1. Snehasallapam.com is a discussion forum with the intention of bringing about a meaningful and creative discussion on various issues among the members.

2. Please be aware that all the cyber laws have to be adhered to without fail and any violation would deal to moderator/administrator actions

3. A s a discussion forum on the net, we allow you freedom to articulate your ideas and thoughts freely. At the same time please keep that this freedom is not a ticket to hurt another member’s feelings or spread hate messages.

4. Any posts which are of religious/political/racial/sexual hatred or discrimination will be viewed with utmost seriousness.

5. As a forum which primarily focuses on Malayalam cinema and its betterment, we do not entertain any attempt to malign or intentionally tarnish an individual/group/ a creation.
Such messages should immediately be brought to the notice of the moderator team.

6. Avtar and Siggy Rule:Refrain from using objectionable content as avtars/signatures.

7. Thread rule: Multiple threads on the same topic are not allowed. Please search the forum for related topics and try to use the same. Please be aware that each new topic creates an overhead to the logistics of the forum.

8. A member is not supposed to have multiple registrations in the forum, and if found will lead to disciplinary actions.

9. No pornographic or copyrighted material should be shared in the forum.

10. As responsible members of the forum, we urge you not to get provoked by the rule breaking posts made by other members and react. Instead kindly report the matter to moderators first and in case you are not satisfied with the decision, escalate the same to the admin.

11. Poll Rule: A poll started by a user can run only for a maximum of 7days. In the case of a end date not being specified or if the moderators feel that the poll is not being conducted with the spirits of the forum, they have the rights to remove the same.

12. A panel of moderators will be setup and they will try to resolve any issues by mutual discussion and understanding. In case of the conflict remaining unresolved among the panel, it would be left to the judgement of admin(which will be final)

13. Please follow the moderator instruction at times of heated discussion.

14. For minor offences, the moderator team would issue an infraction point. Depending upon the number of infraction points, a user could be handed a temporary/permanent ban.
Serious offences would be dealt with a ban straight away.

15. All moderator actions will be updated in the thread Admins/Mods Notifications

16. Please do not post pictures containing watermarks of other forums.

Please feel free to suggest amends/additions/deletions from the above set of rules.
Have fun at SS!!!!!

Set of Rules Regarding Threads

Few things to be taken care of before starting a new thread

1.You have the freedom to start a movie's official thread ..be it any language ..only thing is it shud be a movie worth discussing

for other languages.. u can start for big star movies ..not for sumthing say ..vedigundu murugesan

Please start threads for movies that are confirmed. It would be highly appreciated if the the thread has been created after the movie starts rolling.

2.Regarding off topic threads...plz use the search option to chk whether similar threads are already there. Admin/Mods have all rights to move/merge the topic under these circumstances.

3.You are supposed to start only one thread per day ...2nd thread(if started) will be deleted without notice

plz note that ...topics violating these guidelines will be deleted without any notice

4. Only three official movie threads are allowed per person per month. If you want to start a fourth thread in a month you will have to contact admin/mod and get permission PRIOR to starting your thread. A fourth official movie thread without permission will be deleted and will not be restored back evenif the author gets a permission.

5. We do not encourage thread 'booking'. You are not allowed to create a thread for a movie that is still in its initial stages of discussion (example for such movies are priyan-mt movie or shaji-mt-lal movie).

6. It's best not to start a thread with unreliable media reports. By unreliable we mean sites that make news from major magazines, like velli, and translate it into different language and make it look like their report.

7. Always provide link to the source. If we do not see a source in the first post, we may lock the thread until the source has been revealed by the thread owner.

PS: These rules are made not to discourage you from creating an official thread, but to make it fair for other users who would like to create a thread.

Rule regarding user name changes: (19/09/2010)

Going forward, users will be allowed to change their usernames only once in 6 months. No special requests will be entertained. Kuttoos has been entrusted with the responsiblity of maintaing a sheet which lists the user name changes and the dates.

However please not we do not encourage user name changes at all since it creates a lot of confusion.

Rule regarding user profile deletion: (19/09/2010)
In the past we have received couple of requests to delete their profile from the database because the user feels SS is eating up a lot of their time or for some other personal reasons.

Admin panel has decided not to accept such requests from now on. We can help you by putting your profile on BAN for a specific period of time. We will not be able to ban your IP as well, since it may affect other users.

New users please read

http://www.snehasallapam.com/malayalam-movie-discussions/4942-ss-user-manual.html to get basic idea about forum usage

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Snehasallapam Social Media Page privacy Policy:

Photos that we are sharing are taken from websites, some are taken by our members.
Images , videos and songs related to movies we share on our social media page is under the sole ownership of the producer and his production company Any queries related to movie related news can be forwarded to us directly via our email id – snehasallapamonline@gmail.com

Movie Reviews:In Social media pages, Currently we are posting reviews shared by our members in snehasallapam.com. We wont be checking the quality , rating etc of the review. What ever reviews that are posted by our members during the 1st day of movie release will be shared on our social media pages