thing is,it needs to be unveiled.But definitely i want to compose something te world will remember me for.

what do i promise to achieve this..??
Im promising myself that each day,im learning something new that will enable me to be a better person,with a much better understanding of the world around me,each day im looking at the stars in the night with the eye of a child to see the world in a more unseen way,to help me make music that will melt even the worst hatred.because i believe music can wash away hatred...and anger...!!
From a more tangible point of view,everyday i see to it that few hours of my night is spend to study something new...some new chord progression,some new genre...some new theory in music.Thats what ive promised myself.And i should thank my wife for being so patient with me and putting up with my wierd sleeping hours...lol

Question 12


Hi Rahul,

Puthiya Gaayakaril promising aayi thonniyathu aarokkeyaanu?

Tell us more about your family

RR :
a lot of new singers are comin up who are good...
how will i name a few,
for eg im really impressed by the new singers in ritu.they can sing any kind of songs.
suchit,neha,jeetu..all are good.
among idea star guys,i think roshan and william are really talented.
jyolsna is very versatile.rimi is hard working and vidhu is good too.
there are many more.....
but all i need to tell them is...
bagging a song per year and going around in shows and thinking you are the superstar is not the way to do it.each award is a new expectation,each path is new,you need to really deserve something to get your hands on to it.Recommendations are not really the best way to achieve it.above all be humble and work hard in what you are best at...SINGING.

About my family

my dad-passed away
my mother-retired joint registrar of cochin university and an advocate
my sister-Rehna - doing her pHD after mtech in electronics
My wife miriam-she is german national.its a love-arranged marriage.

23rd August 2009, 12:17 AM
Question 13

KarthikeyaN :

1. from what ive read and heard ..innathe trend music cheythittu athinoppichu lyrics ezhuthuka ennathaanu ..at least its done in most of the times i think ...ee trendine kurichu enthaanu abhiprayam? ..which one u prefer lyrics be4 music or after it?

2. remixukale kurichu enthaanu abhiprayam?...ur chettikulangara remix was a rage at that time ..

3.ithu vare work cheythathil ..who has the best ear for music ....allenkil thaankalde kazhivine alpamenkilum challenge cheytha director?

4.any new private albums in the offing?

RR :

yeah what you said is right.in most of the cases,tune is set first and then the lyrics written.
personally i dont see any problem with it as far the lyricist is flexible enough to work with.
but a well written poem,is the best tool to compose a music that is so unpredictable and fresh in terms of melodic content of the words.

The reason is -
if you ask me to compose a love song -
based on my experiences and exposures and genres understanding,imagine i might compose it in "n" number of ways.
each time you tell me to compose a love song,these are the same "n" number possibilties that i may use.The number of options in "n" might increase with passage of time and more exposure and experiences.

But if you give me a beautiful poem and im seeing it for the first time in my life.a fresh lyrics...
the way i would pereceive the melody for that lyrics will be totally new for me.I would'nt rely on the "n" number of styles i might use otherwise.It will be something totally new and fresh.My tune wil be more based on the lyrical content and the depth of the written words.Hence,i personally feel that i can do more justice to a fresh lyrics and each time i have done that,much better results have come out.

But i think most of our carnatic krithis might have been a simulataneous lyrics-music creation...like music and lyrics being born in one moment..in an instant...in one go...i hope you get what im saying.maybe the comnposer just belted out his heart about lord..and it came out as words and music combination.those krithis were not written down..but passed on from generations to generations from the direct face of gurus of music through ages.

so i guess even a melody can be born first and a lyrics writen on it.Thats just another form of experience.

you cant say one is good and other is bad.


Any remix that might hurt the original creator is not right.Though it was a rage at that time,my work had hurted the original creators and i was very saddened because of that.But as a creator you really have no options to say NO.its either YOU DO IT...or YOU OPT OUT.
i had made sure that the permission would be duly seeked.But since the terms were not properly met,the creators werent happy about it.Later on i even felt that there were no one to answer for me,whoever initiated to make that remix were nowhere to be seen when i had to face media interviews regarding that remix.But i have personally seeked my sorry to arjunan master and also thampi sir and im sure they have forgiven me if i have hurted them unknowingly.
In future,such things wont occur from my side.

another thing
its not a remix..its a COVER
a remix is something that uses parts of original recording(vocals or some instrument) and using it with different rythmic beds and all that.basically you use some part of the original recording.
everything else like if you do totally new arrangement and a new singer singing it...comes under COVER VERSION recording act.

3.its definitely shyamaprasad.

he is a director with a huge exposure and self study in various forms and genres of music.His collection if music is huge and immense.He is even learning to play piano these days just for passion.A true artist is someone who keeps on learning till the last breath...i respect such people to the core.
We tried jazz,country and even pop-rock genre music for RITU score.he knows what that kind of music sounds like.So it wasnt difficult for me to convince him to let me do it.
Another huge challenge was to create music for his corporate film he did for LEELA RESORTS.
it was around 12 min in length and he had already edited it.It involved shots and scenes from various leea hotels across the country.So the music had to reflect respective local and regional cultures too.Plus.it should sound as a part of one lengthy track and it should still sound different each time a new leela resort is shown.That was one hell of a task.Sometimes you feel god is existant when we get some impossible things done the way we never even dreamt of.This was one such occasion.Each piece composed melted into the scene and also transitions were like perfectly blended.That was one of the most taxing and challenging works i ever did in terms of edits and planning.
you can check it out in this link
Downloads - The Leela Kempinksi hotels in India for business and leisure (http://www.theleela.com/live-the-leela-dl-high.html)

(the very last music bit is from some commercial library which the director had to chuck in from the editor's collections due to some time constraints and agency requirements)

I have did just 2 singles in terms of non-film album music
They are EN JEEVANE with sujata and kartik,and AARIL AARAAL with sreenivas
As of now,no new albums are being considered.But i want to produce an ethno-techno lounge album with rock and jazz influences in the future.Im thinking about it.But it may take some time to evolve.

Question 14

Pankajakshan :

1. Vijayikkilla ennurapulla cinemakalil paatu cheyyunnadhinodu edhirpaanennu Jassie gift paranju-Ur take on dis
2. Raveendrano/Johnsono pakaram vekkaan oru young musicianu innu kazhiyaatadhu endhu kondu?
3. Internet friendsiloodey swantham image edhenkilum artistinu boost cheyyaan kazhiyumo?


How can you say if a film is going to succeed or not??
But you can always say a littleit when you see the team involved,the basic story.you get a sense of where this will go.
for eg,if the distribution company is not strong,you know that the film wont be marketed properly.But for music department,you really dont have much of a choice.But some people say they did not accept offers becasue they did not get the right project.But most of the times,the truth,there is'nt any project with them to even have a choice.As far as chosing the project(if there is a choice),i think you should go with your instincts.Something will right then tell you...if this is going to work or not.

You can never replace both these masters of music.Their replacement is only THEM.

Can you ever replace mammookka and lalettan?avarkku pakarakkaar avar mathram.

And i would'nt support if someone want to replace them.Instead let new composers make their own paths to tread on.
Another thing - The quality of film makers they were working with were totally different.Film makers like Bharathan,sibimalayil and Kamal were at their creative best at that times.Those were few directors that gave most importance to music and their films.Thats why i quoted their names.

Tell me atleast 2-3 film makers who give importance to music as they used to give in new generation.Its the situations that are created first and then the music.I dont the buy the argument that no youngsters can do good music.They are here and in the indusry by virtue of their years of hardwork and talent.

I still remember one of my music teacher calling AR RAHMAN as AR HANUMAN in a insultingly funy way during his kadalan days way back in 90s.Lot of people even told ARR has no class,he is just a technician.Im asking where are all these people now,ARR is stil there.Not just there...but doing music and living life...KINGSIZE.he proved it in the due course of time.I cant see one composer anywhere in the world who is going stronger each day even after 17 years into his career.I hope i have answered this one in a satisfying manner.

Surely to a huge extent.There is a large percent of youth who spend 80% of their time on the internet online even while they work.

