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      Default TENET ~ An Opinion

      Date - 05/12/2020
      Venue - SPI Cinemas, Coimbatore
      Screen - 05
      Showtime - 11:30 AM

      Status - 90% (45% due to alternate seat rule)

      WOW!!! Going back to Big Screen after 9 months...since TRANCE...Only becoz...its one Man...CHROSTOPHER NOLAN. Now he makes movies exclusively for the BIG SCREEN...And some movies cannot justify with a smaller screen experience. TENET is one such movie where you can only enjoy in Big Screen.

      TENET has the reversing time theory which is complex as any Nolan movies where we have characters giving scientific explanations and using paradox for things which can't be explained. What seems to be a rather simple plot which can be used in any James Bond movie, A Spy...A Damsel in Distress...A World Ending Rich Villain.....Great Locales...Stunt sequences...No Funky Gadgets or Love Making Scenes....But Nolan couldn't resist from giving a mind bending experience where the audience have to keep his concentration level to 100%. The movie carries other trademark Nolan signatures like an opening scene which audience find hard to relate to. Then we have a character explaining whats happening in that world. Once the plot behins, just like Inception, Interstellar or most Nolan movies, it looks pretty simple. As mentioned, since its Nolan, things get complicated. I have to accept that I was unable to understand whats happening in the climax. Inception was able to give an idea but Tenet couldn't. Maybe I was not smart enough but I am sure majority felt the same. Still the magic is felt throughout which keeps us engaging throughout the 150 odd minutes. As usual Nolan opts for mindblowing stunt sequences sans CGI which is the
      reason why we should watch his movies in Big Screens. Those who watch Dunkirk and Tenet in smaller screens will not be able to experience the 50% of what that movie delivered.

      Still I cannot tell I am entirely satisfied by this experience. Maybe I felt some of those stuff I saw where getting slightly repetitive. In fact I am really looking forward when Nolan handles the romance or comedy genre. What all stuff he can do with his trademark signatures is something I am looking forward to. Also I felt he didn't handle the relationships shared between the Protagonist & Neil as well as Protagonist & Kat. This has affetced the EQ of the movie which were the biggest supporting strengths of his movies

      Performance from the cast led by Washington Jr, Robert Pattinson, Kenneth, Elizabeth and surprise surprise Dimple Kapadia (Got a meaty role in such a high scale film) did their roles well as expected. For me the highlight of the technical side was Mr. Ludwig Goransson...He simply filled the shoes of the mighty Hans Zimmer. HVH frames and lighting reminds me of typical Nolan frames.

      Overall, this movie can be explained like this in short. This can be a masterpience for others but not for Nolan's. Seems like he couldn't get better with this. Still a great watch in Big Screens.

      Ratings - 7.5/10
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      I never had any doubts at the end, but some scenes like when the protagonist visits the character of Sir Michael Caine, I was just lost. I was thinking how did he get here, Who's this character?. But at the end of the movie I had no doubt about the plot or story. It was wholesome. In my opinion Tenet set the climax for a high potential sequel. I don't know if Nolan has plans for a sequel, but if he has.. It would be hell of a movie.

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