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14th January 2012, 09:10 AM
The Seven Colours Of Life


Dr.James looked through the window pane till that ambulance went past the hospital gate.It was an afternoon.An afternoon where sun shined while there was a small drizzle.Sunlight was peeping through the leaves of the trees and kissed the water logging in the ground.That kissing would have embarrassed it.It blushed and split itself into seven colours, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet...

“The Seven Colours of Light. Is light the only thing comprised of many colours. What about life? Or more particularly, the life of the person which ended some hours ago and now in that white ambulance which just went out”, James thought for a moment.Yeah, I know him for one week and each day of it may be compared to the seven colours of light..

Day One

“Number 17”,nurse called ..

The patient with the token id 17 came inside the room.He was roughly 30 years old, well built, charming, and his face told me that he was very eager..

His test result was with me. In a couple of minutes time he will know that he is suffering from a deadly disease that has put an expiry date on him. Should I tell that? Or May I tell a lie that everything is fine and let him live the final days of life without the fear of death?..

"Doctor",that call brought me back from my thoughts..
"Yes",I replied..
"You told me to come today to collect my test results.Everything is OK,isn't it doctor.."

I hesitated to speak for a moment. Finally I made up my mind to tell the truth..

I still don't remember how I told him about his death.. Nor how I persuaded myself to tell that.But onething for sure, I did tell him.

For a moment he was calm.Then his face began to turn red.He screamed..

“What the f**k is this? Why me? No doctor,you're lying..”

I thought he was going to cry. But I was wrong. His rage was increasing. He stood up from his seat and like a mad man started to destroy my room. I could have called securities with a phone call. But something stopped me from that. May be the thought that what he's going to destroy is of no value when compared to what he's going to lose. But my nurse didn't had that thought in her mind.She called the securities and they took him from my room. I still remember his face that day..It was red such that,the setting sun would be envious while seeing his face..

Yes,THE RAGING RED was the first colour..

Day Two

The time was about 7 p.m. I was at my home, consulting patients. It was not a busy day. There were just one or two patients with some minor diseases. I had planned an outing with my kids after consulting the final patient in the queue . Quite unexpectedly, the very man whom I saw yesterday came into my room. Frankly speaking,I was a bit frightened, may be because what I saw yesterday.

“Doctor, Do you have a moment for me? I have to tell something” ,he said

He was very different from yesterday. His face was dull. He looked very much discarded..

“Why not? I am all yours”, I replied.

“I am sorry for everything I did yesterday. For a moment, I lost myself after hearing what you said”

“Hey,don't take it seriously”, I interfered. But he continued as if he didn't hear what I said.

“I was never a bad guy,Sir. I neither drank even a glass of beer nor smoked a cigarette, was god fearing and always loyal to my wife and parents. After completing degree as college topper, I had big dreams. But now I lost everything.All my prayers were discarded. Now with the name of some disease I am still unable to pronounce, the Almighty has discarded my life too. Maybe he has found a better disciple than me..”

He was sobbing while telling this. I wanted to console him. But I couldn't.He wanted to speak more. But emotions overtook his words.He rose up from his seat and moved towards the door. Before crossing the door, he looked at me once more and his face resembled an orange sun flower after sunset. Wanted to reach sun all day, and tried for it .Unfortunately, fate had other plans. Feeling discarded is a very bad feeling, and I saw somebody who is at the epitome of that feeling..

THE OBSOLETE ORANGE was the colour of him this time..

Day Three

It was early morning, and I was jogging through the beach.

Beach was always a favorite place for me, especially at the time of sunset and sunrise. For me, the most beautiful place on earth is a beach at that time. But I remember this particular day not because of any of these.

Coincidentally, I met him this time too. He was sitting there watching the vast, deserted ocean. He didn't notice me.This time I made up my mind to talk to him, maybe I was ashamed of myself for telling nothing to console him yesterday.I sat beside him. He noticed me and wished me. I wished him back. But after seeing his face, my mind just went blank. I forgot everything I was planning to tell. Time passed away. After sometime he broke the silence.

“Sir,this question might sound stupid and you would have heard this many times, but for me this is the biggest question”

He paused for a moment, then continued

“Do I have any small chance to live for some more time?” ,he was very hopeful while asking this.