Its a huge avenue out there to expose yourself...your music ..or your talent through the internet.
In my case,few friends i met through orkut have lead to the formation to my fans association called RRFA based out of trivandrum.

Even in the west there are many sites that boost artists through internet.
There are mainstream artists in the west who actually ventured into mainstream after they got huge fan base on their MYSPACE pages.

So internet is no more a myth..its getting more real...and more powerful than ever..!!!

23rd August 2009, 12:19 AM
Question 15

Malayalee :

Thnx RR for All your detailed answers..

one small question from my side..

do u like to be called RR?

RR :
yah why not its sounding cute and it reminds me of the big name ARR each time someone calls RR.

so just by sounding somewhere near ARR's name even brings in huse sense of responsibilty

each time someone calls me RR it feels like a sweet...melodious reminder...of the greater mission!!!

Question 16:

Tony :

1. There was a time when Rahul raj-Anwar rasheed team started flourishing in malayalam industry. But suddenly one day heard from someone that some kinda break up happened. Whats the truth?
2. Do you believe in demi gods?
3. This question may seem funny. But your answer can make it meaningful. Imagine Alphonse and Alex Paul is sinking in a river, you are standing on the shore with a boat. You can help only one person. Whom do you like to help? Please say the reason too.


I have no clue if there had beena break up.As i had stated in another answer,im really bad in follow-ups and kissing the ass procedures.either i dont know ,or im bit reserved in such th ings.About my mentor anwar,we have always had a healthy relationship.his mother still calls me up if she sees me on tv or something.i let him know of all my updates too.But one thing to be know is ,anwar always used to tel me even from chotta mumbai days thats If he is convinced that im on my own feet,he will go for some other music director who is new and help them come up.After chotta mumbai,he used to tell me,i dint get the recognition he wanted me to get after that project.probably thats why he considered me for annan thampi too.I guess now he feels that im succesful and can handle m y own thing without his support.So this is what has happened between me and anwar.But i dont know what "someone" has inferred and from where.

I ubderstand that anwar is going to work with gopi sunder for his next project.And let me tell you what a decent guy gopi is.He is the first one to give me a wake up call after RITU only to tell me that he is with me for my new sound experiments.And that now he is totally happy that he found another composer who will work hand-in-hand with him for a new sound statement.But all that has to be seen in future.we never know what future beholds.


i dont know any...yeah i do belive there are super intelligent human beings amongst our midst.some do realise it themselves and some never does.Though this may sound little sci-fi,yes i do believe in certain unknown quest thoughts.

Ill save Alphonse for sure
1-i love his music
2-i love him as a person
3-he is very spiritual and totally into prayers guy
4-he can save alex paul with his prayers and services.

so in effect,both of them are saved.

Question 17

Paramasivam :

1. wat u think abut the new generation free singers?[ they will pay for a song ] do u think there is a category like tat?
2. Wats ur opinion abut new actress cum singer renjini jose.
[nerthe vanna questions anenkil kalanjeku, njan full nokiyilla]

RR : 1.

i heard there are some lobbies existing with some such activities.But i havent encountered any as of now.I guess it depends on the way you deal with people.If you give respect and stay at your distance with your co-workers,no one will proceed to you in an unchartered way....be it any profession.

2.she sung for one of my first commercial work for kalyan silks suryavanshi silks.
she is a good singer.i dont know if she acts.what other opinion should i say.if she is into acting as well,i think she should concentrate on her forte which is singing.

23rd August 2009, 12:21 AM
Question 18


ee oru commentnte baseil njaan ente 3 questions idunnu...pass it on to RR if thers time!

Hi Rahul, first of all, thanx for the song "Thalaaaaaa...", it ws a never before kinda song in malayalam film music!

1. Have read that in childhood u were a student of Carnatic music and would not listen to anything else other than Carnatic music until MJ and Roja happened! Ur reaction to MJ's untimely demise? Will we get to hear a full-fledged Carnatic music album/film from Rahul Raj in the future?

2. How should an aspiring singer get in touch with u to get a fair listen from ur side?

3. Do u listen to rock music, if yes, ur favorit band/bands?

RR :

I came to know around the time when the news hit america coz one of my frnd out there was online and i was informed.what i cud remember is only a state of shock.According to me,there were 2 stages of music in the world probably.
1-world of music with michael
2-world of music without michael.
the first stage came to an end and second had started.and the second stage is very lonely without michael and his music.my childhood was very much connected to his music and my growth as a musician was also very much influenced by him.sits so unfortunate he had to go this way.

he/she can send their recorded voice or demo tgo my email id with phone number and other details of experience.thats the way many singers even got chance to work in my projects.RITU singer neha is an eg.

At one point of time i had a rock band named 99.99.
we used to do a lot of covers and stuff like nirvana and def leppard.
Few of my favourites in rock scene are linkin park,evanascence,Radiohead,GnR and slipknot

Question 19

~ Yodha ~ :

Why don't you try a rock song in your next album ? In Kerala we have our own and internationally acclaimed rock bands like Motherjane,Avial why dont they are coming to movie Songs ?...Why malayalam Cinema is not experimenting with Rock music like Bollywood Recent hit RockOn ...?
My first question in Celebrity Chat
sorry for postin it up late

RR :
I guess you havent heard the "YUDDHAM THUDANGI"song from crazy gopalan starring dileep.
Unfortunately that song went into the "unknown" as it wasnt picturised,had it been picturised,it would have been fitting into the genre of heavy metal to some extent atleast.There were some genuine heavy metal guitar licks tried out.you can listen to it in this link and let me know if you like it.

Download Latest Malayalam Mp3 Songs 320 Kbps [Exclusive] (http://vellithiramusic.net/?p=1067)

There are more plans for such genres to be in future projects.

about the abovesaid bands,yeah thats a good thought.i have actually discussed about this with some directors already.In the west the soundtrack will have few bands belting out their numbers and those tracks will be included in the film as part of the score.we had tried something similar in RITU score too.except couple of pieces,most background english song tracks were composed for RITU to give a sound and feel of such movies.And from the reports i got,those have worked to an extent where many people thought some tracks were actually from some cd.in that sense it has worked.Your question is really interesting one and will definiely be considered in future.

Question 20

Digambaran :
1. Who's your inspiration in music? I mean whose style of music you think you are close to?
2. Is music composing becoming more of arrangement than actual creation of music? I mean rather than creating tracks from zero, it's more convenient to take a few samples here and there and mix them together (compile)? I am not saying that's reducing the originality of the final product though.

i would say A R RAHMAN all the way.
im also influenced by lot of other artists like
air supply,michale jackson,karsh kalre,nitin sawhney,rishi rich,babyface,terry lewis etc.

Many world music DJ-turned producers do what you mentioned.Assembling samples from various sources.sometimes copyrighted...sometimes not(but totally and brutally treated and assaulted beyond recognition).You actually cant call it creativity-less.Its just a production technique nowadays.The thing is,in the west,now the scene is changing so constantly.new genres are evolving like anything.fusing two genres something new can be created.even in hindustani music i can give you a lot of examples.2 beautiful raags can fuse to form a much more beautiful raaga.for eg,raag HEM + raag KALYAN = raag HEM KALYAN.

similary another eg.from west
UK Funky House is a new style of modern electronic dance music coming
deep from within the Grime, Hip Hop, Bassline, House and Urban communities.
Heavily influenced by many other styles of music, including contemporary, Electro
House, and increasingly, Broken Beat, Soca, and Afrobeat, UK Funky is a new breed
of club ingredients mixing traditional UK Garage beats, Bass Loops and Synths with
Latin Percussion, and Contemporary R&B-style vocals.

I know you havent understood many terms(sorry but this is how its explained in detail.dont be intimidated).

waht im aiming at explaining is modern music is increasingly turning out to be mixing various elements and influences and creating something fresh.At the end of the day,the only question that n eed to be answered is -

I feel,whatever genre you make music,whichever technique you use,if the music has no strong melodyline that doesnt touch your soul,the music just would'nt work

23rd August 2009, 12:26 AM
Question 21

Arjun :

1. What was your feeling when you got an opportunity to do music direction for ur first film ?
2. Are u comfortable in giving chances to youngsters/contestents from reality shows ? Whats ur take on reality shows ?


