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21st March 2012, 10:21 AM
Theatre : Saritha 70 MM A/c
Date and Show : 20th March, 6 PM
Status : 90 %

Pathanamthittayil Ninnuu GAVI enna manoharamayaa sthalatheykkullaa oru journey........kurachu porayama undengilum......chithram sharasharikkuu mugalil unduu

Film begins with Eravi (Kunjacko Boban) getting appointed to KSRTC as conductor in Pathanamthitta - Gavi route of which Suku (Biju Menon) is the driver. In due course of their trips ,they get to be a part of the lives of people in Gavi

Kuchako Boban as Eravi - he done his role very lighty with good acting in comedy and in romantic scenes :adipoli::adipoli::adipoli:
Biju Menon as Suku - His palakkadan slang in the film throughout makes his variety than others :kidu::kidu::kidu:
Asif Ali as Bhadran - Since in the 1st half..he was having very less performance and since his behaviour in 2nd half was different....i came to know that what will be the climax :dull: :dull: :dull: Dialogue presentation was not upto mark

Actress kuzhappammilla...but acting onum koodee nannavanam :asooya: :asooya: :asooya:

Ann, jishnu, raghavan, lalu alex and rest of the cast were OK

Baburaj as Vakkachan....i dont know why..the director havent given importance to this character in 2nd half, but he just scored well from starting of the film after his intro as drunkard :kayyadi::kayyadi::kayyadi:

Script and Direction
Script went wrong ...while about to reach at the climax...as it was predictable as from the behavior of character bhadran. As a debutant, director wins to give the audience ..a visual treat

Sundari song was good and good to hear and also the romantic song :kollaam::kollaam::kollaam:with good BGM for the apt scenes

Superb Cinematography :hurray:

Editing was OK

Good costumes ....especially for songs :victory::victory::victory:

My Verdict : Above Average :partytime::partytime::partytime:

21st March 2012, 10:24 AM
Thanks Bhairavan

21st March 2012, 10:40 AM
baburaj thakarkkuvanallo :kayyadi:

21st March 2012, 01:25 PM
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21st March 2012, 01:29 PM
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padathinu nalla alundu all keral

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Bheeman Reghu
21st March 2012, 02:31 PM
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