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      Default Ashdoc's movie review---Girlz ( marathi movie )

      Ankita Lande plays Mati , a girl living in Kolhapur who feels stifled by her conservative mother's strict upbringing . She is not allowed to wear the short clothes she wants to wear , not allowed to poke out her bra out of her top and not even allowed to wear sunglasses after her mother catches her sex chatting with a boy on smartphone . The smartphone is whisked from her hands and replaced by an ordinary mobile phone . Mati's social media accounts are blocked by her mother ( Devika Daftardar ) and her ambition to travel far and wide is nipped in the bud .

      But Mati makes friends with a boy ( Parth Bhalerao ) in college who tricks her mother into allowing her to go to Goa on a solo trip . But the mother keeps constant watch by regularly phoning and asking the lady hotel manager in Goa to keep an eye on her daughter . However Mati meets Maggie/Margaret ( Ketaki Narayan ) in her hotel , and dreams of wearing the hot and sexy clothes that Maggie wears . Also she meets Rumi , who is constantly reminiscing of the boy she once loved and lost---Aditya...but only after Aditya has had slept with her .

      Rumi however is nothing compared to Maggie , who sleeps with numerous men and is a free bird . As the three hang out in Goa soaking in the nightlife , dancing in discotheques , partaking in adventure sports and lazying on beaches , Mati more and more wants to live the life Maggie lives . One day Maggie encourages her to wear nothing but a bikini on a beach and Rumi uploads the photos on social media .

      But Mati's mother explodes in fury on seeing the photos and recalls her back , slapping her hard and curtailing her freedoms . However Maggie keeps on phoning her and one day Mati runs off back to Goa leaving her parents worried . She Maggie and Rumi paint the town red , drinking till they puke and uploading videos of that on social media .

      But actually all is not well in Maggie's life and she comes from a broken household . The free life that she leads is a facade , and it is upto Mati to bring her to her senses and reunite Maggie to her father . Then the three girls teach a lesson to Rumi's ex Aditya , who is off to marry another girl . All this makes Mati realise the importance of remaining with her own family , and she returns home a bit tamed by her experience . Her understanding father helps her and her mother reconcile with each other .

      The first half of the movie is full of fun and jokes and frolic , and the photography of Goa is really nice . Background music and songs are decent too . Second half is serious and the mood is a bit sombre . Acting is decent by everyone and comedy by Parth Bhalerao who plays Mati's friend . Ketaki Narayan looks really enticing as Maggie wearing sexy clothes and smoking pot in style .

      Verdict---Decent .

      Three stars out of five .

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