Like i cant just belive what i heard from anwar.
He hugged me and said "chotta mumbai is yours"...i was totally knocked out...!!!


very much and why not...but they should be really talented and should be gotten over with the reality show jaadas some usually possess.

Question 22

Navarannan :

There has been lots of debates going on, the young generation of actors in Malayalam film industry not getting fair shake to prove themselves. Do you think the same is happening with the new generation of music directors also?
Thats a question..hmm..

ok let me tell you this way.

Young composers are getting offers but not the way they can prove their mettle.
How many composers get a project where music has some sort of importance in the film as a whole?They are getting projects,but they are just projects...for the sake of adding one more to the list of films in malayalam industry.
But i still feel there are few sections of lobbies where the industry music-definition is
hooked up.Unless it gets evenly spread out more on the basis of talent rather than
contacts and relations,the scene wont get better.There are lot of young composers sitting there jobless while a fortunate not to awesome bunch is churning out films one after the other.But im sure and optimistic that the whole scenario will change within 2 years.

Question 23

Harikuttan :

My Q1: Whom in malayalam industry do you consider as a rival?
Q2: Who is your favorite director (Malayalam & Hindi)?

RR :
1. Rival is someone who competes for the same space.
I dont think 2 composers can fight for the same space.The reason is - each composer has a different style and comfort zones and different set of music lovers who yearn for their creations.But the truth is,however nicely you try to put it,there does exist some kind of rivalry.As far as you dont go and sntach someone's project,i dont think you are rivaling someone.In my case,atleast 3-4 times,such incidences have occured.
Ill give you an eg :
A producer and cameraman decided to have my music in a project(very recently).
They engaged the prod controller to call me up and fix my time and budget(basically to commission me for the project).After 2-3 days the producer asks the prod.controller that if he contacted me.He replied he did, and that i was busy with some other projects,plus my rates would be kinda non-affordable for the project setup.And they dropped the idea of using my music for their project.This cameraman calls me up later and enquired to me about this.That was first time,i even knew about the existance of the project.That prod.controller had not even contacted me.
There was another experience where the same prod.controller snatched another project that was suppose to come to me.So i understand such rivalries and internal politics do exist.All you gotta do is "Do your own thing...do it loud and clear..."
Musically speaking,i listen to most albums i can grab my hands that releases in malayalam.Just to know what other composers are upto and whats new going on.If the competition is healthy...its actually very good for the music lovers...coz the SCENE IS HOTTING UP...AND LOT OF NEW MUSIC IS IN THE COOKING!!!

2. From people i worked with in malayalam its shyamaprasad(not to soap him).
From others its hmm..Sathyan anthikad for his feel good film making style

Hindi its got to be MANIRATNAM

Question 24
Double chankan :

the first celebrity chat our guest was Ranjith Shankar, director of Passenger. He is a s/w engineer and found time b/w his career to dive in to the world of cinema and then come up with a Passenger.
You were also a engineer in UK, but put in ur papers and attempted to be a full time musician.
1. Were you not afraid of the risk in your decision, it could make/break your life.
2. Success/recognition has come pretty late to you in the sense that you were always labelled as a "fast song" guy, even though you made a lovely melody in TIME. Did you lose heart at any point of time, and thought of returning to your career.

RR :
I actually did not think about the risk involved.It was more like a LET ME DO IT..SKY IS THE LIMIT kind of attitude.But only later did i came to know that it was one hell of a
plunge...a plunge into a concrete river...totally flat...lol.

But all these years i enjoyed one thing..making music...the whole process gave me the energy to go on...!!!

Many a times...yeah what do u think im a simple..normal human being too .
There were many times when i had seen many insulting messages even in internet forums or even discussions.But the one thing that helped me not lose myself was the fact that...YEAH I DID KNOW HOW TO MAKE MUSIC THAT WILL TOUCH THE HEARTS...ONLY THIS PEOPLE ARE NOT REALISING IT BECAUSE I DID NOT GET THE RIGHT PROJECT..."to be frank...all these years...i was waiting for the right one...and with RITU..insha allah...it has happened to a big extent...THANK GOD.

Question 25

Sethu Madhavan :

rahulji chettikulangara remix thankaludae decision aayirunno atho aarenkillum ee idea paranjathano?????? RR:
no it was the director's take or rather suggestion

Question 26

Waterloo :

Thanks a lot rahulji for your efforts
A small Q from my side:

1,How do you work on the BGM for films??..Do you hear the whole story first or only the situations??ilayaraga is the one who comes to mind when it comes to BGM and he has elevated many a mediocre films to watchables ones through his BGM alone..what do u say??
2,Who s your favorite Composer??( ex like morricone,john williams,bernstein)
3,How do you rate ennio morricone ??

RR : 1.

3 .

RR : My favorite questions.

Tony : This question may seem funny. But your answer can make it meaningful. Imagine Alphonse and Alex Paul is sinking in a river, you are standing on the shore with a boat. You can help only one person. Whom do you like to help? Please say the reason too.
Saji :
(1) Keralathil Music ariyunnavar/paattukaar okke dhaaralam undu...pakshe ningal cheruppathil thanne lime lightilekkuyarnnu. Thankalude ee prathibha kandeduthu prolsahippichu limelightil ethicha vyakthikal, saahacharyangal ethokkeyaanu?
(2) Music ennu paranjaal pothu dhaarana paattu paaduka, drums padikkuka, instrument vaayikkuka ennivayaanu. pakshe oru music director enna nilayil, cheruppathil thanne swayam manassilaakkaan engine saadhichu?

RR :
I liked saji's first 2 questions as it needed a detailed expln, i enjoyed goin on a nostalgic trip. I liked Tony's last question as it was really funny. So above 3 are my picks.

Thanks a lot RahulRaj for the chat

spl thanks to digambaran for the transcript

8th October 2009, 08:48 PM
An audio interview with Smt. Radhalakshmi Padmarajan by Snehasallapam.com






Sangeeth Sivan
5th December 2009, 07:34 PM
My question to you dear sir,

heard a month before one of the great malayalam movie of yourself
"yodha" is coming back with its second part.....i was really thrilled..
but later i heard it is going to do your brother sanjeev sivan...but
the sad news was coming that lalettan is not there in the movie and
planning to make a 3D movie rather than the original theme without
super star mohanlal and super comedian jagathi sreekumar....

Without asokan and appukkuttan yodha is zero i would say....
it would have been a wonderful news for us if you had announced
the sequel with same theme......

can u give details about the project sir if the news is correct???



As of now all I can say is that it is just a big rumor. All I can say is that if I were to do the sequel, it will be with most of the original cast and some new ones offering fresher twists to the story. That said, I am against sequels in general.

Welcome Sangeeth Sir..

My Questions:
1.What was ur inspiration on developing Horror Flicks?Actually,Was this genre ur favourite?
2.If u get a good theme and script for malayalam...Will u make a comeback..which we r seeking for?
3.What kind of movie u were dreaming to gift towards the audience before u bcome a director?
4.Can you differentiate bollywood and malluwood of this generation?Which is better quality wise.according to u sir..

Thank u sir.....

1. Horror was never a favorite genre of mine though I loved OMEN when I was young. During my sojourn in Mumbai, I was lucky to see quite a bit of J horror or Japanese horror which really impressed me. More than blood and gore it was on a great story and creation of greater moods. That set me thinking …

2. Till 2010 I have commitments in Hindi. Have films which I have to produce for my company too here. But yes, if I do come across a great idea would love to do a mal film in 2011. In fact I am in talks too with a few emerging writers in kerala.

3. Always, something different. Did not want to tell stories the way it was being told. Sometimes when I look back, maybe some of my best films in mal was ahead of its times in terms of thought and style.

4. Even in bollywood the best of film technicians are from kerala or tamil nadu!

Hello Sir. My questions

1) Is there a major difference in the approach that our Malayalam actors have towards acting when compared to their counterparts in Bollywood? If so, as a director, what challenges have you faced in dealing with these varied styles?

2) How did you spot AR Rahman (then Dileep)? What made you offer Yodha to him?

