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21st February 2012, 09:05 PM

No, nothing can get worse than this. For a moment he wished the world to end at least for him. He feared he might get psychic. That sight was such heartbreaking for anyone. At a foot distance, she was lying with scratches on her face. Her once beautiful pink lips are now black with clotted blood on it. The air around was cold. He is hearing nothing but her cry for help. Even the moon hid inside the black rain clouds on so that it could avoid seeing that sight. Nature knew he loved her so much. He had told his love for her to wind, rain and to his pet birds, but not to her. If he had, the situation would have been different.

He was always the topper in the college, and ofcourse she was the most charming girl. Like in any other typical love story, he fell for her. Fear of rejection is the greatest fear, and no exception our protagonist too had the same phobia. He feared that his not so great looks weigh more in front of her than his 9.5 SGPA. His introvert attitude added to the misery. Our poor hero believed that a red rose on February 14th is much better than well polished demeaneaors. Our heroine, on the other hand was a free spirited soul who loved to hang out, who loved to bunk classes and of course to love in the classical way. But its funny that, nobody knew that she too had a crush on him. She loved him once for his helping mind and cuteness. Our hero, who is quite weak in taking chances didn't even attempt to tell his love to any humans for the same fear.

The saying says life goes on.Here the life went on for the heroine, but not for the hero. She finally fell in the sweet words of somebody else nearby her house. The hero who came to know about him in some gossip chat in the campus, knew only onething. The only place he could beat him was in some factual GD or in the mark list. The other guy was handsome,masculine and of course had a good tongue. But he didn't knew, he could have easily defeated the other guy in the amount of love he had for her. The hero who is regularly hearing colourful stories about his dream girl decided one thing, to concentrate more on studies so that he could crack the civil service exam and take up job in some distant unknown place so that he don't need to hear their stories, don't need to give ear to the proposals forwarded by his parents and deep inside his mind he wished to get shot down by some terrorist. Thank god! He also feared to commit suicide.

As always the exams were quite easy for him, the interviews too. He was quite sure that he will be in the top 10. He started to search in the internet for unkonown places in North-Eat India and Jammu and Kashmir, wishing to get placement in those places. Finally, the date of declaraton of result has arrived. He woke up the next day, hearing a scream of his father. “Look!! Our son's pic in the front page of the newspaper.He has bagged the first rank in the civil service examination”. He jumped out of the bed and rushed to his father. Father hand over the front page to him and said, “Congrats”. With a proud smile he began to read it. But his eyes got stuck in some other news. His lips dried and he almost fainted after reading it.


He rushed to the hospital after reading that news.The content of the news was lingering through his mind.

Teenage girl gang raped by lover and friends in serious condition. The girl who went to attend the birthday party of her boyfriend was drugged and raped. Police have registered a case and arrested two of the accused. The main accused is still absonding.

It would have been an ordinary news, if the main accused was somebody else. But unfortunately it was the same guy about whom our heroine was associated.

Now his love is lying before him. Her Charisma has been sucked out. The bloody sex maniacs attacked that sweet little lamp like wolves. No,wolves would be a decent term. Wolves would have killed her outright. Here she is left out after losing the most valuable. The doctors are trying hard to save her life. An action force has been set up for conducting protests to arrest the culprits. Facebook people shared her tragic story and got thousands of likes and comments. But only three people were there to pray for her.Her father,mother and our hero.

Time passed.She started recovering.Our hero was there at that hospital all these time.His eyes clearly indicate that he badly needed some sleep. But his mind was not willing for it. Her father was sitting next to him weeping. He was yelling. “They destroyed my daughter's life. I will kill them...My daughter..Her life..”. Unknowingly he held her father's hand. He muttered, “I will be there..”

After some days she finally regained consiousness.He spoke to her.

“I should have told this before.”

He stopped for a moment.

“Will you marry me?”

She didn't reply for a second.she was weeping..

“But I lost all my....”

“Please,no..I don't care about anything that happened to you.For me you're still the purest thing known...”

After one month Facebook had a new story to share


After reading this he held his wife who sat nearby and kissed on her forehead.He muttered, ”Actually I am the one who got life back”

The wind and rain who saw all these gently kissed each other.

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Dear Achukuttan....as usual nice thread....i always wait for your heart touching threads...thanks for posting..
" PURITY of life is the central theme of all the religions which have been given through the ages to humanity. For purity is not only a religious idea but it is the outcome of the nature of life itself, and one sees it in some form or other in every living creature. It is the tendency of all animals and birds to cleanse their coats or feathers, and to find a clean place in which to live or sit; and in the human being this tendency is even more pronounced. Even a man who has not risen above the material life shows this faculty in physical cleanliness, but behind this there is something else hidden, something which is the secret of the whole creation and the reason why the world was made."

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