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      Default Kaun Pravin Tambe: An endearing portrayal of an everyman cricketer

      Credits: IMDB

      I have to put my hand up and say that though I was a big time cricket fan, I never heard of Pravin Tambe. Thus Kaun Pravin Tambe is a timely and inspiring portrait of a cricketer whose hard work, passion for cricket and big dreams to become a cricketer despite age and repeated failure, really something we just have to salute.

      The subject matter is so refreshing and relatable. Though we know the film has a happy ending, it does paint a sad picture of many such cricketers who have been slogging it out in many such local tournaments without any joy. The journey is more important than the destination, and the makers have unhurriedly and vividly shown the never-say die attitude of Tambe. The biggest highlight is Shreyas Talpade's brilliant performance both on and off the field. Off the field, Talpade wins us over with his sincerity, honesty and earnestness while on the field, he actually becomes a convincing cricketer such that we don't see an actor portraying a medium pace/leg spin bowler but actually someone who did the hard yards and became a cricketer.

      The film has been shot so naturally and takes us back to our childhood with kids playing cricket in the rain and skipping classes/work etc. The conversations are easy going and bring a smile to our face. With solid performances throughout by the entire cast, particularly the spirited Anjali Patil and a no-nonsense Ashish Vidyarthi, the only sour note has to be the characterisation of the journalist portrayed by Parambrata Chatterjee. While the idea of a journalist writing off such a player was good, some scenes were unwanted and added unecessary minutes to the film's runtime. The climatic portions on the IPL cricket field felt a bit cheesy, but by then Shreyas had taken us on board the cricketer's dream on the big stage.

      Another highlight of the film is Nikhil S Kovale's production design which draws us into the world of Tambe be it the offices he works, both small and lavish and the house he lives in where every inch of space is occupied. Anurag Saikia's music is never overbearing and the film also benefits from not having unecessary songs or comic tracks. Just as Tambe was focused on his dreams, so the film also maintains a razor sharp focus on the end destination.

      On the downside, this film isn't really shot in a manner which is patriotic and goosebump inducing. There isn't any conflict, any bad guy to target and the absence of such cinematic conflicts may put some viewers off. The IPL hat trick has been shot in a grounded manner and the focus more on the reactions of Tambe's family and well wishers. I did find the technical cricketing aspects of the film in several scenes somewhat overtly detailed which might be a non-starter for non-cricketing fans. The style of the film is such that Tambe's exploits and achievements are repeated over time and I found this repetition technique a very effective way of highlighting the cricketer's talents.

      A refreshing and enjoyable, unhurried watch for a lazy weekend afternoon. Thanks to Sethumadhavan for the recco.

      Rating: 3.5/5
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      Thanks AK

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