1. Per se actors in mal are more gifted, committed, down to earth and more professional than the ones in bollywood!

2. He used to do numerous ad jingles as Dilip, then. They were really wonderful and that is how my interaction with Rahman started. From ad jingles to films was nothing but a natural progression.

Welcome Sangeeth Sir to SS....Thanx to Munshi Annan for making it happen!

1. If I am not wrong, your debut film in hindi was a horror flick Sandhya with Jackie Shroff and Ashutosh Rana, and I believe it has still not got a theatrical release. Is this film complete/can we someday see a dvd release of the film?

2. It has been a while since your last film in Malayalam. As a director, who bucked the then trends in malayalam cinema to make a totally new kind of actioner in Yodha, can we expect a technically slick horror film in Malayalam from you since it has been one of your favorite genres?

1. My first film in Hindi was Zor toplining sunny Deol and Sushmita Sen. Sandhya was to be my second film. More than horror it was a dark thriller. Not too sure about the other details as it is the producer who decides.

2. The perception that Horror is my fav’t genre is quite wrong. I have dabbled in almost all the genres excepting maybe family socials. I make a conscious attempt to try out different genres so that every film of mine is different. Would def do one in mal but whether it would be a horror is open to conjecture at this point.

We welcome Sangeeth Sivan sir to SS.

Your brother has come up with the idea of making Yodha 2. Is it due to the recent trend of making sequels. Why is it that you decided not to direct it. How did the whole idea of Yodha 2 take shape.

As said before, I have no plans and as far as I know, the whole talk of yodha sequel is just hot air

Thanx to Munshi machan and Tony...

My Questions

1. Why this huge gap in Malayalam films? Is it a loss of interest with Malayalam films or the budgetary freedom/flexibility that Bollywood can afford? In fact Malayalam films have lost Priyan and Sangeeth to Hindi for too long now.

2. Is Yodha 2 in the pipeline? In fact any Malayalam film at all in the pipeline?

3. Which has been your most satisfying project till date? Why?

4. Given an option to do a movie with a script from one of the following writers who would you pick and why? MT Vasudevan Nair, Padmarajan, Lohithadas, Sreenivasan, Priyadarshan.

1. Feel quite comfortable here in bollywood now. Your films reach out to a wider audience and coz of that u have better budgets too. And now I am also producing high concept small budget films with younger technicians. Yes, am on the look out for a good subject for mal, either to direct or produce in time.

2. Not till end of 2010.

3. Yodha definitely coz I had the privilege of working with two of our greatest actors Mohan Lal and Jagathy. Also the interaction with Rahman.

4. I have always admired the writing of Padmarajan. He was a kind of inspiration. Lohitadas scripts and films have left a deep impression but don’t think I could have done justice to his subjects. M.T sir too dealt with relations and happenings of an era which I do not fathom. Love the sense of humour in sreenivasans script. So it would have to be Padmarajan and then sreenivasan.

My question:

1. One of the main reasons cited for the stagnation of malayalam film industry is the budgetary constraint. Do you agree with that? If yes, how do you think our industry can deal with that? If not, what do you regard as the chief reason for our industry's standstill?

2. Do you think multistarrer movies like twenty20 are the way forward in malayalam industry?

1. Lack of good stories and the inability of makers to take risks! Today with advancement made in film making, I don’t think budgets, ever, can be a constraint for a maker who dares to be different.

2. No comment. I don’t think a plethora of stars would ever take the industry forward.

Welcome sangeeth-ji

1. Can you name one film which inspired you the most and made you realize,you are born to be a filmmaker and not do anything else??

2.Do you think due to the appalling state our Malayalam cinema is in , its going to have a sad demise like bengali cinema??Can you suggest a few ways to resurrect malayalam cinema to its past glory?

3.If you are asked to make a film out of a novel and said budget is not a constraint, which novel would you choose to film and why??

4.The recent trend in hindi films is to locate some exotic foreign location , rope in a few actors with 6 packs or more, cast a skinny heroine , pump in 30-40 crore and just start shooting.. what do you have to say of such degradation??


1. Difficult question. There is no one such film but definitely the influence of a great many films cumulatively. Whilst growing up, used to be a great fan of Sethumadhavan sir, Vincent Sir, Bharathan sir and then Padmarajan sir. These people along with my Dad are the influences that pushed me into films though entering films was never my priority in the beginning.

2. Newer idea and fresher talents should be encouraged and more than that the hunger to do something new should be present in the younger generation of film makers.

3. Just a novel would not suffice. Someone has to present me with a great screenplay. A good book does not translate into a good film automatically.

4. That such degradation is making money is of concern.

Welcome Sangeeth Sir. It is a pleasure having you with us :-)
My questions to you are:

1.) Offlate in Malayalam flm industry, we have seen some of the well made and critically acclaimed movies like Thirakatha, Pakalnakshatram bomb at the Box Office. At the same time, some of the "not so gud" movies have done well and made profits. Of course, liking a movie is subjective, but do you think there is significant shift in the kind of cinemas malayalees watch/like these days? If yes, is this trend disturbing?

2.) Lot of superhit malayalam movies of late 80s & 90s have been remade in Hindi. Some clicked and some dint. Is it the lack of original ideas/scripts that make such talented directors go for remakes? Are you in favour of movie remakes?

3.) This question has already been asked by Zooshtray. In our country, there is no derth of talent. But to identify a talent early and give him/her the right break is not always easy. How did you spot young Dileep (now AR Rahman)? What made you offer him Yodha??

Thank you :-)

1. Well I guess the audiences get the films that they deserve. So if u say good films are not running, it just means that there is no audiences for it! It is very disheartening and disturbing. The only solution is to make good films at restrictive budgets. The will however is not to struggle nowadays. Everything should be easy and convenient. Where is the maker like John Abraham today?

2. Not for me. It makes a lot of sense when the criteria is only monetary.

3. He and me used to associate ourselves on advertisements. In fact we did a few jingles with him and film was a natural progression considering the wonderful stuff he used to compose even for jingles!

My questions

(1) A boyhood with a family of talented people, How was it like? a normal one like any other friends of yours or a different one? How those days influence you in making of this sangeeth Sivan we admire?

(2) Yodha was one of the ultimate entertainer in malayalam. We were looking forward for more and more of that kind..But you escaped to bollywood. why? and when are you coming back?

1. We had an absolutely normal childhood. All of us did the things most kids used to do those days. My dad never compelled us to do anythings specific. He let us discover for ourselves what we wanted. Films was never a career option in my mind it just happened.

2. When the films u love does not run and the films u hate run, u know something is wrong totally. When that happened to me, I left. Bollywood offered wider audiences and better budgets. Would love to do mal films soon, but first need to find an inspiring subject.

Welcome to SS sir, it's an honour to have you here!

1. Needless to say, Yodha is one of my favourite malayalam movies, I can watch it n times without getting bored.. I liked Nirnayam too.. :) But sorry to say I'm not a huge fan of your hindi films.. Why did u take a break frm malayalam industry? We really miss u here..

2. Your experience directing mohanlal..

3. We want more good movies from you, I really hope that Yodha 2 isn't just to cash in the hype.. What's the current status of Yodha 2?

1. Survival!

2. The Ultimate

3. Nothing.

Welcome to our world :):

1. why did you select Mohanlal for 3 of your movies? are you planning a Mohanlal movie in the near future ?

2. even though the odds are against you, you are planning Yodha-2, when most of the sequels fail to meet the expectations, why do you want to take a risk ? is it because of the hype and good initial that a sequel could bring ?

3. how easy is to direct a remake ? (nirnayam from the fugitive).

4. We have lost a set of good technicians to Bollywood (Priyadarshan, Santhosh Sivan, Sabu Cyril and you). what made you guys to switch film industry ?

5. do you discuss a story with your brother during the initial stages of a film ?

1. Would love to work with Lal sir anyday! But the film need to be something very special for both him and me.

2. Not thinking of sequels at all.

3. Easier than doing an original, I guess

4. Better budgets, wider reach

5. Some times but not for all films. It is the same with him as welll. During meetings we do discuss basic ideas of the concepts we are working on.

one more Q

6. who introduced you to AR Rahman ? why did you choose him for Yodha ? (i think Roja was not released then..). how was your experience ?