I replied

“We all will die once. In fact I am nobody to tell how much time you have left before, the unavoidable stranger,the death embrace you or even about myself. I could die the very next moment in an accident or some forty years later. There're certain questions that we can't answer. But for the question you asked, I think I have an answer. Living has many states. In one state you can breathe, have the heartbeat etc.That may be called the physical state of living. It has an expiry date. In another one,the emotional state of living, you may live forever. It's the living through memories..”

I paused. I saw a ray of hope in his eyes. I continued

“If those you know, have a feeling that you are somewhere near, isn't it the best way of living”.

I saw him smile for the first time in three days.He replied.

“Thank You,Sir. Now I understand the worth of being a good individual and how to spent the last couple of days of my so called physical life.I bet you sir, I will live forever in the other state.”

I still don't know what made me to tell those words. I was never so philosophical. May be the God chose me to clear his doubts.But I am sure that he was happy after that.His face resembled the enthusiastic yellow flame yearning to spent the last few moments vigorously before being put out.

Hence, today the best colour would be THE YEARNING YELLOW.

Day Four

It was late night. I was checking my mail and a mail from an unknown contact noticed my attention. It had the titles Thank You Sir, and I understood who would be the sender. I opened it...

“I still don't know how to thank you , Sir. You changed the course of my life. I would have stopped breathing in a bad manner. The meeting with you yesterday avoided that. I was planning to tell my wife and kids that I would have to leave them soon, and made them cry even before my death. Now I have decided not to tell the details to them and spend the last few days making them happy to the core. Even if I leave, why should they be sad expecting it. Oops, I won't leave them. I will be with them forever.

In these two days, I took them to zoo, park, cinema. My kids were surprised to see their workaholic dad spending time with them, that too taking leave from work. My wife was equally surprised too. She asked me what miracle happened in that morning walk. I replied that I saw the reflection of the Almighty that day. She called me crazy, but you know that I was right, don't you? I have planned to take them to the beach tomorrow. Once more I am thanking you sir, for giving the chariot of life back to me for driving.”

I was deeply touched by that mail. But the fact that, the count down timer of his life is nearing its zero value, made me sad at the same time. But in that mail I saw a cute little lamb freshened up after seeing a pasture infront of him. The freshening green colour of the pasture was reflecting in that mail and I think green would be best colour to suit him today.


Day Five

Time is about half past four. I was at the hospital, but I was much more interested in a mail than my work. I was frequently checking my inbox. Suddenly, nurse came into my room yelling..

“Doctor, emergency”

Emergency is a word no doctor wants to hear. Not because of the work load coming,but because of the fact that a patient is in the critical state and at the brim of the life. Watching the end of a life, right infront of you is not an easy thing, even for an experienced doctor.

I ran towards the casualty and literally shocked after seeing the patient. It was the same person from which I was expecting the mail. He was vomiting blood. I yelled to the nurse to move him to the ICU. His wife and two small kids were crying, seems shocked about what they just saw now.

After sometime, his blood pressure stabilized and he was coming back to normal state.His eyes started to open.He saw me and spoke in a tainted voice.

“Can I speak to my wife and kids?”

“I won't advise it at this stage, but If you want it so much..don't take much time.You're very weak” ,I replied.

“In one state, Sir..In the other state I am the strongest person on earth”, his reply had a spellbinding effect on me.

I called his wife and kids to the room. I wanted to leave them in their own privacy. But the professional inside me told to not to move away from my patient. He didn't mind it either.

He held her hand and started speaking in a small but strong voice

“Dear, this was not planned. I never wanted it to happen so soon. I have to leave you in any moment from now..”

A drop of tear fell from his eyes.He wiped it away.But his wife couldn't get hold of her emotions.I don't know how to describe her, but the close resemblance would be a wild ocean, and his face looked like a calm ocean.They were supposed to enjoy the beauty of ocean at this time.But unfortunately, they have an ocean of sorrow in their mind and in their face as well..This is the peculiarity of blue colour it has a beautiful perspective as well as a beastly one..

I rejected the advice of professional within me, and left them there..Walking back I found the colour that would best suit the situation..