Santosh introduced me to him. Unbelievable. Check out the yodha back ground score!

Hello Sir..:handshake: first of all, a big salute to the director of Yodha :salut:

Being the captain to some of the best family thrillers of 90s (like Daddy, Gandharvam, Nirnayam) and an award winning children's film Johny (I hope I am right...am I??), you had all the chances of becoming one among the most wanted directors of today's Malayalam film industry. Fortunately or unfortunately, you shifted your attention to Bollywood. And surprisingly, instead of thrillers, you received more acceptance for comedy flicks like KKHH (and apparently, I had some of my best hilarious moments ever with KKHH :grin:) and ASMM. So here goes my question..

Yodha was indeed a fresh, risky and challenging effort. But since the movie was made in a regional language, the span of appreciation, fame, opportunities and popularity were limited. But you got everything from Bollywood.. even though you couldn't deliver something like Yodha. So how do you feel..? Being both a filmmaker and a careerist, which one is better in your opinion..? To resist yourself in a regional language with cult films and becoming an uncrowned king there(with limited scope and opportunities) or to be satisfied as a run-of-the mill director in the Tinsel town getting more fame, popularity and remuneration..?

Well it is an interesting question.

In Bollywood I tried my hands at different genres but failed initially in all till I succeeded in comedy! I was quick to realize that in Bollywood success is the only key to success. So my idea is to make successful films, be it in any genre, consolidate my position and make films that appeal to me later or produce films with younger talents. Unfortunately, I don’t see such visions bearing fruit in Malayalam. So the shift and today am quite happy with the move. It was more a practical decision at that time and I loved the challenges it bought forth. Having to start from scratch in a new industry.

Dear sir,

My question-

At a time we used to make fun of tamil cinema and we were proud about our cinema for the content in it. But nowadays scenario is getting reversed. I feel malayalam cinema is going down in both makers's and viewers' standards. Main thing is people are not getting good pictures with nice presentation which we saw in Yodha, Chitram and all once. For creating comedy nowadays writers are going for double meanings and buffooneries. People are forced to enjoy such movies only because they are not getting good films.

At the same time a bunch of talented directors moving to bollywood. Dont you think you people have a personal commitment to the language and the audience where you people got the name and fame? what made you to make such a decision? Is it for fame? Why are you not active in Malayalam?

For any creator to survive there needs to be appreciation. When that fails they are confused. That confusion makes for compromise. That is what is happening in Malayalam. People are trying to make stories that they think people will like as against making films that you like!

My decision to move was based on the fact that films I did not care much for was running and what I liked, wasn’t. At that point I thought I have lost judgement. Bollywood offered wider audiences and greater budgets at that time.

My question:
VYUHAM is one of the best action thrillers in Mlalayalam.What made you cast Raghuvaran in the leading actor's role?He didn't have any market value in Mlayalam at that time...Do you think if you had casted anybody else, the movie would have done better? Did you approch anybody other than Raghuvaran for the titile role??

Well for my first film i was sure that I did not want Mohan Lal or Mamooty. Wanted to approach them after proving myself. So the search began. Was impressed with Raghu in Sathya and Anjali. Liked the diverse roles he played and knew that he would justify the role.

Hello Sir..
Welcome to snehasallapam
We are really thrilled to have a talent like you here.
My Question.

What is your take on the younger generation of directors in malayalam film world?
Who is/are your favorite(s)?

Haven’t seen much of malayalam films to pass judgements. I loved some of Lal jose films as well as Blessey’s films

1.On a scale of 1-10 where would you put yourself as a film maker?
2.You burst in to the Malayalam movie scene with quite a good movies,but slowly faded out and tried your luck in Bollywood. However I do not think that you did full justice to your potential.

3.Given a chance to alter one decision you made in your life so far,what would be your choice?

1. Mmmm … I let other people judge me. My assessment of myself is very low.

2. Am still trying

3. I wish I had known before hand that I was to be a film maker!

Hi sir...

1) In all your films I have felt the process of editing plays an unusually important role. (In yodhaa, the arrival of Mohanlal's character to rescue Rimpoche interlaced with a ritual song, In Nirnayam, Lalu Alex's character's interrogation interlaced with Mohanlal's character's search for one handed man).Is it a conscious decision or are you just doing it for the completion of movie as a whole?
2) Are you planning for any Malayalam films in the future?
3) What do you feel about malayalam cinema as a whole at this juncture?

1. Well cross cutting does help in pacing and also gives an adrenalin rush to the audience. But it all depends on what the subject demands.

2. Not next year but if something inspiring comes across 2011

3. No comments. It is not for me to be judgemental. It is a ? for audiences to decide.


Bye all.

Antony Moses
19th January 2010, 03:21 PM
Snehasallapam with Major Ravi

Full Interview






Check the thread here --> Snehasallapam with Major Ravi!!!! - Snehasallapam (http://www.snehasallapam.com/malayalam-movie-discussions/1483-snehasallapam-major-ravi.html)

Hari Kuttan
1st April 2010, 05:18 PM
Snehasallapam With Swetha Menon (April 1, 2010)


1. Do you respect yourself as an actress or being part of the film industry. Why?

2. What do you think about the role of actresses in film industry or a film?
Whenever we watch an interview or a talkshow, we just feel like the actresses just
play their part only in acting the role given to them? Do you involve more into the
films which u had been part of?

3. What is the dignity of becoming an actress? What do you feel when you hear news like
porn video clips of leading actresses and other gossips?

4. Your performances in last few films like paradeshi, kerala cafe, paleri manikyam (these
are which i watched) are just uncomparable to the performances in the earlier part of
your career. How you moulded yourself into this new Swetha? Who all helped you in this?

5. Tell some instance when u became really jealous of someone (personally and professionally)

6. How long you would like to reamin in the film industry? Have you ever been victim of the
politics in the industry and felt like leaving it forever?

7. Tell some negatives of the industry, which u were always worried or feared about

8. Havent seen you dancing in many films(though the role of dance master in rock n roll)
Are you not a dancer? (which will be quite unusual with actresses)

9. What you like the most in yourself?

Wishing you all success both in your professional and personal life.
Thanks a lot for being the part of this celebrity chat of SS

1. I do totally. This is like any other industry and majority of the people here are good

2. As an actor, I go by the director's wishes. I don't get his/her shoes at all

3. As you said, most of them are gossips. I am very proud to be an entertainer.

4. These movies had very powerful and meaningful characters; something that perfectly suited my persona. Earlier films portrayed me as a young girl. I think all credit goes to respective directors who believed that I could do a role well. Of course, well wishers like you and my family always lent meaningful support

5. I am jealous of all great Hollywood actors

6. As long as I enjoy every bit of it…never been victim

7. There are far too many positives to notice any negative

8. I am not a trained dancer but would love to dance

9. Being positive

1. Are you satisfied with the way you were portrayed in Bollywood films of the past decade? Do you have any such regrets about the decisions and choices (professional as well as personal) you made throughout the period?

2. All those years of downtime, were you in hope and search of opportunities that may prove your caliber nearer or later? How did you prepare yourself waiting to welcome such a transformation?

3. Which film would you consider as your comeback film/second innings in Malayalam? Kakkakuyil or Thanthra?
Of early times, other than 'Anaswaram' and 'Nakshathrakoodaram' which among yours is your favorite and why?

4. Can you please recall those moments of grooming where Aishwarya Rai and Susmitha Sen shared your hopes and dreams? Are you successful in maintaining all such contacts till now?

5. "I wonder how an actor like Shwethachechi is able to be so humble, social and unpretentious to all her co-workers inspite of being a Metro girl, a supermodel and a Miss India competent, that too with Aishwarya Rai and Susmitha Sen"

:smiling: Well..these are quotes taken from the latest interview with one among the leading female actors of Malayalam. So, do you think behaving yourselves appealing to others is an art/tact? How far did your life in the tinsel town contribute towards framing your character in such manner?

6. During the early 90s, a serial called 'Ladies Hostel' was aired on TVM Doordarshan. Were you a part of that? I remember the credit titles where the leading lady character was played by an actress called Shwetha. Sorry if its a mistake..but could you please share your views on the relevance of miniscreen in promoting celebrities of today? What was your experiences hosting the show 'Star wars'?

7. Do you have any plans to wield the megaphone?

1. None at all, Fontu. I am full fontu person and happy with whatever comes my way

2. I was busy with modelling and other assignments but was never worried about what I was not getting. Now that I am in Malayalam cinema, I am enjoying this phase as well

3. Thanthra. Anaswaram as it was my first movie with a big cast

4. We are not in touch personally anymore but socially we acknowledge each other

5. Much like my acting, my conduct is equally spontaneous. If I look humble and unpretentious, I am glad and thank my parents and god for keeping firmly on the ground

6. Yeah, that was me. TV is a bigger a medium to be in. Star wars was a great experience and enjoyed every bit. It also gave me my first award

7. none as of now

(1) You were the second runner up in the toughest Miss India contest ever. Now you are doing many meaningful movies. As an artist do you prefer to be known as a model or an actress?

(2) Do you have any passions, hobbies, life ambitions other than your artistic profession?

(3) Who are your role models? How are you trying to follow the paths of these persons: (a) In modeling (b) in cinema acting and (c) in life?

1. Both..

2. I want to learn swimming, horse riding, playing chess…many more

3. Modelling and cinema: None
Life: my father is my role model

i) Which all factors now influences you in selecting movies .. ?? say, if you have to choose between two movies , one a big budget super star movie with you having a cliche heroine role and the second movie under a small banner but offers you to improvise a meaningful strong character.. which offer will you accept?? (leave the compensation factor.. :): )

2)Your best character in your career and why ? (please share with us the challenges (if any) you faced )

3) Recently in two movies Paleri Maanikyam and Paradeshi your characters were very old ... how much comfortable were you in taking up those roles (specially in paradesi.. tooo old :): ).. Those movies were with Big Ms... are you ready to take up older woman roles in small budget movies also..? any fear of you getting typed to such 'old age' roles only....?

4) how do you feel about your voice.. ? how much confident are you in dubbing your characters with your own voice...? (In paleri maanikyam I think Actress Zeenath dubbed for you ...)

5) I think in bollywood you only got chance to act in masala commercial movies... But in Malayalam you are getting a variety of roles to prove yourself (and you proved to be a good actress :nallatha: )...Do you still love bollywood industry since it is all about popularity stuff..?? Bollywood has changed a lot now with a variety of movies... Do you hope for any chance to act in Bollywood movies again...? if so, would you compromise for any kind of roles in bollywood movies..like item number dance kind of stuff..?

1. A good character and the director; that's it

2. My first challenging role was Paradesi. The biggest task was to `deglamourise' myself and look appropriately aged for the role.

3. Not at all. I am doing a variety of roles these days if you notice my latest movies

4. I am planning to do dubbing very soon. I am confident of my voice as I do all my Hindi movies in my own

5. Of course I love Bollywood. If I get a good role, I would do it

1. Who do you feel most comfortable to act with, among the actors you shared the screen. You have already acted with superstars like Mammootty, Mohanlal and SRK. Can you boldly pick one?

All are great in their own merits and I would love to work with them on any given day

1. How was your entry into the film industry happened ?

2. What were your feelings when you became the second runner up for the "Miss India" title just behind to Sushmitha Sen and Aishwarya Rai?

3. What are the major future projects that you are looking forward to ?

4. You have done various performance oriented roles off-late.. Among that which of them do you consider as your best performance to date ?

5. Were your family supportive when you decided to be a model and actress ? Tell us something about your family background...

6. Being active in both Malayalam and Hindi, what are your views on both the industries ?

1. I had won Ms Young India at Coimbatore in 1991 which was published widely. Mammootty and Jomon were making Anaswaram and they offered me a role. All of it happened so soon

2. Frankly speaking, I was numb; how a small-town girl would have reacted then?

3. Kayam is something that I am very excited about.

4. My first challenging role was Paradesi. The biggest task was to `deglamourise' myself and look appropriately aged for the role.

5. Of course yes. They nurture very middle class values, father is from Airforce and mother is a housewife. We enjoy perferct democracy at home

6. Malayam cinema is very realistic and gives you good character opportunities. Hindi is larger than life, giving priority to glamour

First of all i really liked ur performance in Kerala cafe :clap: and also Paradesi.. (I'm yet to see paleri manikyam).. Do you feel worried that you seldom get meaty roles and when you get them, it's generally under-appreciated?

Do you think so? I think all my character roles have ben very well appreciated

could you please tell us about your family

1. Glamour roles cheyyumbol veetukaril ninnu edhirpukal neridendi vanitilley?

Of course yes. They nurture very middle class values, father is from Airforce and mother is a housewife. We enjoy perferct democracy at home

Do you feel any speciality for malayam film industry when compared to other south indian film industries?

Malayam cinema is very realistic and gives you good character opportunities. Hindi is larger than life, giving priority to glamour

Your performance in paradesi was one of the best portrayals of a woman character in malayalam movies of late. Kudos. What level of preparations went into getting into the skin of that character? Or was it spontaneous?

Does paradesi made any difference in u(as an actress and as a person)?

I am a spontaneous person and more of a director's actor. Paradesi got me recognition as an actor beyond glamour

1. What is your stand on thilakan issue?
2. Who all are your favorite directors?

1. No comments
2. There are many

What was ur dream for future..i mean ambition,,during the earlier periods before you become an actress?

I wanted to become a pilot or at least an airhostess

Did ur carrier satisfy with the present momentum in urs film industries?

malayalathil early 90'sil vanittu pinne pettennu gap vannadhu endhu kondu?

I am happy with the current turn of events. I was busy with commitments in Hindi films and modelling.

Apreeyamaayi thonniya song edhu?

I love music; I can't recall one now

1. how do you maintain your body weight ? dieting/yoga/exercise

2. any dream role/projects ?

1. exercise..correctly and eat well
2. Many…

1. Of late you seem to have concentrated on a lot of "serious" characters, is it a conscious effort?
2. Looking back, are you proud that you appeared in the "Kamasutra" ads which catapulted you to public imagination?

1. Nothing of that sort..
2. Of course. I am proud and do not regret anything

*PS: Some questions have been ignored because they were similar to/repetitions of other questions. Please co-operate.

9th December 2010, 01:31 AM
Coming Soon: Director Shafi talks to snehasallapam.com about his upcoming movie Marykkundoru Kunjaadu


11th December 2010, 08:01 PM
Director Shafi



11th December 2010, 08:32 PM
Interview With Shaan Rahman

1.What was ur initial aim while entering into music director profession?
2.Which was the most memorable and ur favourite work u r most happy abt its creation.....?
3.Something abt ur family
4.Ur favourite personality in music industry....
Thanks a lot for joining us...
Hoping for many more new generation tracks from u,
Your Fan.......Lodestar Kiran

Hello Lodestar,

1: Try n make sum gud songs :)
2: Coffee@Mg Road...always
3: Dad,Mom,Sis,Bro n now,wifey :)
4: AR Rahman

Thanx fr the qstns lodestar :)

At present why can't Malayalam movies give superb audio albums like say Paiyaa which is an ordinary film at max had superb sound tracks which made the movie a hit. Tamil has (forget AR) Harris Jayaraj, Yuvan atleast as the new age music dirtectors. These people make songs for the new age and sound. In Malayalam no career has taken off... We have Rahul Raj,Gopi Sundar, you, Mejo etc but no one has made a huge impact? Do you know the reason or is it just fate? Tell me your thoughts..

P.S - I really like your "Ilam Manju pole' song, not sure if many have heard it. Can that be made part of any of your upcoming movies?