Day Six

I didn't sleep well yesterday. The scenes at the ICU disturbed me so much. I ran to the hospital to reach there as early as possible. He was still sleeping under the sedation gave to him. His wife was sitting beside him. Her face was blank. She was in a helpless kind of situation. Their small kids were playing next to them. Innocent little fellows. They don't know what is happening. But the scenes they saw yesterday. Doesn't it even have a little effect on them? I doubted.

I checked his pulse. There wasn't anything miraculous even though I hoped to see one.

Then one of his children came near me and asked,

“Our mom is not playing with us. Why? We will listen to everything she says. We will be good children. Uncle, Please tell her to come and play with us.”

It would have been a silly request on any other day. But this time it was enough to put a lump in my throat. Innocence is a blessing. At least you don't understand many complicated things.

I replied in a sour tone, “Your mom is busy now, Shall I play with you?”.

“Will you?”, they asked.

“Why not?I am your uncle too,nah?”

Suddenly the very same nurse jumped into there from nowhere.

“Doctor,the patient in 301 is serious”

Having no way left, I have to leave the kids there and ran with the nurse.I looked back just at he door for moment and their innocent eyes seemed to stare at me like an electric indigo glow in that dull atmosphere, and I found the colour of the day there itself.


Day Seven

I woke up in the morning,after getting a call from the hospital that he is serious.I ran to the hospital after a quick breakfast.

He was finding it very difficult to breath, blood pressure was too low and I was sure about one thing. The ultimate ending is somewhere near unless something unexplainable to science happens. I felt the presence of death in that room, waiting to fetch its pray.His wife was crying and kids were shocked seeing all the commotion happening in the room.His heartbeat started to lower and blood started flow from nose. A moment later it was all over.

I looked at his wife's eyes and she knew what I was going to tell. She fell onto his body crying. Death got its pray, and unfortunately that pray was right before me.

Virginity is something that we can't get back, if it's lost. If it's so then I would say our soul is our virginity. Death has raped this man to make him lose his soul, and he won't get it back.The hymen of happiness of that family has been broken.

When moving from the outer to inner end, violet is the last colour of rainbow... and today was the last day of his life. Considering all these, my philosophical mind would like to call the colour of the day with a funny but meaningful name



The ambulance would have reached his home now.The drizzle has stopped and the seven colours of light is not seen anymore.But the colours he painted in my mind will stay for a long time, as he said he'd live forever.Now I have to move on.I have a long journey infront of me and I hope Death won't rape anybody infront of me from now on.

14th January 2012, 09:19 AM
Hi arjun, ngan blogil ninnum innale vaayichaayirunnu..

"The hymen of happiness of that family has been broken." kidukki :lol:

idea kollam..

14th January 2012, 09:31 AM
Hi arjun, ngan blogil ninnum innale vaayichaayirunnu..

"The hymen of happiness of that family has been broken." kidukki :lol:

idea kollam..

thanks anna..
ee kadhayude theme thoniyapol thanne kitiya 2 phrases anu..the virgin violetum,hymen of happinessum..ennitanu storyum,charctersum,situationsum ellam kitunath..

16th January 2012, 08:16 PM
Hi arjun, ngan blogil ninnum innale vaayichaayirunnu..

"The hymen of happiness of that family has been broken." kidukki :lol:

idea kollam..

18th January 2012, 04:26 PM
Arjun i really enjoyed ypur writing..
adding colours to the life..had read before..but this was a diffrent attempt...
You got writing skills.
.try to read more and write..lokking forward for your next story..!

18th January 2012, 08:25 PM
Arjun i really enjoyed ypur writing..
adding colours to the life..had read before..but this was a diffrent attempt...
You got writing skills.
.try to read more and write..lokking forward for your next story..!

thanks flicks..

Antony Moses
18th January 2012, 08:30 PM
Excellent attempt macha...

allarachillara kozhappangal undenkilum overall beauty is enough to camouflage those... rainbow aakunna ee colors ellam koode cherumbo there is only 1 color left - the blissful white that symbolizes the universal truth of death :)

19th January 2012, 10:16 AM
Excellent attempt macha...

allarachillara kozhappangal undenkilum overall beauty is enough to camouflage those... rainbow aakunna ee colors ellam koode cherumbo there is only 1 color left - the blissful white that symbolizes the universal truth of death :)

thanx diggu..

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Thanks for this posting..

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Thanks for this posting..