Hello critic,

Well,my view is that directors and producers in tamil giv a lot of room to music directors to experiment their work. To try fresh sounds n programming n stuff. They always think "wats new" wer as ppl here think "Wats hit". Im not sayin we're close to tamil music but then again,we're not that far either ;) Evrthn wil change,Just gv it sum more time :)
thanx fr luvin my song :)


1. your favorite music director from malluwood ?
2. favorite malayalam album released this year ?
3. oru small family/academic background ?
4. music download cheythittundo ? eppol swantham album internet-l spread cheyyunathu kanumbol vishamam thonarundo ?

Hey kuttoos :)

1: Deepak Dev
2: Just heard "Elsamma enna aankutty". Very nice songs. Gs dat'l be a fave one
3: Dad,mom,sis,bro n wife...Bcom kazhinjittu Audio Visual engg kku poyi. Angane angane angane... ;)
4: Download cheythittundu. Kshama illaathe aavumbozhaanu cheyyunnathu. Oru album ethra thiranjittum kittiyillengil mathram download cheyyum,original kittiyaal vaangikkukayum cheyyum. Vishamam thonnum but ithe awastha thanne aayirikkum avarudethum,allengil download cheyyillallo

Shaan :)

Kidilam :salut:


1. Music director enna nilayilethiyathinu aarodokkeyanu kadapettirikkunnathu?

2. Inspiration kandethunnathu evide ninnaanu?

3. Sruthi shariyavan software upayogikkunnathinodu yojikkunundo?

4. Changaayi enna song kettu. Pazhaya ARR peppy numbersinte orchestrationnodu saamyam thonni. Athu manapoorvam aano?

Helo Zodiac,

1: Family and my friend Vineeth Sreenivasan.
2: Nammale ellaa nalla kaaryangalum inspire cheyyum. Enne AR songs oru paadu inspire cheythittundu,athu pole movies,long drives. Anything can inspire you. Difficult to point out one :(
3: Technology nalla reethiyil use cheyyunnathu kondu kuzhappamillennu thonnunnu. Shruthi sheriyaavaatha paattu aalukal ishtappedillallo. Nalla reethiyil 100% shruthi cherthu paadunna paattukaarum(youngsters) ippo kuravaanu.
4: Onnum manapporvamalla. But its a credit. Njan AR inde 90sile songsinde HardCore fan aanu. Chilappo angane vannathaayirikkaam :)

Shaan :)

1. Reality show nadathi kotta kanakkinu paattukaare cinemayilekk kayatti vidunna TV channels-nod enthaanu parayaanullath?
2. malayalathil aarude lyrics-il work cheyyanam ennaanu aagraham?
3. vineeth sreenivaasanumaayulla friendship-ne kurich 2 vaakk.....
4. cheytha ethenkilum paattukal kurachu koodi nannaakkaamaayirunnu enn pinneed thonniyittundo???
5. lakshyangal enthokkeyaanu????

Hello Raaman,

1: Be genuine. Kuttikalude future vechu kalikkaruthu.
2: Ippo Rafeeq Ahmad
3: Genuine and selfless. Avane polathe suhruthine kittuka ennathu oru bhaagyam aanu.
4: Haha...Ellaa paattukalum ;)
5: Valya lakshyangal onnum illa. But nalla oru musician aayi ariyappedanam ennundu.

Thank you,

Shaan :)

Qn No 1. Music compose cheythathinu shesham athinu suit aakunna reethiyil lyrics ezhuthunna oru pravanatha malayalam movie industryil kandu varunnathaayi kelkkunnu... Ithine patti thaangalude abhiprayam enthaanu?? :peace:

Hello Jaggu,

Valare sheriyaanu. Athendu kondaanennu sathyam paranjaal enikkariyilla. But ippozhathe working reethi anganeyaanu. Pattanathil bhootham,Metro ithilokke aadhyam tune undaakkaanaanu director paranjathu. Tune ishtappettal pinneedu lyricsum ezhuthum. Malarvaadi was dfrnt bcuz director thanne aayirunnallo Lyricist ;). But randu reethikkum athindethaaya pros n cons undu.

Thank you,

Shaan :)

Hi shaan,

1. I thoroughly enjoyed your 'palavattam kathu ninnu njan..' but got irritated when I heard the usha uthup version 'pala vattam kandathanu njan'. for me that was one of the worst albums in malayalam recently. How do you rate that version ? what was your first reaction when you heard that song?

2 who is the greatest male play back singer india ever had Dasettan, mohd Rafi or any one else?

3. who is the greatest female singer of india ? K.S chithra , latha mangeshkar or asha bhosle ?

4. cinema field andha vishwasangalude kootharangu aanennu kettittundu . sharatinte polulla mikacha music directorinu avashyathinu avasarangal labhikkathathu addeham sangeetha samvidhanam cheyta cinemakal venda reetiryil vijayikathathu kondanu ennum (though most of his songs were brilliant).

ethra mikacha sangeethajnan aayalum ingane oru avastha neridendy varum ennu ashanka undo ?

Hello Soothran,

1: I was shocked. They cud've made it better or they shudnt hav done it.
2: Mohd Rafi saab anytime And ofcrs Kishore Kumar.
3: Lataji
4: Sathyam paranjaal njan anganeyonnum ithu vare chinthichittilla. Ende 3rd film alle aayittullu.

Thank you,

Shaan :)

hi shan rahman..
firstly thanks to your latest hit album Malarvadi arts club.

1.Malarvadiyile gangal...thankale poornamaum thripthipeduthiyittundo?(situation base cheythulla songs anallo)
2.A.R.Rahman/Ilayaraja Who is your favourite?why?

Hello Brother,

1: Theerchayaayum.
2: AR Rahman. Bcuz he took indian music to the next level.

Thank you,

Shaan :)

Hi shaan Rahman

My questions to you....

1. sangeethathil aranu thangalude guru or aranu thangalile kazhivu kandeduthathu?

2. Malaradi arts club nalla reportumayi munnerunnu. aa padathinte vijayam thangalude careeril etratholam valuthanu?


1: Guru sathyam paranjaal AR Rahman aanu kaaranam adhehathinde paattukal kettaanu njan valarnnathu. Oru music teacher onnumilla enikku. Ellaam njan swanthamaayi padichathaanu.

2: Valare valare valuthaanu. Career maathramalla,personaly ennodu valare aduppamulla film aanu MAC. Kaaranam thudakkam muthal athinde koode undaavaan enikku kazhinju.

thank you,

Shaan :)

My Questions to Shan Rahman

1. Are you satisfied working in Malayalam music industry. Do you think its a perfect platform to nurture your talent?

2. Tell us about your family life.

Originally Posted by navarannan http://www.snehasallapam.com/images/buttons/viewpost.gif (http://www.snehasallapam.com/malayalam-movie-discussions/2437-celebrity-chat-shaan-rahman-post617090.html#post617090)
My Questions to Shan Rahman

1. Are you satisfied working in Malayalam music industry. Do you think its a perfect platform to nurture your talent?

2. Tell us about your family life.

Hello Navarannan,

1: I hv very little experience to answer that qstn. But im sure its a gud platform,if not perfect,to do our thing.

2: Well,Dad's wrkn in Ras Al Khaimah,mom's here,sis is a doctor n bro's doin hs BA in Vis fx frm blore. My wife's name is Zaira n we're completing one full year together on the 11th of next month. Dats about it.

Thank you,

Shaan :)

My Qns :

1. Which one do you prefer? Tune first and then lyrics or vice versa?

2. What can we expect from from your new movie "The Metro" produced by Dileep's Grand Productions?

3. What do you think your greatest achievement so far?

4. Any further plans for musical albums like Coffee @ MG Road?

5. What is your take on Music piracy and downloads? Don't you think that there is a humane side to it as original cassettes and CDs are not accessible for malayalees spread around the globe?

6. This is a personal question. How can you be so humble and down-to-earth even after being a celebrity?

Hello ther,

1: Both can do wonders in their own ways. Wat matters is the end result.

2: The Metro is a High energy movie with lots of speed! You can expect that kind of music in it.

3: Coffee @ Mg Road

4: No plans as yet but anyth can happen ;)

5: Very true. Its time that our music should be "sold" through the internet (like itunes).

6: First off,i dont n never wil consider myself a celeb. Im only doing my work just like evryone else. Im not the jaada type but im a very reserved guy. Dats me :)

thank you,

Shaan :)

shaanikka, can we expect d songs like old 80s from you,

Hello Mr Malayali,

that was a golden era :D The best ever. Dont know wether i'd be able to do that type of songs. Wil dfntly try my best :)

Thank you ,


who is your fav malayalam singer?
who is your fav malayalam music director?
who is your fav malayalam actor?
who is your fav malayalam actress?
who is your fav malayalam director?

Hello aadu thoma :) (Dats my fave Lalettans charactr)

1: Deepak Dev
2: Mammooty n Mohanlal
3: No one.
4: Joshi sir

Thank you,

Shaan :)

Shaan chetta Puthiya projects vallathum undo...ee question nerthe vallaru chodhichenkilum reply tharane.....Pinne enikku Chettante pattinu..ARR pattinte feel kittarundu.....:nallatha:

Hello Chakochi,

Dileepettan produce cheyyunna "The Metro" aanu next padam. :) ARR paattinde feel kittunnu ennu paranjathu njan oru angeekaaramaayi edukkunnu. thank you very much :)


Hi shan sir,
1. Piracy in malayalam music industry is very big nd i'm sure only a handful of people in kerala buys the original music cd of a movie because the songs are released fast in net... So do u have any suggestion to curb this or making legal download possible??
2. Mal.cinemayude promotion okke mattu language muvi's compare cheyyumbol poor aanu...What is your take on making the movie reach to a wider audience..? Does the music videos like the one you had did for pappi appacha a new step towards that?

Hello Tony,

1: It is a curse. Music companies should make sure that this dusnt happen n they shud ensure that the cds shud get to the stores asap. Or they should start legal pay-n-download sites like itunes.

2: Sheriyaanu,the reason is stil unaware to me. Wat i believe is that if the film is gud,it'l speak fr itself. I totaly agree with you though. Production houses shud concentrate more on new techniques for selling films. N more over,ppl don go to cinema halls now,they wait fr a pirated vcd or dvd to gt release cuz dats much cheaper than a whole family goin to the movie hall.Yes,Paapi vdo ws like dat. Wish more n more ppl did dat kind of stuff.

Thank you,

Shaan :)

hello Shaan.. welcome 2 SS,

1, Vineeth thanne pala abhimukhangalilum paranju kettathanu, Malarvadiyile pattukal palavettam matti undakkiyathanu ennu. pala nalla tune-kalum matti mattiyanu eppol ulla pattukalil ethichernnathu ennu. angane enkil upekshikkapettavayil thankalkku eshtapetta tunes undayirunno? eny ethelum oru avasarathil a tunes thankal upayogikkumo..?
2, Oru producer enna nilayil Malarvadiyile Songsil Dileepettante edapedalukal undayittundo?...enthenkilum tharathil ulla nirbendha budhi kanichittundo..?

Hello Kaaryasthan,

1: Yes,nalla tunes okke undaayirunnu. Athu dfntly ennegilum oru avasaram kittiyaal upayigikkum :)

2: Dileepettan ottum idapettittilla. Oru professional aanu Dileepettan. "Ethra samayam venamengilum edutho but paattukal adipoliyaayirikkanam" ennu maathramaanu Dileepettan paranjathu.

Thank you,

Shaan :)


Engine aanu Vineethumaayi adyam koodi chernnathu.?

Vineeth-Shan albums hit aanu, ippol malarvaadiyum van hit aanu. ee koottu kettil ninnum ini enthu pratheekshikkaam?

Ethu tharam paattukal aanu cheyyaan ishtam? melody/nadan paattukal/comedy ?

Hello Saji,

1: Nudumbaseri airportil vechaanu aadhyam kaanunnathu. Pinne nalla suhruthukkalaayi. Music taste okke identical aayirunnu. Athu bandhathinde aazham kooti.

2: Malarvaadi ippo irangiyathalle ullu. Njangal athinde santhoshathilaanu. Thalkaalam bhaaviyekurichonnum parayaaraayittilla. :)

3: Ellaa tharavum...Melody aanu koottathil thaalparyam

Thank you,

Shaan :)


Malarvadi yile Songs, Pinnedu kettappol. ithilum nannakkamayirunnu, ennu thonniyirunno?

Undenkil athevideyanu?

Hello Paappichayan,

Idakku thonnum. But appo thanne vittu kalayum,kaaranam athu eni alochichittu kaaryamillallo

Thank you,

Shaan :)

One more question..Albuthilokke abhinayichille..ini cinemayile nayakanayo..Sundaranaya villain ayo njangalku kanan kazhiyo...?
and wishing all the best for your future...

hahaha... Aarengilum vilichaal pokum ;)


Haiii Shaan,

Malarvaadiyile "Changaayi" enna song ente oru favourite tune aanu, Malabar slangile lyrics ulla oru song, aa song create cheythathinte background onnu parayamo?

Hello Deepu,

Aadhyam changaayi tune full vere aayirunnu. But kurachu kazhunjappol aa paattinu venda oru pleasantness illennu thonni. Pettennu oru tune vannu...Vineethinum ishtappettu...athaanu ningal ippol kelkkunna tune.

Thank you,

Shaan :)


1. Malarvadi BGM/Rerecording was a new experience. How did you do it? Sasi, Sasi enna bgm/who let the dogs out enna bgm okke aarude ideas aanu?

2. BGM cheyyunnathaano Song cheyyunnathaano kurachoode difficult task?

3. Chila music directors paranju kelkkarundu avar mattullavarude pattukal kekkaarilla ennu, avarude pattinte reethi influence cheyyathirikkaan aanu ingane cheyyunnathennu. What is your take? Shaan ella pattukalum kelkkarundo?

4. Pick one song(from malayalam) each of your choice suiting the below.
a. Romance b. Nostalgia c. Lost love d. Jovial e. friendship f. Party song g. being lonely


1: Ellaam oru dhairyamaanu. Vineethinde first film BG cheyyaan enne elppikkumbol athu ethrayum bhangi aakki kodukkuka ennathu ethra valya responsibility aanennu njan parayandallo. But ellam dhaivathinde anugraham kondu nannaayi vannu. Ellaam nammal discus cheythu vanna ideas aanu. Sasi,dog ellaam...

2: Dfntly BGM

3: Njan ella paattukaluk kelkkaarundu. Oru music drctr ellaam kelkkanam ennaanu ende personal opinion.

4a: Mazhayulla raathriyil...(Kadha)
4b: Aa raagam (Kshanakathu)
4c: Marakkaam ellaam marakkaam (Swapnakoodu)

Thank you,

Shaan :)

Hi shaan,
congrats on being the trend setter among the youth..

1.picturization mosham aayath kondo film flop aayath kondo nalla oru composition sradikapedathe poya exp undo? If yes which one nd wat was the feelng?

2.future projects?

Sorry if these were answerd earlier


1: Pattanathil bhoothathil "Aaro nilaavaayi thalodi" enna oru song undu. Its stil one of my best compositions. Athu shoot cheyyunnilla ennu paranjappol thakarnnu poyi.

2: Dileepettan produce cheyyunna "The Metro"

Thank you,

Shaan :)

Appol cinema Nadan aakanam enna mohavum undennu churukkam,:party: anyway my best wishes,:good:

Angane mohamonnumilla. Ellaam experience cheyyanam ennundu,athre ullu. Avasaanam athu ptiyilla,ithu ptiyilla ennu paranju vishamichirikkandallo

Dear friends and well-wishers,

I hav to leave now because i hav sum urgent work here to finish. I thank all of you for your questions. Thank you once again to one n all and especially to Mr Arun for giving me this oppurtunity to interact with all of you through Snehasallaapam. It was indeed a sneham niranja sallapam. Gnite to all of you. Take care and God Bless :)

Luv n music,

Shaan Rahman :D

11th December 2010, 08:42 PM
Director Vaisak (pokkiriraja fame) interview > Chat with Vaishakh... about Pokkiriraja and more... - Page 14 - Snehasallapam (http://www.snehasallapam.com/malayalam-movie-discussions/2064-chat-vaishakh-about-pokkiriraja-more-14.html)